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A cloud hovers above a hand

Battling a multi-cloud deployment? Get our expert IT advice in this handy catch-up video

Webcast For those of you who missed out on our live online broadcast on the seven deadly sins of multi-cloud last week, fear not, a catch-up video is available now. We had the incredibly knowledgable Kris Saxton from specialist DevOps consultancy Automation Logic in El Reg's studio with our own Jon Collins. The pair of them explored …
David Gordon, 17 Oct 2018
CenturyLink data centre

Why hyper-converged gear needs to go the extra file: Merging blocks and filers to break out of the niche

Backgrounder Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is a popular way to deal with complex server, SAN storage, and virtualization requirements with integrated, scale-out nodes that converge server compute, storage, and hypervisor technology in all-in-one clusterable elements. The directly-attached storage (DAS) in each node is aggregated …
David Gordon, 10 Oct 2018

AI-powered IT security seems cool – until you clock miscreants wielding it too

Comment We're hearing more about AI or machine learning being used in security, monitoring, and intrusion-detection systems. But what happens when AI turns bad? Two interesting themes emerged from separate recent studies: the growth of artificial intelligence coupled with concerns about their potential impact on security. A survey of …
David Gordon, 1 Oct 2018

Trump's axing of cyber czar role has left gaping holes in US defence

Comment A cybersecurity czar has been a long-established presence in US government – until recently. Against a rising tide of attacks on the nation's infrastructure and election systems, Donald Trump eliminated the post through an executive order in May. As if to highlight the deficiency of such a move, just two months later the US …
David Gordon, 27 Sep 2018
Business suited man with clipboard

Want to vent about how data-centre plans aren't being done right?

Promo In this rapidly changing, data-centric world, relentlessly driven by new technologies and applications, IT decision makers are increasingly having to anticipate developments and implement solutions that harness the power of data to drive productivity. What actions are you planning to take over the next three years to modernise …
David Gordon, 27 Sep 2018
Nice looking nice in France

Head for sunny Nice to catch up with the fast-moving world of software development

Promo A survey by analyst firm Forrester found last year that half of its developer respondents had already rolled out DevOps practices, and a further 27 percent plan to do so. As rapid DevOps adoption transforms the business world, it is no surprise that the newly named DevOps World | Jenkins World has grown tenfold since the …
David Gordon, 21 Sep 2018
industrial iot

Securing industrial IoT passwords: For Pete's sake, engineers, don't all jump in at once

Comment Cybersecurity has become an increasing priority in operations technology thanks to the growing appetite for the industrial internet of things. Operations technology (OT) is the term given to all those environments in industry, transport, automotive, city and utilities that – before industrial IoT – had been largely isolated …
David Gordon, 20 Sep 2018
Windows 10 by Anton Watman, image via Shutterstock

Upgrade without tears: Download the Windows 10 crash course eBook

Promo Although Windows 10 has been on the scene since 2015, users were at first reluctant to abandon their familiar and usable Windows 7 for the attractions of the bigger and better operating system. Windows 10 is more secure and stable than ever, has a design that makes Windows 7 users feel at home, and works on every device from …
David Gordon, 20 Sep 2018
Woman in horse mask takes a selfie. Photo by Shutterstock

Who ate all the PII? Not the blockchain, thankfully

Dutch security firm Gemalto has said its blockchain product, slated to pilot later this year, will keep personal data off the blockchain. According to the Dutch outfit, the forgettably named Trust ID Network is aimed at users and digital service providers that need verifiable Self-Sovereign Digital IDs where "attestations" …
David Gordon, 19 Sep 2018
Businessman relaxes sitting in the office and looking in window

Security procedures are good – follow them and you get to keep your job

Motorists tend to believe speed limits are a good idea and that everyone should stick to them. They know that when they break the limit the risk of an accident rises. But they also "know" that it is everyone else breaking the speed limit that pose the real danger. When it comes to cybersecurity insider threats, it appears that …
David Gordon, 14 Sep 2018

The Reg takes the US government's insider threat training course

The US government has provided an online training course on insider threats. To help understand its efforts to stop the spread of leaks, spills, espionage and sabotage, The Reg signed up for a bit of training from the National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF). Here we learned a lot about, in no particular order: former …
David Gordon, 13 Sep 2018
letters stuffed in a mailbox. Photo by SHutterstock

Businesses brace themselves for a kicking as GDPR blows in

After years of dire predictions, the problems caused by weak identity management could be about to catch up with businesses across the UK. Their fears have not been caused so much by the criminals as by the bureaucrats, law makers and politicians who have spent years honing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the …
David Gordon, 29 May 2018
Lego builders, photo by Simone Mescolini, via Shutterstock

Navigating the hybrid cloud maze: Have you agreed on a cost of exit?

