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JUPITER submarine cable

Russia could chop vital undersea web cables, warns Brit military chief

The head of the British Armed Forces, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, has warned that Russia could cut off the UK by severing undersea communications cables. In a speech made to military think-tank the Royal United Services Institute last night, the air marshal said: "There's a new risk to our way of life, which is the …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Dec 2017
Mickey Mouse doll

Murdoch's Fox empire is set to become a literal Mickey Mouse outfit

Most of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox empire is being flogged to Disney for $66bn, including large chunks of the film and telly businesses. An announcement from the Walt Disney Company, as old Walt’s empire is formally known, said that a “definitive agreement” had been entered into between 21st Century Fox and Disney. “ …
Gareth Corfield, 14 Dec 2017
Range Rover uses cameras and suspension monotoring to advise other traffic of potholes

Auto auto fleets to dodge British potholes in future

A Highways Agency report suggests that cars of the future could report road potholes automatically, with fleets of auto autos being instructed to swerve around them without human intervention. The Strategic Road Network Initial Report suggested these vehicles could be used to automatically report defects in roads back to …
Gareth Corfield, 13 Dec 2017

Former ZX Spectrum reboot project man departs

Ailing ZX Spectrum Vega firm Retro Computers Ltd appears to have lost one of its key people, amid a battle of words between the MD and a former contractor. Why is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ project so delayed? READ MORE Lee Fogarty, who until recently was a contractor for RCL and organised the company’s webhosting, …
Gareth Corfield, 13 Dec 2017

Volvo puts Swedish families to work on driverless data-slurp trials

Two Swedish families are to start data-gathering trials for Volvo’s driverless car project, revealing that the Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker is quite a long way behind British autonomous vehicle R&D. The lucky victims applicants, the Hains and the Simonovskis, will be the first families to trial the Volvo XC90s as part of the …
Gareth Corfield, 12 Dec 2017
The Typhoon in Battle of Britain colours

Signing up for the RAF? Don't bother – you've been Capita'd

Capita’s disastrous Recruiting Partnership Project with the UK Ministry of Defence is so bug ridden that the Royal Air Force stopped taking on new recruits except for those in “priority roles”. As revealed by The Register last week, Capita’s crappy DRS system, as foisted on the Armed Forces for managing recruitment, has failed …
Gareth Corfield, 12 Dec 2017
A Eurofighter Typhoon. Pic: BAE Systems

Blighty flogs Qatar a bunch of missiles and Typhoon fighter jets

Qatar has agreed its long-awaited order for 24 British-built Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets and a billion pounds' worth of missiles assembled in the UK to go with them. The £5bn Qatari order for the jets, built by BAE at its Warton and Samlesbury bases in Lancashire, will not, however, save all of the thousands of jobs set …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Dec 2017
RAF Croughton sign. By Duane Park; public domain

Shady US sigint base upgrade marred by stolen photograph

An upgrade to a major US signals intelligence centre in Northamptonshire, UK, has been struck by controversy – after architects acting on behalf of the US Air Force and Blighty's Ministry of Defence nicked a photo of it from a website devoted to uncovering secret military bases in Britain. Alan Turnbull, who runs the excellent …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Dec 2017
Newly passed out 2Lts from 6 RIFLES on Salisbury Plain Training Area. Crown copyright, 2013

New Capita system has left British Army recruits unable to register online

Updated Capita's infamous Recruitment Partnership Project (RPP) for the Ministry of Defence has finally gone live, five years after the first deal was signed – and, surprise, surprise, it is riddled with bugs and missing critical functionality. Sources with past and present involvement in the £1.3bn RPP deal told The Register the full …
Her Majesty the Queen. Crown copyright/MoD

HMS Queen Lizzie formally joins the Royal Navy

Britain’s biggest ever aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has been formally commissioned into the Royal Navy, with Her Majesty attending the ceremony in person. The ceremony, held this morning at Portsmouth Naval Base inside the carrier’s own hangar, saw Queen Elizabeth II address dignitaries and others before the ship’s …

Sky regulators brace for MEEELLIONS of Xmas toy drone sales

The Civil Aviation Authority reckons a million and a half consumer drones will be sold over Christmas – and the aviation regulator hopes new dronies will read and obey the law of the skies. The CAA, whose Dronecode app summarises the dense legalese of the Air Navigation Order into plain English that anyone can understand, …
The Royal Courts of Justice in London

Hortonworks takes ex-sales manager to court over non-compete allegations

Hadoop-slinger Hortonworks has sought a court order against former enterprise sales manager Ben Rudall that would permit it take forensic images of his personal phone and his cloud storage account. Rudall is currently UK sales director at cloudy data warehousing firm Snowflake Computing after leaving Hortonworks in August this …
The shiny new NB-IoT logo

Behold, ye unworthy, the brave new NB-IoT logo

Logowatch Progress on deploying the NB-IoT connectivity tech may have stalled but the GSM Association doesn’t want you worrying your little head about that. Instead, take a look at the shiny new logo they’ve come up with for NB-IoT! The new, distractingly asymmetrical logo, will, according to the GSMA’s own blurb, give firms flogging NB …
A Combined Charging System plug

