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B&O Beoplay A3

B&O Beoplay A3

Accessory of the Week Stick an iPad in B&O’s Beoplay A3, take a step or two back and look at it square on. It looks like a mini B&O TV. Put it down on a kitchen worktop or office shelf and you have a video player or jukebox capable of producing rich, full-bodied audio which does iPad far more justice than its own tiny speaker. B&O Beoplay A3 As …
Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12

Geek Treat of the Week There are AirPlay speakers and there are AirPlay speakers. This unit from Danish hi-fi gods Bang & Olufsen is eye-wateringly expensive but has plenty of features, including a built-in re-chargeable battery which, B&O says, will give you eight hours play time on one charge. Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 The sleek chassis comes in …
Knomo Folio iPad 3 case

Knomo Folio iPad 3 case

Accessory of the Week Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover is very clever, but it’s far from perfect. For one thing, it doesn't protect the back of the iPad. And if you’re anything like me and habitually leave your iPad on a kitchen counter or table, you’ll have found that its not as immune from scratching as you might have thought. Knomo Folio iPad 3 case …
Arcam rPac

Arcam rPac

Accessory of the Week Arcam’s rPac is a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and headphone amp designed for anyone who listens to music on a computer. Or, more accurately, anyone who does so and cares about audio quality. Arcam rPac Relying on the computer to perform the digital to analogue conversion usually results in noisy tracks and jitter, …
Arcam rDock

Arcam rDock

Accessory of the Week Arcam’s rDock is a hefty slab of cast alloy, designed to accommodate an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in it’s Dock connector. Arcam rDock A rubber base means it won’t slide around your desk or hi-fi unit when you're docking and undocking your iDevice, and a strip of rubber along the front of the stand protects the back of your …
Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air AirPlay speaker

Eight... AirPlay speakers

Product round-up Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming protocol can be used to play music from an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or from iTunes on a Mac or PC, directly to a compatible speaker. AirPlay uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth and so audio is not compressed in order to send it to a speaker. The good news is that some of the biggest names in hi- …
Desaia BeatBox Bluetooth speaker

Desaia Beat Box Bluetooth speaker

Geek Treat of the Week This is your chance to get your own back on those annoying teenagers who huddle at the back of the bus and play music through the god-awful tinny speakers on their mobile phones. Desaia BeatBox Bluetooth speaker Desaia’s Beat Box is a 75mm cube with speaker grilles on either side and it connects to any device which can pump …
Griffin iTrip Dual Connect

Griffin iTrip Dual Connect car kit for iPhone

Accessory of the Week Sending audio from your iPod or iPhone to your car stereo over FM is all very well, but it has some nasty drawbacks. There’s the lack of available frequencies in urban areas, for starters. And even when you’ve found a free one at the start of a journey, there’s no guarantee it will remain usable throughout your trip. Griffin …
Western Digital My Passport Studio 1TB external hard drive

WD My Passport Studio 1TB external hard drive

Accessory of the Week Despite the prevalence of online sync'n'store services like Dropbox, and of cheap USB thumb drives, fast, high-capacity hard drives are still favoured by those who need to store photographs, video or large graphics files. A full back-up of your computer's hard drive is beyond those lesser forms of storage than external hard …
Iomega Mac Companion external storage

Iomega Mac Companion external hard drive

Review If the name of this hard drive isn’t explicit enough, one look at it will tell you exactly who it’s aimed at. The brushed aluminium surround and smoky black top mean that it looks right at home sitting beneath an iMac or Apple Cinema Display. Iomega Mac Companion external storage Iomega's Mac Companion: storage plus USB hub …
Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition 1TB

Iomega Home Media Network Cloud Edition 1TB drive

Review I must confess that I do have have an extraordinary fondness for network attached storage. And when terms like ‘home media’ and ‘cloud edition’ appear on the box, then it certainly gets my attention. Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition 1TB Cloud cover: Iomega's Home Media Network drive So, while for you …

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