How times change. When the Cloud Industry Forum first started surveying cloud take-up, about seven years ago, most businesses still weren’t using any cloud services. Its latest survey, published this spring, revealed that nearly 90 per cent of organisations are using cloud, each one deploying three cloud-based services. That’s …
David Gordon, 27 Nov 2017

All Flash Arrays and latency

Sponsored There is no doubt it can be difficult to navigate the various claims made by storage vendors when it comes to performance of their products. The hype surrounding All Flash Arrays (AFA) has created something of a minefield for users. Headline figures on IOPs and latency can appear fantastic. The first can be reported as being …
David Gordon, 17 Nov 2017

Low latency in AFAs

SPONSORED Achieving consistent ultra low latency is often top of the list of requirements for those investing in all flash arrays. The days when it was only big capital markets financial services players operating automated or algorithmic trading applications who were obsessed with sub-millisecond latency have long passed as today …
David Gordon, 6 Nov 2017

IOPS and storage performance

SPONSORED With the accelerations in cloud computing and server virtualizations and changes in layouts, IT devices are required to handle multiple integrations instead of just a single application. Enterprise demand shorter wait times and higher availability. This in turn means enterprise IT systems must be able to reduce transactional …
David Gordon, 3 Nov 2017
CenturyLink data centre

AFA: The Flash revolution that's been a long time coming

SPONSORED Few technologies have forced their way into enterprise IT strategies with such efficiency as All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) in the process pushing aside two decades of established SAS and SATA hard disk drive technology. In the last two years the acceptance of all flash arrays for mixed workload environments has accelerated. It is no …
David Gordon, 26 Oct 2017

Flash in the enterprise is in a solid state. Where is it going next?

Sponsored Sales of purpose-built storage appliances are falling, markedly, according to IDC, revenue and capacity falling respectively by 16.2 per cent and 14.9 per cent in the analyst’s latest quarterly tracker in September. Among the culprits responsible for this decline is flash, which is becoming a standard part of the enterprise …
David Gordon, 19 Oct 2017
Smashed computer

Ah, good ol' Windows update cycles... Wait, before anything else, check your hardware

Sponsored Windows 10 means a major shift in how IT operations should perceive and manage Windows and their hardware estate. The most significant is the move away from Big Bang version launches in favour of a subscription model with much more frequent updates. This has an interesting knock-on effect on hardware requirements. Many …
David Gordon, 21 Sep 2017

Building beyond capacity: How NAS drives go further

Sponsored Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a time-honoured approach for organisations to provide a shared repository through which multiple users and client systems can all access the same files and data over the network. Typically, a NAS is implemented as an appliance-like enclosure that connects to the LAN and functions as a …
David Gordon, 8 Aug 2017
Green data centre

Data centre locations: In the city or up the country?

Sponsored article The obvious difference between using a data centre in the city centre compared to the country is cost, but other factors such as proximity to fibre connections, accessibility, security and just plain convenience, might well lure you back to the centre. Let’s help you decide whether you’d prefer your infrastructure to be uptown, …
David Gordon, 16 Feb 2017

The digital workplace transformation: Sooner than you think

Regcast after hours What does the digital workplace transformation really mean? Will we still go to work, or will our work travel with us? How will we learn to be creative in an age of automation, and how will we be collaborate if we don’t see each other regularly? After laying out the technology changes we can expect in our Regcast on the …
David Gordon, 18 Nov 2015

Interview: Why evolution isn't enough to future-proof your systems

Regcast follow-up After our recent Regcast on the future of your data centre, we locked the studio door before HP’s Craig Partridge and Intel’s Chris Feltham could bolt. In our Regcast they claimed that IT departments will have to behave differently in a hyperconverged world, and so in our after-hours conversation we wanted to know more about …
David Gordon, 13 Oct 2015

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