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Banks need to learn to keep their own data safe

Quocirca's changing channels Every so often the mainstream press gets its teeth into a story and can’t let go. In the second half of 2007 and continuing into 2008 the UK press started to uncover a series of stories about data losses. There is always a degree of opportunism and scaremongering with news runs; a chance to bash a new government, an appeal to a …
Bob Tarzey, 1 Feb 2008
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Going green is good, but is it secure?

Quocirca's changing channels The environmental impact of IT is an issue under much scrutiny recently, but not much thought seems to have been given to the security consequences of "going green". Having thought it over, Quocirca has come up with an answer. There are two broad themes that affect the job of chief information security officers (CISOs) if …
Bob Tarzey, 30 Nov 2007

Businesses put their weight behind web-enabled apps

Quocirca's changing channels For a growing number of organisations, web browsers are becoming the primary interface for accessing certain business applications. This enables easy access to widely distributed groups of users, not just employees on the move, but also individuals in external organisations; customers, suppliers, partners, and so on. This is …
Bob Tarzey, 12 Nov 2007
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IT shouldn't cop all the blame for wrecking environment

Quocirca's changing channels The IT industry is in danger of becoming an unnecessary apologist for environmental woes caused by the equipment it sells. While there is certainly room for improvement in the way IT procurement and infrastructure is managed, this must not be overshadowed by the more positive aspects that good use of IT can make to the overall …
Bob Tarzey, 10 Sep 2007

Speeding up the net - is it possible?

The best way to get reliable performance out of a wide area network (WAN) is to install your own high-speed gigabit fibre optic cables between all the locations in your organisation. This could provide seemingly unlimited bandwidth for your employees to use the applications they like and not have to think twice about the volume …
Bob Tarzey, 20 Jul 2007

Of Microsoft Forefront security

Quocirca's changing channels With the launch of its Forefront security product range this week, Microsoft has deployed its tanks on the lawns of Symantec, McAfee and many other IT security vendors. So is it time for resellers to entrust Microsoft with all their customers’ IT security needs and kiss goodbye to their current security partners? Not quite. …
Bob Tarzey, 2 Jul 2007

From on-premises to on-demand

Quocirca's changing channels It can be hard to gauge the true take up of on-demand application services, an alternative way to take delivery of business applications whereby they are accessed online rather than installed and managed on-premises. One reason for this is that research into what businesses are doing in any area tends to seek black and white …
Bob Tarzey, 16 Apr 2007
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Businesses show renewed confidence in IT

Quocirca's changing channels Selling pricey IT solutions to enterprises has never been easy. To get sign off on large projects often requires getting board level approval as well as getting all the influencers in the IT department on your side. So any indications that IT departments are getting a bit more power in this process should be welcome news to …
Bob Tarzey, 27 Mar 2007
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So what are the benefits of an enterprise RSS server?

Quocirca's changing channels It is easy to be cynical about many of the so-called Web 2.0 technologies – blogs, wikis, etc – and dismiss them as just another way for employees to be distracted and waste time. For resellers, this cynicism will run deeper as on the surface this is more free stuff with no opportunity for product margins and little for service …
Bob Tarzey, 12 Mar 2007

IP - it's complex, but it's here to stay

Comment Fifteen years ago a plethora of different network communications protocols were being used for computer communications. Getting computers to talk to each other was a complex business and vendors like Novell made a good living enabling them to do so. Things are different today – there is but one network protocol used for the …
Bob Tarzey, 16 Feb 2007

Online conferencing - an opportunity for resellers?

Quocirca's changing channels One technology fits the software as a service (SaaS) model so neatly that even Microsoft – according to some, the devil incarnate of on-premise software delivery – only provides its product as an on-demand service. That technology is online conferencing. If you would like to spend less time queueing at airports to board a …
Bob Tarzey, 26 Jan 2007

What can on-demand software do for your business?

In a study last year Quocirca looked at the degree to which organisations were wasting time and effort on badly planned, procured and implemented on-premise (as opposed to on-demand) business applications. One particular area looked into was the prevalence of shelf-ware; that is software that is purchased but never used. As …
Bob Tarzey, 8 Dec 2006
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Feel as though you've missed the SaaS bandwagon?

