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How the hell… do you overclock the AMD T'bird?

Well that didn't take long: K7oc has successfully overclocked the new Athlon Thunderbird, cranking up the speed from 700MHz to 850MHz. You can read the review here. That certainly removes one question mark over the New Athlon - as the Thunderbird is now officially known. Many overclockers were anxious that the capability to …
Fuad Abazovic, 16 Jun 2000
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How the hell… do you overclock the Athlon?

Do you have an Athlon microprocessor and want to speed up your chip to run from between 750MHz to over 1GHz for the price of a 550MHz chip? Since Athlons were announced, it has been clear that the technology has some really good overclocking potential inside that seventh generation processor core. At the end of 1999, AMD …
Fuad Abazovic, 5 May 2000
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Nvidia detonates new features for $0.00

A hidden feature in an Nvidia driver is set to provide better functionality for cards based on the company's technology. The additional features will not cost users a cent, but do require some tweaking of the awful Windows registry. That's one on the nose for the competition. 3dfx showed two features to be supported in its …
Fuad Abazovic, 27 Mar 2000
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Nvidia NV15 to clock to 200MHz

As we reported earlier this year, Nvidia's NV15 chip is speeding towards completion. The chip is likely to be called the GeForce 2 and will clock to between 180 and 200 MHz, according to reliable sources. And, as reported earlier, the chip will support between 32MB and 64MB of double data rate (DDR) memory, and may also be able …
Fuad Abazovic, 21 Mar 2000
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ATI fights Nvidia with T&L support

ATI has seen the future of PC Gaming. And it's called T&L (transform and lighting). The graphics giant has revealed plans to launch two products which support the technology. ATI's motherboard chipset will have an integrated 3D graphic card in the chipset with a T&L feature. This solution will be similar to Intel's i810 chipset …
Fuad Abazovic, 14 Mar 2000
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Nvidia's Virtual AGP design…

Virtual AGP design is also one of the many features that have emerged from Nvidia’s laboratories. This is one of the basic proofs that this company wants to have its fingers in all categories, from the lowest to the highest. Virtual AGP is designed for older computer systems without any AGP slot. Specially targeted machines are …
Fuad Abazovic, 11 Mar 2000
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Nvidia NV11 goes mobile too

Nvidia is planing to hit the mobile market soon. The 0.18 micron based NV15 has only half the power dissipation of Geforce 256 and the NV11 has approximately 30 per cent lower power dissipation than the NV15, and so we can expect some mobile computers based on the NV11. Another fact that can give us a clue is the ACPI power …
Fuad Abazovic, 3 Mar 2000
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Nvidia NV20, NV15 details leak

Earlier this week, we reported some interesting facts about Nvidia's NV11, the follow-up to the GeForce 256. An Nvidia PR guy contacted us to confirm the accuracy of our earlier story. So now it's time to lift the veil on some more Nvidia secrets, which are also true. It's time to tell you something about the NV15 and - believe …
Fuad Abazovic, 2 Mar 2000
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Nvidia hides NV11, NV15 under CeBIT bushel

Nvidia did not show at the world's biggest computer fair, CeBIT. We can only assume because the company is currently the graphical Chipzilla, and doesn't need to. When 3Dfx were asked why Nvidia wasn't there executives said: "They're scared of us" which definitely is not the case. In fact, Nvidia is stronger then ever and ready …
Fuad Abazovic, 29 Feb 2000

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