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Dr Spinola's Christmas TV guide

Christmas Eve: Just Willamette. A new dramatisation of the children's favourite by Richmal Crompton about a troublesome young whippersnapper and the scrapes the little underachiever gets into. Starring Mel Gibson as Craig Barrett. Christmas Day: Athlon Powers - the chip that shagged Intel. Jerry Sanders reprises his popular …
Adamson Rust, 22 Dec 2000
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There is no ‘F’ in Rambus, Ink

A jolly little thread on The Register forum reveals just how jealous Rambus, Ink is of its intellectual property rights. One of our readers posted a message suggesting that Ramboost, Ink might have put some money into the Rambusite but that, its webmaster is absolutely not the case. When he started covering Rambust, Ink in the …
Adamson Rust, 29 Sep 2000
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Taiwan rumour mill churns on

Taipei Gather together 800 engineers and you're bound to hear all sorts of rumours and speculation, some of which may be true but what way does anyone have of knowing? For sure we bumped, yet again, into a Trancemeta senior official in the Hyatt, but no one knew exactly why he was in town. He certainly wasn't there for the Via gig, …
Adamson Rust, 21 Sep 2000
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AMD's Sanders rants up the river

Never ashamed to beat his chest and display his matt of hair to the world, AMD CEO William Jeremiah Sanders III has climbed to the top of the Empire State Building and becoming a virtual King Kong in a Web TV interview. Sanders, rarely glimpsed outside the chip jungle, was interviewed on ON24, and dilated at length about, you …
Adamson Rust, 22 Aug 2000
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Transmeta serendipity dogs Register

Your Register staffer became an honorary German Sunday, joining three wild boys who decided to hire a green Mustang convertible and head for the beach. Although all four of us Germans are now easily identifiable because we were driving with the top down all day, and we all look like none of us can stop blushing, we had one of …
Adamson Rust, 22 Aug 2000
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Cheapzilla strikes again

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has again attempted to queer Intel's developer forum pitch by using an intercept and kill strategy. AMD, dubbed Cheapzilla because it doesn't want to spend the money that Via and Intel does on developer conferences, at least publicly, has booked a suite in the very same hotel many journalists are …
Adamson Rust, 22 Aug 2000
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Booby-trap your PC

We can thank Kyle Bennett at HardOCP for pointing us to this link at I Am Not A Geek on how to booby trap your PC. No Semtex seems to be involved, but on the other hand you have to use the dreaded DEBUG utility to prevent intrusion of your box. We've added this link to a trusty Reg favourite 102 Ways to Kill your Computer. Go …
Adamson Rust, 25 Jul 2000
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Wildfire: an apology

The Register wishes to apologise unreservedly to all English speakers for the number of times the word 'wildfire' has appeared in Mike Magee's stories over the last few days. We now accept that overuse of an English word results in a severe degradation of the language, eventually leading to words becoming hackneyed. We wish to …
Adamson Rust, 30 Jun 2000
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PR flunkeys make hacks look like monkeys

Miller Freeman's PR Audit unit yesterday had the nerve to distribute a leaflet at the Networks Show in Birmingham, and in the press office itself, advertising a guide to UK journalists called Know Your Journalists. The guide, which costs a whopping £725, is a quarterly number which in the words of the flacks will allow you to " …
Adamson Rust, 28 Jun 2000
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Tony Blair gets Phony Blair look and feel

Despite being kept up all hours by the arrival of his New Labour baby Leo on Friday, UK prime minister Tony Blair is not escaping the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. A UK firm, anxious to portray its expertise on the avatar front, formally launched a site called PhonyBlair this morning, using a three dimensional image …
Adamson Rust, 23 May 2000
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Unusual top end device emerges

Thanks to a reader on our bulletin board for posting a link to a very unusual patent on IBM's wondrous intellectual property site. The abstract of the patent, for something called an Automated Masturbatory Device, says: "A variable speed motor powering a crankshaft driven sealed transducer producing pneumatically induced …
Adamson Rust, 23 May 2000
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IBM ThinkPads hidden under NDA kimono

Over to the Langham Hilton for an exciting briefing on the new ThinkPads IBM intros in the US next Monday. Whoops. It's under a non disclosure agreement, so we made our excuses after we'd eaten our continental breakfast and left. Still, nice to be in the Langham Hotel, near the BBC the scene of one of our more spectacular …
Adamson Rust, 26 Apr 2000
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Compaq readies users for the nuthouse

