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Samsung showcases super speedy memory card

Samsung has increased the data transfer speed of its fast graphics memory by two thirds. Using 80nm technology, the 4Gbps GDDR 4, which runs at 2.0GHz, is 66 per cent faster than other "commercially available memory" and Samsung's own. The 4Gbps graphics memory, offered in a 512Mb density, has a 32-bit data bus configuration …
Dan Ilett, 23 Feb 2007
Sagem H4 Bluetooth headset

Sagem shows off Uhura-style earpiece

If you have small ears and require your telephony to be of equally diddy proportions, Sagem has released a Bluetooth headset that could fit the bill. The Sagem H4 is a tiny glossy black earpiece that is 35x18x12.5mm in size and weighs just eight grams. The company goes as far to say that it could be the smallest of its kind to …
Dan Ilett, 23 Feb 2007
LG LAN9600R in-car sat-nav

In-car entertainment by LG

In the true spirit of healthy competition, LG Electronics has launched a rival to Pioneer's in-car SatNav entertainment device. The LG LAN9600R has a seven-inch touchscreen DVD monitor, MP3 player and CD tuner with European street-level navigation and integrated Bluetooth hands-free calling. LG LAN9600R in-car sat-nav …
Dan Ilett, 23 Feb 2007
The Register breaking news

AMD wants to be seen as green

AMD is to sell low-wattage processors in a bid to join the campaign of many IT companies to be seen to be green. The manufacturer, which says the chips are for "energy-conscious [people] or high-performance computing", has launched two 45-watt AMD Athlon 64 single-core processors, (3500+ and 3800+) and the AMD Athlon 64 X2 …
Dan Ilett, 21 Feb 2007
Lexar 45Mbps UDMA card

Lexar launches 45Mbps UDMA cards

Lexar has launched a range of Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) cards that write data at 45MB per second potentially reducing download time for digital photos considerably. If paired with a UDMA-enabled device, the card can reduce the time needed to download captured images to a computer. The cards, speed-rated at 300x, are …
Dan Ilett, 21 Feb 2007
Nikon P5000 digital camera

New Nikon camera for new Nikon user

"If you're looking to take high-quality photos without the hassle of carrying an SLR..." Nikon has just launched a 10-megapixel "prosumer" camera it claims does just that. The COOLPIX P5000 comes with vibration reduction and a light sensitivity range up to ISO 3200 for poor lighting conditions – although this only works at 5- …
Dan Ilett, 20 Feb 2007
Toshiba Portege R400

Microsoft + Toshiba = Portégé R400

Toshiba has launched a new laptop specifically to run Windows Vista: the Portégé R400 is the result of a collaborative effort between Microsoft and the Japanese electronics manufacturer. Toshiba Portege R400 The a sleek-looking Portégé R400 has an "email push service" that uses Microsoft Active Notifications. This enables …
Dan Ilett, 20 Feb 2007
Parrot bluetooth Boombox

Bluetooth goes BOOM

French mobile phone accessories company Parrot has launched its BOOMBOX – a Hi-Fi compact speaker that uses Bluetooth wireless technology. The 60-Watt speaker (430 mm x 150 mm x 225 mm) is compatible with Bluetooth music sources, such as mobile phones, MP3-players and PCs - which means you can play tunes through the air …
Dan Ilett, 19 Feb 2007
Traxdata Blu-ray re-writable disc

Traxdata jumps on Blu-ray bandwagon

Traxdata has launched its first Blu-ray re-writable disc. The single-layer disc can store up to 25GB and plays up to 1920 x 1080 HD formats at 40Mbit/sec. It incorporates a hard-coating technology the company claims offers a "stronger resistance to scratches and fingerprints". It also has 2x write-rate using a shorter …
Dan Ilett, 19 Feb 2007
Nokia 7360

Nokia spreads its love

Nokia has added three phones to its fashion handset collection, dubbed "the L'Amour Collection". The Finnish handset manufacturer says it has released the phones due to a growing demand from "stylish consumers the world over". (Does that mean customers weren't stylish before?) Nokia's 7390 comes packaged with a 3-megapixel …
Dan Ilett, 19 Feb 2007

WD launches new external 2.5in hard drives

Western Digital has released a new range of Passport Portable Drives, which it says have grown in storage capacity and shrunk in size. The company makes the announcement on the fiftieth anniversary since IBM shipped its first hard disk - the refrigerator-sized IBM RAMAC 650 HDD. wd_passport The WD drives are now shipping …
Dan Ilett, 12 Sep 2006

i-mate touts two new handsets

i-mate is releasing two smart phones into the wild in a bid to appeal to a wider market. The phones, which run Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, will be cheaper than previous smartphones, the company said at the CTIA Wireless IT exhibition in Los Angeles today. i-mate_jaq The i-mate JAQ has a full QWERTY keyboard, 128 MB ROM …
Dan Ilett, 12 Sep 2006

