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The Hadron Collider: What's it all about, then?

Around about now, boffins will be eagerly awaiting news that protons are finding their way fully around the 27km circuit of CERN's Large Hadron Collider, the latest and best atom-smasher particle accelerator - and the biggest scientific experimental apparatus ever built. This 10 September 2008 project milestone has captivated …
Anton Wylie, 9 Sep 2008
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Google and the End of Science

WiReD magazine's editor-in-chief Chris Anderson has just seen the end for scientific theories. And it is called Google. This remarkable revelation was triggered by Google's research director Peter Norvig. Speaking at O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference in March. Norvig claimed: "All models are wrong, and increasingly you …
Anton Wylie, 9 Jul 2008
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Dissolving the plastic bag problem

Anton By rights the world and its dog should now know the name Daniel Burd. For Daniel Burd has an eco-friendly solution for disposing of the plastic bag menace. About half a trillion plastic bags are produced globally each year, but they take up to 1000 years to decompose. In the meantime they can migrate to the oceans and be …
Anton Wylie, 11 Jun 2008
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Cloudy outlook for climate models

Climate models appear to be missing an atmospheric ingredient, a new study suggests. December's issue of the International Journal of Climatology from the Royal Meteorlogical Society contains a study of computer models used in climate forecasting. The study is by joint authors Douglass, Christy, Pearson, and Singer - of whom …
Anton Wylie, 27 Dec 2007
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Comet Holmes and the case of the Disappearing Tail

The Web is abuzz about Comet Holmes. Comet 17P/Holmes had been expected to make just another routine ultra low visibility departure from perihelion passage this year. But in a record for a comet, it unexpectedly brightened by a factor of around a million on October 24, making it more reminiscent of a stellar nova explosion. " …
Anton Wylie, 18 Nov 2007
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Dwarfs threaten Kepler and Newton

It seems you don't need a disk to thumb your nose at celestial mechanics - if you're big enough to be a galaxy. Recent investigations of the velocities of stars in dwarf galaxies have reinforced the need for explanatory dark matter to account for their motion, according to Professor Mario Mateo and and Dr Matthew Walker of the …
Anton Wylie, 10 Nov 2007

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