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AMD dualies invade Hardware Land

HWRoundup Today is a Dual world. With AMD launching the much anticipated AMD760MP Chipset with the support for dual Athlon based cPUs (2P), there has been a lot of activity all over the Internet. Here are some links. As usual "boi wonder" Anand has posted his write-up on this in a lot of detail here. Tom's Hardware's piece is is here. …
David Ross, 6 Jun 2001
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Hardware Land joins the Computex Crush

HWRoundup Today was the first day of Computex. And Hardware Land is going into hyperdrive. Kyle at HardOCP has been a busy reporter with hot news of the new Abit BL7 Socket 478 Motherboard, and also the NV22/Crush 12 chipset. Read more. The site is also running an editorial about the nForce mainboard chipset . MSI has released a …
David Ross, 4 Jun 2001
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Motherboard smorgasbord

HWRoundup HardOCP is busy today with a runaround the Epox AMD 760, and also the new Vantec Copper Cooler. Not bored yet with news about the AMD760 motherboard? Then turn to AMDMB and I am not a geek.. Onto the 760MP chipset at ViaHardware. *hint* look for thewords $200 and MSI *hint*. Is there some deal between Adobe and Intel? Not …
David Ross, 1 Jun 2001
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Itanium cranium drainium

HWRoundup The hardware sites have gone high-end and put Intel's Itanium through its paces. Aces Hardware has news on the spec and some benchmarks, and also some news on the Nv Crush Northbridge chipset over here IntelZone has kicked loose with some top dope on the CPU here. Elsewhere the Itanium scored pretty well in some performance …
David Ross, 31 May 2001
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How many CPU coolers does a man need?

HWRoundup How many CPU coolers does a man need? In Thomas Pabst's case the answer is 46. Which seems a bit greedy to us. But the good doctor puts them to good use in what he describes as the "most extensive comparative test of all time". You can see how he got on here. Anandtech reviews the P4 Xeon 1.7Ghz, a good-looking CPU. But yet …
David Ross, 21 May 2001
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HWRoundup Top heavy on AMD today

This is our first namecheck for Hello and welcome. First up, check its interesting Asus A7M266 AMD 760 DDR motherboard review. And then to the site's look at the Leadtek WinFast Geforce 3 . The future of Silicon? Ace's Hardware links to this article concerning a new possible semiconductor which uses nitrogen. …
David Ross, 17 May 2001
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AMD ASPs, 760MP sketch etc.

HW Roundup This German student puts the slide-rule through AMD average selling prices and publishes twice a week in handy Excel format here. The site has plenty to interest investor types too. The Inquirer has a sketch of the 760MP Bus setup.... I am not going to ask how they got the information down the pub.. have a look here. At …
David Ross, 14 May 2001
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Athlon 4 review revue

HWRoundup The new Athlon 4 is launched today. Check out our story here... (Why didn’t they keep the name: Palomino? It's far better). First on the reviews block is Anand here. Moving on quickly, we have the verdict from Toms Hardware A summary of more information and rumours can all be found Ace's Hardware. Ace's Hardware today also …
David Ross, 14 May 2001
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HWRoundup Ace's Hardware has a lot of goodies to tempt you... first up there's a useful update on ALI's chipset releases. Then it goes upscale to cover the release of HP's PA-8700 specs. Not really one for the geeks. But interesting, nonetheless. FiringSquad has a (p)review of the new SiS 735 chipset here. Much good things are …
David Ross, 10 May 2001
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2 stepping GeForce goose-stepping

HWRoundup Ace's Hardware today outs the name for AMD's new Palomino due to be launched in three wholesome flavours next week. Recently, there's been a lot of chat about Geforce 3s, with the 2 current stepping. Difference: One works. The other doesn't. At RivaStation my friend Borsti has published a comprehensive write-up on the …
David Ross, 10 May 2001
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THG previews ‘dualie’ AMD chipset

HWRoundup So what's next on the AMD launch pad? Something mobile and something dual with a P - any week now. But if you can't wait, mosey on over to Tom's Hardware Guide, where columnist Omid Rahmat runs through what he calls the 'dualie' world of multi-threading and parallelism in hia preview of the AMD760MP chipset. You guys remember …
David Ross, 22 Apr 2001
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Pentium III: the past and the (Tualatin) future

HWRoundup Earthweb's agglomeration of tech sites is soon to be sucked into the maw of What will its new parent do with the hardware properties, the venerable, and the really rather good Hardware Central (besides sack all the staff)? already owns SharkyExtreme, and that has never sat too comfortably …
David Ross, 17 Apr 2001
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InQuest conducts Intel P4 pre-mortem

HWRoundup InQuest, the US semiconductor analyst outfit, has posted an analysis of Intel's strategy for this financial year. The P4 platform is not stable or cost- effective, and won't be until there is DDR-support, InQuest argues (be mindful that the company is a well-known Rambus naysayer) Apparently the i845 will only support PC100, …
David Ross, 14 Apr 2001
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VIA KT266: Tom and Anand's turn

HWRoundup Now for some VIA KT266 news: Tom and Anand have put the beast through its paces - their benchmarks come out a little different from Ace's Hardware's magisterial review a few days ago. In an update, Ace's explains why. Oh yeah. Intel launched the Celeron II 850... But aren't Durons cheaper and faster? At CeBIT there was a …
David Ross, 12 Apr 2001
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Palomino in the Gütter

HWRoundup Planet3DNow has posted an interview with AMD's Central Europe Public Relations Manager, Jan Gütter, with loads of information about Palomino. Tweakers has a lot of news news about the changes in the Intel roadmap, with some useful info on delays with some of the new cores, such as the Madison and Deerfield. Firing Squad …
David Ross, 11 Apr 2001

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