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Digital Voice Recorders

Look ma, no hands! The machines are speaking our language

From Hal, the malfunctioning computer in Stanley Kubrick’s ground-breaking film 2001: A Space Odyssey, through to last year’s Spike Jonze film Her, in which a man falls in love with a computer voiced by Scarlett Johansson, film makers and sci-fi writers have long been imagining a future where speech recognition is commonplace …
Eira Hayward, 10 Oct 2014

IDC interview: The five stages of business mobility

Youtube Video It has long been a familiar feature of everyone’s working life but really we are all still waiting for mobile working to come of age. There has been plenty of progress, the advent of 4G and the uptake of cloud services having led to a big change of attitude in the last couple of years, but generally few UK …
Eira Hayward, 5 Jul 2014

Start packing your bags for a Windows Server 2003 migration

Windows Server 2003 is due to reach the end of its life in July next year. Microsoft will no longer support the software, which means no further patches or security updates and a security risk and compliance headache for businesses. A surprising number of companies will be affected unless they get their act together and …
Eira Hayward, 4 Jul 2014
GEC PABX 3 switchboard and operator

Soft, hard, lightly hosted? Make the right call when you choose a PBX system

All businesses need a PBX phone system to organise calls and direct them round the organisation. PBX systems have evolved over the last couple of decades. While some companies may still be using expensive physical switchboards, they can now also choose a hosted PBX system, either with hardware provided by a hosting company or …
Eira Hayward, 28 Mar 2014
An engraving of a soldier launching a fire-arrow

Torched £30 server switch costs phone firm millions in lost sales

At the BCS CMSG conference in London earlier this year, Unisys CM manager Michel Delran spoke about how to design and implement a successful configuration management process and how a configuration management database can save you millions. He began with the real-life cautionary tale of a phone company which lost millions as a …
Eira Hayward, 3 Sep 2013
management governance3 to be fully BIM-enabled 'by 2016'

The eighth BCS Configuration Management conference was billed as the premier UK event on Change, Release and Configuration Management for ITIL and Service Management. The BCS had lined up a range of speakers from a diverse spread of industries and expertise and the day didn’t disappoint. The conference kicked off in London …
Eira Hayward, 2 Jul 2013
Kylie Fowler

The five constants of IT asset management

Kylie Fowler got controversial when she spoke last month to an audience of asset management and configuration management professionals at the BCS CMSG Conference in London about the five constants she always encounters in her 10-plus years of working as an IT asset management consultant. While these constants may always hold …
Eira Hayward, 1 Jul 2013
money notes lifted up

Counting the cost of cloud computing

Among the benefits of cloud computing are lower infrastructure costs, reduced time to market and greater flexibility, with no need for enterprises to buy, install and maintain IT infrastructure and software. It can allow companies to become more agile and entrepreneurial, while the cloud computing vendor can deliver economies …
Eira Hayward, 13 Jun 2012

The changing skills sets for the private cloud

According to Lucas Searle, head of private cloud at Microsoft UK, as the cloud brings increased automation and more efficient delivery, it also shifts the IT focus away from just keeping the infrastructure going. Traditionally, comments Searle, IT departments are silo-based, and as a result their focus is on technology, …
Eira Hayward, 12 Jun 2012
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There’s gold in them there data mountains

Interview Enterprises have a problem with data: its volume, velocity and variety is growing at an alarming rate. Analyst IDC says that there is already more data in the world than there is space to store it, and according to IBM every two days we create as much data as all the data that was created before 2003. According to The …
Eira Hayward, 20 Nov 2011
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Too many cooks spoil the data warehouse broth

In many organisations the costs of data warehousing are expressed on the balance sheet as the hardware, software and administration costs that support the operation. In practice, many hidden costs are associated with the data warehouse with the structure of an organisation. So says Mark Thomas, IBM’s Infosphere and data …
Eira Hayward, 16 Nov 2011
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Giants gear up for the business analytics challenge

Business analytics is the latest IT takeover battleground, driving mergers and acquisitions among major corporate IT vendors as enterprises look to turn their data into valuable information that will give them a competitive edge. IBM, one of the vendors scrapping for supremacy in this space, expects the market for business …
Eira Hayward, 4 Oct 2011
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Data on the couch: how analysing customers gives companies the edge

It used to be that quality and price were the key differentiators but increasingly these days organisations are relying on business analytics – the methodical exploration of the organisation’s data to measure performance – to deliver competitive advantage. The original poster child for business analytics is the Tesco Clubcard …
Eira Hayward, 22 Sep 2011

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