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IT's green dilemma: plant trees or chill your cheeks

We start this week in a green frame mind. Some people - Kermit the Frog, Van Morrison and Frank Sinatra think "it's not easy being green" - but the computer industry is doing its best to get us all involved. Intel and Google unveiled the Climate Savers Computing Initiative and got a wide range of hardware and software vendors …
Billy MacInnes, 14 Jun 2007

Dell takes Cameron path to success as McCain likes bull for a China job

Dell is looking more and more like David Cameron's Tories. Like the Tories, Dell used to be popular but has recently been in the doldrums, and CEO Michael Dell is busy ripping up some of the direct seller's articles of faith (just like Dave and his recent pronouncements on grammar schools) to get back in everybody's good books …
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Channel carousel sees resellers, execs change places

Microsoft laid its cards on the table - or its pictures at any rate - with the announcement of its table-top computer technology, dubbed Surface Computing. The top secret technology uses IR cameras to recognise and identify objects when they are placed on the table top which is also a 30-inch back-projected screen for a built- …
Billy MacInnes, 31 May 2007

Dell sees the channel light while Microsoft is cast as open source redeemer

It's finally happened. Dell has publicly stated what we in the channel have known all along. You can't live without resellers and partners. Not long after his second coming at the company and after many years of outright hostility to the indirect channel, CEO Michael Dell has undergone a conversion, telling CRN US: "There are …
Billy MacInnes, 24 May 2007
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Microsoft tries to hit jackpot with patents FUD but do the numbers add up?

This was a week for figures, at least if you were Microsoft that is. The first figure Microsoft pulled out of its big monopolist's hat was 235. This was the number of its patents the software behemoth claimed open source software infringed against. In an interview with Fortune magazine, licensing boss Horacio Gutierrez …
Billy MacInnes, 17 May 2007

Good news drowned by wave of security blunders

As always, we'll begin with the good news, not because we're people who like to look on the bright side of life, but because it's quicker to get it out of the way now. HP upped its sales and profits forecast for the second quarter, revealing it would add another billion dollars in sales, and earnings per share would be up seven …
Billy MacInnes, 10 May 2007

Silly season starts early as IT goes strictly business

This week was awash with silly stories - UFOs over Guernsey, dogs defecating on eBay, police charging a stripagram for wearing a police uniform in the street (maybe he should have whipped it off there and then), people being duped into buying sheep thinking they were poodles - you name it, it was there. No wonder there was so …

Ass kickings abound as angry mob vents spleen

A feel good moment We'll start with an obligatory pat on the back for the channel. Let's face it, if we don't tell you guys you're great, who will? And so we go to the news that worldwide PC shipments grew nine per cent in the first quarter of 2007. Dell held on to number one spot but HP shipments were up 28.7 per cent and …
Billy MacInnes, 26 Apr 2007

XP buried as users roll over, play dead for sex and choccy

DoubleClick gives Google double whammy against Microsoft We begin this week with Google which managed to pull off the coup of pissing off Microsoft big time by stealing DoubleClick from under its nose with a $3.1bn offer. Serial anti-trust defendant Microsoft has got so wound up it's even urged US regulators to probe the …
Billy MacInnes, 19 Apr 2007

Dell and Adobe UK look for their calculators

Dell makes the channel feel good Good news for the channel, Dell had another bad week. As if being ticked off by Nasdaq for not handing in regulatory filings for its past fiscal year wasn't bad enough, the direct vendor also had a bad fourth quarter in laptop sales. Shipments fell 1.5 per cent from the third quarter to 3.52 …
Billy MacInnes, 12 Apr 2007

Channel looks on the bright side, Woolies goes soft and Cisco aims small

Let the good times roll Let's start with the good news. According to a survey of European channel distributors and resellers (that means you), 2007 will be a year of strong sales growth and rises in revenue. The ETech 2007 survey found 70 per cent of channel distributors and resellers were confident about their business …
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Fawkes, Phoenix potty over ICM, as PC World goes to dogs

Web driver's licence please One thing you can say about fraud, there's a lot of it about. A study sponsored by the government found more than one in 10 people had experienced online fraud with an average loss of £875. Many wanted some kind of web surfing driver's licence to help them understand security better. A few American …
Billy MacInnes, 29 Mar 2007
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Microsoft gives pirates thumbs up, and open source gets thumbs down

Back up and archiving sales opportunity Anyone interested in making a quick buck in the back up and archiving sector should give Intel a call. It may be one of the world's biggest technology companies, but the chip giant has been having trouble with its data retention policy with the chairman, CEO, and sales chief all deleting …
Billy MacInnes, 15 Mar 2007

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