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Now we are two: celebrates, the Open Source office suite based on Sun's StarOffice, celebrated its second birthday this week with a couple of new releases: a 1.0 beta for Mac OS X and a new developer release, charting the path for future user versions of 1.0. In the battle of the office suites, where there's Microsoft …
Grant Gross, 16 Oct 2002
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Consumer groups state DRM case

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration established a "dialog" with consumer groups worried about the impact of proposed digital rights management schemes during a sit-down Tuesday, but don't expect big changes in the agency's position on the need for DRM. Chris Israel, deputy assistant secretary for …
Grant Gross, 20 Sep 2002
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Perens on Sincere Choice political push

Bruce Perens, the guy who wrote the Open Source definition way back in 1997, has been in the news a lot lately. Some of the media attention has been on his parting of the ways with Hewlett-Packard (Perens calls his departure more of a amicable decision -- The New York Times' description of it as a firing was a bit overblown, …
Grant Gross, 16 Sep 2002
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US Dept of Commerce talks DRM with consumer groups

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration is making good its promise to host a consumer-focused meeting on digital rights management. The Technology Administration will host a private meeting for about 15 consumer advocates September 17, after a group of Free Software and fair use activists protested at a big …
Grant Gross, 11 Sep 2002
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Why Xbox Linux founder left the project

The founder of the high-profile Xbox Linux Project has left the group over concerns about the direction of the project and disagreements with the anonymous donor who's contributed $200,000 to port Linux to the Microsoft gaming device. Enrico Kern, whose development team H Zero Seven founded the project in August 2001, says he …
Grant Gross, 29 Aug 2002
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UCITA drafters don't go far enough for Red Hat

The group that drafted the controversial UCITA legislation has approved a handful of changes designed to address concerns raised by Open Source advocates, but those changes may not go far enough to win the approval of Red Hat's lawyer. The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws approved several changes to …
Grant Gross, 7 Aug 2002
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Fair Use advocates silenced by Big Brother

Advocates trying to speak for regular Internet users were basically told to sit down and shut up during a "public" workshop on digital rights management dominated by IT heavyweights and Big Hollywood at the U.S. Department of Commerce Wednesday. Members of NYLXS and NY for Fair Use mostly had to settle for interjecting comments …
Grant Gross, 18 Jul 2002
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Sputnik: Open Source wireless public network

The three co-founders of the Linux services company Linuxcare are on another Open Source adventure, this one an attempt to spread the use of public wireless networks, while at the same time providing a more secure wireless product for large companies. David L. Sifry, Arthur Tyde and David LaDuke launched wireless networking …
Grant Gross, 8 Mar 2002
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IP conference: copyright law has gone too far

The recording industry and the Business Software Alliance squared off against the Electronic Frontier Foundation and US Rep. Rick Boucher Wednesday in a debate over laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act aimed at protecting large copyright holders, with the hearts and minds of a crowd of Washington, D.C., decision- …
Grant Gross, 16 Nov 2001
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Microsoft's Passport service: No Marylanders allowed?

Passport is Microsoft's online wallet service, to which you're supposed to sign in once and shop online feeling all secure forever after. Except, perhaps, in Maryland, where the local version of the UCITA law, which Microsoft itself worked to pass, conflicts with Passport's terms of use so heavily that Maryland residents are …
Grant Gross, 27 Apr 2001
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AMD: We're committed to Linux

The manager of Advanced Micro Devices' software research and development group says the chip-maker is committed to making Linux work with AMD's not-yet-released 64-bit architecture. Wayne Meretsky, an AMD fellow, says AMD "went out of our way" to include the Linux community when AMD announced its x86-64 project last summer. …
Grant Gross, 8 Apr 2001
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OpenSSH: the five-year trademark itch

Tatu Ylönen, chairman and CTO of SSH Communications Security, sent a letter to the OpenSSH developers list today (Feb 14) demanding OpenSSH stop using the SSH part of its name. "I developed SSH (Secure Shell)," he wrote, "started using the name for it, established a company using the name, all of our products are marketed using …
Grant Gross, 15 Feb 2001

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