An otherwise dismal and bleak presentation of Microsoft's Pocket PC - which it appears to believe is the answer to the Palm - was lightened by three incidents at Leicester Square club Home last night. Several key IT hacks, including venerable and venerated fellows from PC Magazine UK, were shunted into a dark alcove where they …
Adamson Rust, 20 Apr 2000
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Internet comes to an end

You thought it would never happen, but The Register now has confirmation that there is an end to the seemingly endless World Wide Web. Go here to see the very last page on the Internet. But a reader points out that this is a false ending, seeing as it even has a link out. Instead, he suggests the real end of the Internet can be …
Adamson Rust, 18 Apr 2000
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Grauniad bang up to date on CeBIT

Every week, typo-filled British national newspaper The Grauniad produces a supplement called The Editor, which summarises important and interesting stories of the week. And just to show the hacks over in Farringdon have got their fingers on the pulse, they've just produced a report on massive trade show CeBIT, held each year in …
Adamson Rust, 14 Apr 2000
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Kyle Bennett gets hard labour for pic spoof

Pictured here below is Kyle Bennett of overclocking site HardOCP, who at the beginning of last week published a picture on his site of Register old-timer Mike Magee. Now, it appears, the authorities have caught up with him and he is going to have to spend a mandatory sentence of 10 years in the overclocking cooler. Kyle Bennett …
Adamson Rust, 19 Mar 2000
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US Patent Office appears to trash laws of physics

Thanks to a reader who has pointed us to a US patent which describes a device which can perform faster than the speed of light. He suggests that it is lucky that the US Patent Office pays for itself, otherwise US taxpayers might want to know why the organisation is hiring people who haven't got even the slightest clue about …
Adamson Rust, 17 Mar 2000
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How Intel employees idle away their hours

Be warned. We are about to point to some Intel confidential information which will stagger you. The second warning is that this file, from the Intel FTP server, is a big Excel file, amounting to over 800,000 bytes, so unless you got one of those fancy DSL, ADSL thingummijobs, don't bother. If you can't be bothered, the Excel …
Adamson Rust, 14 Mar 2000
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Intel to take over Aureal? Silence falls

Will Intel take over Aureal soon? We don't know, but that's what little birdies are telling us. It will certainly make a change for Intel to take over a chip company rather than a WAP or a networking company, just like the good old days. So we don't know for sure, but that is the word on the street. OK? ®
Adamson Rust, 1 Mar 2000
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Fuß Notes from the Messe…

CeBIT 2000 CeBIT 2000 was in absolute chaos the first morning (last Thursday) because the traffic lights in the city went belly-up. That led one exhibitor who we met in the afternoon to complain that a journey of five kilometers had taken three hours....we travelled by tram to the Messegelande, avoiding one sort of chaos for another. When …
Adamson Rust, 28 Feb 2000
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Win2000 brings justice to a stop

Local US newspaper Tulsa World reported at the weekend that a version of Windows 2000 supplied to the Oklahoma Court Information System has so many bugs in it that the entire justice system has ground to a halt. According to the newspaper, the system was installed just before the end of last year in order to minimise disruption …
Adamson Rust, 23 Feb 2000
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Funny things happened on the way to the forum

IDF Bootnotes There's a big exhibition area over at the convention centre and Hyundai America has a jolly big stand near the front. On one side of the bothy there's them thar RIMMs and on the other side there's them thar DIMMs. So we asked some chap whether he thought Hyundai would sell more DIMMs than RIMMs this year. He looked thoughtfully …
Adamson Rust, 16 Feb 2000
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Gumzilla gums Blairzilla

The august Houses of Parliament debated biogradable chewing gum yesterday, and why we don't have any. Perhaps our Mr Tony Blair should ring up his mate Michael Dell. Because last Friday he took a massive private investment in the spun-off bit of re-branded Monsanto that looks after GM sugar and something called biogum. Funny, we …
Adamson Rust, 9 Feb 2000
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AMD gives Athlon Tyrannazilla epithet

A report on Newsbytes is claiming that chip company AMD has started branding its 800MHz Athlon processor as chuk lung. This is as a result of an online quiz amongst readers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, the wire says. This is the Chinese word for a fast and carnivorous dinosaur, the report said. This differs from our Register …
Adamson Rust, 24 Jan 2000
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Seven alternative uses for an Intel Bunny Suit

1. It is the best contraceptive mankind ever invented. 2. Young people will envy your trendy fab gear. 3. It will keep the rain out as you're walking to the fab. 4. You will never have to buy a deodorant again because Intel forbids you from wearing deodorants in a bunny suit. 5. You will never be bothered by your partner for …
Adamson Rust, 5 Jan 2000

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