No, BMW, petrol-engined cars don't 'give back to the environment'

BMW claims that its electric i3 car has “zero emissions” and is a “really clean car [that] helps to give back to the environment”. Ad regulators have ordered it never to say that again – pointing to the Beemer’s petrol-fuelled auxiliary engine. The Advertising Standards Authority declared that the BMW i3’s “range extender”, a …
The first RAF F-35B Lightning II to land in the UK. Crown copyright

Once again, UK doesn't rule out buying F-35A fighter jets

The United Kingdom is edging ever closer to buying F-35As, instead of the B model needed to fly from the Navy’s new aircraft carriers, as a senior officer once again refused to rule out a future F-35A purchase. Lieutenant General Mark Poffley, deputy chief of the defence staff for military capability, told MPs “I don’t think …
Baby looks taken aback/shocked/affronted. Photo by Shutterstock

How very dare you, Qualcomm snarls at Broadcom's board bid

Qualcomm is outraged – outraged, we tell you – by Broadcom's cheeky efforts to take over its board at the company's upcoming AGM. Broadcom, Qualcomm's Singapore-headquartered chip-making rival, had nominated a slate of candidates to replace the target company's current board of directors at Qualcomm's AGM on 6 March next year …
Pop art style illustration of man exclaiming "WHAT?" in shock/horror/bemusement. Illustration via Shutterstock

Damian Green: Not only my workstation – mystery pr0n all over Parliamentary PCs

Under-fire Cabinet Office minister Damian Green has reportedly told an internal UK government inquiry that he has proof he was not the one who downloaded porn onto his Parliamentary computer. The minister has forwarded to investigators an email from Eleanor Laing, deputy speaker of the House of Commons, detailing how one of …
A Boeing 777 airliner on landing. Pic: Shutterstock

Drone collisions with airliners may not be fatal, US study suggests

Updated A ground-breaking US study has shown that while drone collisions do pose a threat to airliners, the odds of a collision causing a crash are much lower than a rival British government study claimed. The American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s drone research divison, Assure, conducted a study into the effects of drones …
Rt.Hon. Damian Green,  Conservative MP, attends a constituency meeting on September 17, 2013 in Tenterden, Kent. pic by david fowler/shutterstock (editorial use only)

Ex-cop who 'kept private copies of data' fingers Cabinet Office minister in pr0nz at work claims

Cabinet Office Minister Damian Green has been caught up in a fresh row over his Parliamentary computer habits after the BBC reported that he had porn on his parliamentary PC a decade ago. Neil Lewis, a former Scotland Yard detective specialising in computer investigations, was given a platform by the BBC's morning TV news …
Lauri Love and girlfriend Sylvia Mann outside the Royal Courts of Justice. Pic: Richard Priday

Lauri Love's US extradition appeal judges reserve decision

London's High Court has reserved judgment on the extradition of accused hacker Lauri Love after hearing this morning that his appeal should be granted because conditions in the US prisons he may be sent to are "unconscionable". "For this particular appellant, going to MDC [the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn, New …
Gareth Corfield, 30 Nov 2017
Lauri Love. Pic: Courage Foundation

Unfit to plead before a US court? You may face 'indefinite detention'

Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love may be held in indefinite detention in an American prison if US courts find him unfit to enter a plea, the High Court in London was told this afternoon. Love is accused by American prosecutors of hacking into the servers of a variety of US government agencies, including systems used by the US …
Gareth Corfield, 29 Nov 2017

Lauri Love appeal: 'If he's dead, no victim's going to get anything'

Accused hacker Lauri Love is at a strong "likelihood of suicide" if extradited to America – and that a formerly anonymous co-defendant was tried at home in Australia is good reason for Love to be treated the same way, defence barrister Edward Fitzgerald QC told the High Court today. Defence barrister Edward Fitzgerald QC told …
Gareth Corfield, 29 Nov 2017
A British Army Watchkeeper drone lands at Parc Aberporth. Crown copyright

Watchkeeper drones cost taxpayers ONE BEEELLION POUNDS

The British Army's notorious Thales Watchkeeper drones have cost the taxpayer a billion pounds over the past 12 years. The unmanned surveillance aircraft, operated by 47 Regiment, Royal Artillery, from West Wales Airport in Aberporth, have been struck by a series of faults, flaws and crew cockups resulting in a number of …
Gareth Corfield, 29 Nov 2017

Accused hacker Lauri Love's extradition appeal begins

Alleged computer hacker Lauri Love’s appeal against extradition from the UK to the US begins this morning at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. United States prosecutors have accused 33-year-old Love of having “carried out a series of cyber attacks against the websites and computer systems” of a list of American government …
Gareth Corfield, 29 Nov 2017

Researcher: DJI RCE-holes offered me $500 after I found Heartbleed etc on its servers

Updated Chinese drone-maker DJI’s bug bounty programme has been struck with fresh controversy after a security researcher claimed he was offered just $500 for reporting, among others, the years-old Heartbleed vulnerability. Infosec chap Sean Melia – no stranger to bug bounty programmes – said he discovered that DJI’s servers not only …
Gareth Corfield, 28 Nov 2017

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