Andrew Buss

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Andrew is an expert in IT infrastructure evaluation, selection, deployment, security and management.
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Reg Readers love their gadgets

2013 is only just beginning and already there's a ton of news surrounding the consumer tech markets. Samsung is riding a wave of success with Android based Galaxy smartphones. Apple is starting to struggle to meet expectations while Nokia seems to be on the cusp of turning things around. Even Microsoft has taken a firm step …
Andrew Buss, 28 Jan 2013
Merlin Data Center Interior

Don't let your data centre be overtaken

The last decade has seen massive leaps in performance and capability across all areas of IT, enabling organisations of all shapes and sizes to do business in new ways, or do it better and more effectively. Yet many companies feel that the service delivered by IT often falls short of what is needed and expected. The result is a …
Andrew Buss, 21 Dec 2012
The SPEARS board with a few bits attached

How to put the data centre back together again

The world of business is becoming faster, more competitive and ever more dependent on IT. Transactions and interactions that used to be handled manually between suppliers, the channel and customers are now largely electronic. Most of the day-to-day operations and communications of the business rely on IT services and any …
Andrew Buss, 18 Dec 2012

Channel survey: Biz in 2012 LOADS better than last year

Back in late spring, we ran a survey of channel players looking at how business has been developing and the outlook for the future. Well the results are in and make for some interesting reading. First up, the obligatory health warning on the limitations of the exercise we carried out - our survey sample of 116 respondents was …
Andrew Buss, 21 Aug 2012
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Is it time for enterprise PC outfits to carry Apple Macs?

For years, the Apple Mac has played a small and niche role in enterprise computing, finding favour in areas such as desktop publishing, graphical design and video or content production. But on the whole, a perception of a high price coupled with the lack of a broad spread of general purpose applications has had the tendency to …
Andrew Buss, 15 Jun 2012
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Reg readers tell us why implementing change is so hard

Reg Research Readers have provided some great feedback during our latest workshop on a topic that has turned out to be close to many of your hearts – how best to manage an increasingly virtualised IT infrastructure. As part of the exercise, we ran one of our famous Freeform Dynamics polls so you could tell us how things currently stand in …
Andrew Buss, 18 Apr 2012
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Plan ahead to make virtualisation work

The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions, and never more so than when it comes to virtualisation. Many companies embark on virtualisation because they think it will make IT better, cheaper and faster. There is no denying that it helps initially, reducing costs through consolidating servers and making other …
Andrew Buss, 28 Mar 2012
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SaaS security: it comes down to knowing what you are doing

In this workshop on Software as a Service (SaaS), we’ve been having a good look at the issues of risk, trust and security in the cloud. A lot of things have happened recently that may cause us to think twice about SaaS and risk – Flickr showed just how absurd things can get if policies and processes are not properly thought …
Andrew Buss, 15 Feb 2011
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Buying into the cloud

Hosted Apps A lot of companies are reporting that individual departments and even business users are adopting SaaS or cloud-based applications. This freedom to choose is a useful one, as it gives departments the flexibility to get the job done, and the likelihood is that the use of such services will continue to expand. We’ve seen this …
Andrew Buss, 28 Jan 2011
Box and Salesforce have announced integration features

What you think about SaaS

Hosted apps Throughout this workshop, we have been looking at the factors that affect the acceptance of SaaS. Ultimately what it boils down to is trust, and when we look at what it is that creates trust, you tell us that the most important factors are: A demonstrable track record on privacy and security The quality of service and …
Andrew Buss, 14 Jan 2011
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What is the point of End Point Protection?

Security threats have existed for almost as long as computers have been around. Few interactive systems can claim to be immune – even venerable systems like the IBM mainframe, UNIVAC and VAX have had their share of malware. Then, the PC brought computing to the masses, but also brought a new environment for malware to bloom. …
Andrew Buss, 29 Nov 2010

Raw iron or dynamic data centre

Reader Study We hear a lot about the self-service data centre, where everything is highly automated and virtualised with dynamic provisioning allowing seamless deployment, management and billing. This is a nice vision, and one we should be working to achieve, but just how realistic is it in today’s environment? We know from previous …
Andrew Buss, 13 Aug 2010
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Security - policies, processes and people

Workshop The problem with building foolproof systems, so the saying goes, is that the world seems to generate a better class of fool. This seems to be particularly true with systems charged with managing security. In the inseparable troika of policies, process and people, getting to grips with the first two is (almost) easy as long as …
Andrew Buss, 29 Jun 2010
DVD it in many colours

Are you getting Double Vision?

Workshop PCs and diversity go hand in hand, whether it’s how we choose for them to look, feel and perform, or what we expect them to do. As well as business machines, they have become gaming machines, communicators and media centres. They have also become smaller and mobile. Part of the evolution enabling all this choice is the ongoing …
Andrew Buss, 9 Jun 2010
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Should we be encrypting backups?

Workshop We all know that data protection regulations are gaining teeth. As we discussed before, it is becoming more difficult to keep data losses private, and the damage to reputation and other penalties incurred following data breaches are now significant. Data protection laws in particular are being tightened up, with the potential …
Andrew Buss, 1 Jun 2010

What’s in the box?

Workshop Selecting the right choice of components for an industry standard x64 server is much more than the speed of the CPU and the size of the hard disk. Virtualisation puts fresh demands on CPU performance and crucially, stretches memory, networking and IO performance. Consolidation efficiencies and sustainability efforts are reining …
Andrew Buss, 18 May 2010

Working remotely: What are the solutions?

Workshop It’s funny how far mobile computing has come in the last ten years. It enables a flexibility of working that only a decade ago could have been considered by some to be in the realm of Star Trek. Notebooks and smartphones are well understood, while new waves of ultraportable computers such as netbooks and tablets (where are …
Andrew Buss, 11 May 2010

Servers: Refurbish, repurpose or recycle?

Workshop With the worst of the recession looking to have passed (touch wood), things are looking up and growth is returning, even if it is erratic. Companies are hiring again and people are buying more, resulting in an increasing pressure on systems and applications. The past couple of years have seen budgets slashed and renewals put on …
Andrew Buss, 7 May 2010
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Mobile users and personal devices

Workshop Business today is a very different beast to that of just five years ago, and a world away compared to ten years back. While some of us are undoubtedly still office based, there has been an equally clear trend towards more flexible working which is less dependent on a fixed location. The spread of Wi-Fi in the home and workplace …
Andrew Buss, 30 Apr 2010

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