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de Havilland Sea Vixen

Mosquitoes, Comets and Vampires: The de Havilland Museum

Geek's Guide to Britain Approaching the museum down a bumpy single track road you start wondering if any of this makes any sense. Why is this museum in the middle of nowhere? Why are the opening hours so peculiar? Why are there bits of aircraft lying around? Why does it have two different names? All becomes apparent in due course and in the process …
Ed Moore, 20 Dec 2013

The bunker at the end of the world - in Essex

Geek's Guide to Britain Kelvedon Hatch is a superb example of absurdist geek life. Not only is the site technically very impressive, it is also completely useless and frequently prompts the question “what on earth were they thinking?”... A tour reinforces this view as the experience now is as enjoyably peculiar as the history behind the place. The …
Ed Moore, 22 May 2013
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MWC: Inscrutable slogans, Google toys and the invisible Apple

MWC 2012 I go to Mobile World Congress every year and come home bemused. A few observations to explain. I don't get marketing As you walk around the booths of Barcelona you read names, marketing slogans and brief descriptions of services offered. Mainly you leave none the wiser, even after repeating the process over several days. What …
Ed Moore, 1 Mar 2012
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Mobile 2.0: The phone-in show

Show report Last week I attended a one-day conference in San Francisco to promote "Mobile 2.0", covering all matters related to new Mobile Web and mobile innovation. It was arranged to coincide with the O'Reilly official Web 2.0 Summit running in the same city and partly, I think, as a reaction to how little that show was talking about …
Ed Moore, 17 Nov 2006

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