ViewSonic teases with 'made for iPod' displays

ViewSonic is showing off "Made for iPod" desktop displays at Apple's Expo in Paris. Dubbed the ViewDock, the displays have an integrated iPod dock that links to the monitor, which is up 65 times larger than an iPod screen, depending on model. The ViewDock will be available in 19 and 22in widescreen models, but no resolution …
Dan Ilett, 12 Sep 2006

Encore processor upgrade for Apple G4

Sonnet Technologies is to launch a new line of dual processor upgrade cards for the PowerMac. A CPU upgrade, from 1Ghz to 1.8 Ghz for example, can be a cheap way of increasing the performance of a machine without replacing everything. Encore_MDX_G4_duet The the Encore/MDX G4 Duet 1.6 GHz and 1.8 Ghz are both designed for …
Dan Ilett, 12 Sep 2006

HDMI video editing on the cheap

Blackmagic Design has launched a High Defintion Multimedia Interface (HDMI) editing card for those on a budget. The card, dubbed Intensity, is designed for low cost consumer cameras with HDMI video connections. This means they can move beyond the quality limits of HDV compressed video into uncompressed editing and design, which …
Dan Ilett, 12 Sep 2006

Logitech touchscreen Harmony

Logitech's latest addition to the Harmony family of remote controls will be available later this autumn. The Harmony 1000 remote is packaged with a 3.5 inch colour touch-sensitive screen, and can control any device with an infrared receiver. logitech_Harmony _1000 Using radio frequency (RF) technology it can control multi …
Dan Ilett, 12 Sep 2006
The Register breaking news

iPods now doubling as alcohol breathalysers

Those with a few pints under their belts on a Friday night can now gauge how much liquor they've consumed by using their iPod. ibreath David Steele Enterprises is selling the iBreath – an alcohol breathalyser, which also has a wireless transmitter to send your tunes on to any FM radio. To make use of the breathalyser, a user …
Dan Ilett, 12 Sep 2006

TWIN DVD arrives

Toshiba and Memory Tech have developed a DVD disk with a third level of storage, which means it can record DVD and HD-DVD formats as well as a large amount of other information. Toshiba_twin_dvd This means filmmakers can put two editions of the same film on the same disk - standard definition and high-definition - without …
Dan Ilett, 11 Sep 2006

Sub £200 HD-DVD drive for Xbox 360?

Microsoft could ship an HD-DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360 at £199 in time for Christmas, reports suggest. According to games news website, the company is planning to "price the standalone HD-DVD drive at £199 and to package it with two HD-DVD movies". xbox 360 hd dvd drive The report added Microsoft …
Dan Ilett, 11 Sep 2006

Samsung touts 'first of its kind' memory device

Samsung has developed a 40-nanometer memory device, which it today claimed is the first of its kind. The 32Gb NAND flash memory can be used in memory cards with densities of up to 64GB. One 64GB card can store over 64 hours of DVD resolution movies (about 40 movies) or 16,000 MP3 files (1,340 hours). Samsung_64GB_CF The …
Dan Ilett, 11 Sep 2006
The Register breaking news

Sony unveils 'intuitive' digital camera

Sony_DSC-T50 Sony's latest addition to the Cyber-shot family is now shipping with a touch screen display. The DSC-T50 screen has a whole three inches of scratch-resistant finger pad, which has "intuitive" menu options that allow for fewer physical buttons on the camera body. As the top of the range in the T-series, it has a …
Dan Ilett, 11 Sep 2006

Napster UK to give away free MP3 players

Napster UK is giving away free MP3 players to all new subscribers of its portable music service. Anyone taking out a three-month Napster to Go subscription from 14 September will receive a 512MB Sandisk Sansa m230 that stores up to 240 tracks at a time. Sandisk_Sansa_m230 Napster's portable music service allows people to …
Dan Ilett, 11 Sep 2006

BenQ unwraps 22in widescreen display

BenQ is adding a 22 inch LCD monitor to its range this month. The FP222W monitor features a five-millisecond fast-response time, a high 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+) resolution, and the company's digital enhancement technology. The 22 inch widescreen also allows people to simultaneously view two applications, which each have a 4:3 …
Dan Ilett, 11 Sep 2006

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