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The death of mobile innovation?

Comment I’ve written before about the demise of competition in the Old Kent Road/Mediterranean Avenue end of the mobile market, but I’ve always thought that the Park Lane/Park Place and Mayfair/Boardwalk end was safe. We’ve got Symbian, Windows Mobile, more flavours of Linux than Ben and Jerry could dream of, Palm with two OSes and more …
Cat Keynes, 23 Mar 2009
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China's three-horse mobile bet: Repeating America's mistakes

Column China has just awarded 3G contracts - three of them. The numbers of subscribers there already is huge, with ten times as many mobile subscribers as there are people in the UK, and twice as many as there are people in the US. But China's decision to bless three different technology standards is a puzzling one. Operator China …
Cat Keynes, 15 Jan 2009
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SMS bug: Nokia's Conversation goes mute

Comment Did you have a quiet Christmas? What about New Year? While New Years Eve is the busiest time for text messages, maybe you didn’t get any. And if you're a Nokia user, there may be a reason for that. You might have been struck by the Curse of Silence bug that has been floating around for a while, and has been recently made …
Cat Keynes, 2 Jan 2009
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The mobile operators' Three Ring Trick

Comment A classic magician’s tricks is to flash three solid steel rings then hand them to a punter to examine before spinning and linking them as though metal passes through metal. Mobile phone networks might wish to turn to magic to help with Subscriber Acquisition Cost. Margins are being squeezed by regulation - a problem they treat …
Cat Keynes, 26 Nov 2008
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Mobile money - a helping hand for the poor?

Opinion Browsing the NARS counter at Selfridges, I was quite taken by some eye shadow and was just picturing myself as Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra when my friend Rod called from Cairo. I’m a bit psychic like that. He was at the GSMA mobile payments conference investigating the future of NFC. Apparently there are loads of trials …
Cat Keynes, 23 May 2008
Evesham Alqemi 26” LCD TV

You'll learn to love mobile TV

Comment Prophets predict the mobile phone will kill the fixed line and the internet will kill newspapers. What usually happens is the old systems shuffle up to make space. Nothing dies. Television didn't kill cinema, cinema didn't kill theatres. The internet means newspapers carry less advertising and some things, like stock prices, …
Cat Keynes, 18 Apr 2008
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Only one man can save Motorola

Column Whose fault is it Motorola is in the mess it is in now? In some ways it is impossible to point a finger, but if you want a name it's Geoffrey Frost. Frost was the marketing man who moved from Nike to Motorola. With him he took the glory and success of being a top brand. At Motorola he built the Hello Moto campaign. He was …
Cat Keynes, 9 Apr 2008

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