Quocirca's changing channels If you're an independent software vendor (ISV) and concerned that you are about to miss the software as a service (SaaS) bandwagon, rest assured there is no shortage of organisations out there ready to lend a hand. It might be that you simply do not have the facilities to host a robust 24/7 server environment. All you need to …
Bob Tarzey, 6 Dec 2006
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3G routers the ticket to the mobile office

Quocirca's changing channels Despite all the fuss a few years ago when 3G networks first became available, the take up of 3G services across Europe has been slow, the UK and Italy being the most advanced. Two of the main reasons for this were a lack of coverage (in the early days) and lack of need. The extra bandwidth and speed offered by 3G networks was …
Bob Tarzey, 25 Oct 2006

Software as a service - can value outweigh price?

Quocirca's changing channels Software as a service (SaaS) has been one of the most widely talked about topics in IT circles over the last few years for a number of reasons. Rightly, one of these reasons has been the benefits SaaS can deliver to businesses; another has been the hard work of some of the leading proponents of this delivery model in getting the …
Bob Tarzey, 27 Sep 2006

Email archiving moves to the mainstream

Quocirca's changing channels The need to archive data has been around as long as computers have stored information. Although it is sometimes muddled with backup, part of the reason for archiving data is to make backups more efficient - put stuff that is not used in to long-term safe storage from where it can be retrieved in the, often unlikely event, that …
Bob Tarzey, 25 Aug 2006
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The investment divide

Quocirca's changing channels Persuading businesses to invest in new or upgraded IT infrastructure can be a testing task at the best of times. The deployment of a new application can be a good time to review existing infrastructure to make sure it is running securely and efficiently, but why wait for a new application to upgrade infrastructure when there can …
Bob Tarzey, 31 Jul 2006

A tech health check for SMBs

Quocirca's changing channels The terms "high availability" and "disaster recovery" are most commonly associated with the requirements of large enterprises. But most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are as reliant on their information technology (IT) and arguably more vulnerable to IT failure than their larger counterparts. This is because SMBs have …
Bob Tarzey, 4 Jul 2006
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Containing the employee IT threat

Quocirca's changing channels Avoiding bad publicity, protecting brand name and maximising customer confidence are all high on the list of worries of businesses when considering their ability to comply with the various laws and regulations that govern them. Some businesses pay lip service to some regulations and others find ways around them altogether ( …
Bob Tarzey, 5 Jun 2006

Finance directors are the real deal-killers

Quocirca's changing channels The fact that most businesses value IT, as shown in a recent Quocirca survey, will not come as a surprise to many. For many it is considered an integral part of their operations. So, neither is it surprising that businesses take major IT investment decisions pretty seriously as well. This has always been the challenge for those …
Bob Tarzey, 8 May 2006
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Do dedicated security vendors have a future?

Quocirca's changing channels McAfee proudly proclaims itself "the largest dedicated [IT] security company in the world". Based on revenues this is a fair claim - it is some way ahead of closest rivals Check Point and Trend Micro for that crown. But is a dedicated security company really the best thing to be in 2006 and beyond? Until late 2004 the " …
Bob Tarzey, 11 Apr 2006
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End point security attracts new vendors

Quocirca's changing channels End point security is a fast maturing market and is becoming big business. Many of the major vendors have products, or at least future plans. But it is still worth resellers looking at some of smaller vendors who have interesting new products and ideas. End points include everything from desktop PCs, printers, wireless access …
Bob Tarzey, 13 Mar 2006
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Waiting for the software revolution

Quocirca's changing channels Research conducted by Quocirca in 2005 showed the majority of UK enterprises still pay for software upfront either as perpetual licences or renewable on an annual or bi-annual basis. The same research also showed that more than half would like to see the way they pay for software changed to a monthly subscription. What the …
Bob Tarzey, 13 Feb 2006
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Reasons to be cheerful about Office 12?

One of the “opportunities” that awaits resellers in 2006 is the release of Microsoft Office 12 (O12); that’s if Microsoft’s timescales don’t go haywire (so no promises). Is there anything to get excited about or this going to be just another expensive upgrade with all the menu options moved around and plenty of new features you …
Bob Tarzey, 16 Jan 2006
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Insuring IT security

Quocirca’s Changing Channels There is little difference between the aims of IT security and insurance. Businesses make investments in both because they know they have to and it would be irresponsible not to. IT security products are purchased to protect against threats that it is hoped will never occur. In the same way, when we insure our houses, we do not …
Bob Tarzey, 21 Nov 2005

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