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Amazon sounds death knell for rocket-science grids

Comment Amazon's Cluster Compute Instances officially sounded the death knell for grid computing efforts that once held promise as the "next big thing". Cluster Compute Instances takes a multiple of x64 and links them together using 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and switches. The EC2 virtual server slices function just like any other …
Dave Rosenberg, 14 Jul 2010
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Google's Android market needs Jobsian strongman

Comment One of the most hyped technologies of the last year or two is Google's Android. Based on a modified Linux kernel, Android has been heralded as the future of everything from tablets to TVs – and as a release from the stranglehold that Apple's iPhone has on hearts, minds, and wallets of people everywhere. Progress since Android …
Dave Rosenberg, 23 Jun 2010

How the cloud could conquer the world in 2010

Comment The cloud was one of the big topics of 2009, with a broad swath of technologies and offerings coming to market from vendors of all shapes and sizes. There was much excitement, but there was an equal amount of consternation about security, reliability, and adoption trends. And while we're still not exactly sure what the cloud …
Dave Rosenberg, 29 Dec 2009
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A crack in the madness of clouds

Besides providing some of the biggest technical innovation of 2008, the cloud also wins the award for most amorphous product definition. Few people define "the cloud" or "cloud computing" the same way, leading to market noise and a wealth of misinformation. "The cloud" as a term really started as a metaphor for the "internet" …
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Why clouds should be more like operating systems

For the cloud to become more like an operating system and less like an amorphous mass, and by definition more useful to business, some basic functions need to become part of the fabric. By that, I mean seamless (and near invisible) integration with the underlying infrastructure components (operating system, virtual machine, …
Dave Rosenberg, 12 Nov 2008
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Java in the cloud: hardware-free miracle drug?

Despite huge spending and a never ending supply of new products, enterprise IT is no less complicated than it was a few years ago. Cloud computing with all of its promises is still more of an aspirin for your headache than a cure for your infrastructure disease. The cloud is still relatively virgin territory with effectively …
Dave Rosenberg, 17 Oct 2008
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Putting a mule on a cloud: one man's battle with Amazon S3

The phrase “cloud computing” has been subjected to unnatural forms of marketing abuse. The buzzword pros have taken two nouns that we all recognize, combined them and formed a nebulous, hideous beast that means many things to many people. Vague as the general cloud computing term is, there are places where you can encounter an …
Dave Rosenberg, 14 Jul 2008

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