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Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS reference card

Review The GeForce 6800 GT was a cracker. While Nvidia wowed everybody with the 6800 Ultra, it was the 6800 GT that most people bought, offering most of the bang without quite as much of the buck. However, Nvidia has decided that the 6800 GT has had its day. The reason? Well, ATI has been fighting back to compete with the GT. …
Benny Har-Even, 10 Nov 2005
The Register breaking news

Toshiba Qosmio G20 Media Center notebook

Review Toshiba's Qosmio range is set up for entertainment and the G20 stands at its head. With a large widescreen display and running Microsoft's Windows Media Center 2005, Toshiba has pretty much thrown the kitchen sink at this thing in an effort to ensure that it can act as a full-on digital content hub. However, it's not going to …

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