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Computex in Taipei looms nigh

There's a trade fair held in Taipei, Taiwan, which fuels the worldwide PC industry and starts on June 1. So we decided to keep an eye on what was happening in Taiwan in the run-up to the show, which we shall attend. Today's news from Taiwan, in brief, is that the tiny island, coveted by Red China, will be the largest …
A staffer, 17 May 1999
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Hamidi loses to Intel

Local US newspaper The Sacramento Bee reported today that Ken Hamidi has lost his fight against Intel. Although Hamidi, as reported here earlier, had forced Intel to back down on sueing him for money, or for being a nuisance, a judge in Sacramento said today that he was not allowed to bombard Intel employees with email. Intel …
A staffer, 28 Apr 1999
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More woes for Compaq as market share drops

Compaq, which carelessly lost its charismatic CEO Eckhard Pfeiffer just over a week ago, is not doing well selling PCs in the US market. Figures from IDC and Dataquest have revealed that Compaq, alone amongst other large PC vendors, managed to lose market share in Q1 1999. Its competitors, however, did OK. The IDC figures, which …
A staffer, 26 Apr 1999
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Son of Chipzilla found on Microsoft site

(c) Microsoft 1999 A mad dinosaur has been found lurking on Microsoft's site and first reports are it is the Son of Chipzilla, the biggest and meanest semiconductor in the world. The effect that the Son of Chipzilla will have on Microsoft software can only be guessed, said our dinosaur correspondent. However, a Microsoft …
A staffer, 19 Apr 1999
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Intel bang to rights on questionable business ethics

Sometimes, we think that local New York paper The Wall Street Journal is too worthy by half. But, on occasions they write really good stuff. Credit where credit's due. The newspaper has just published a fab story showing that Intel set up a shell Cayman Island company in order to get hold of some patents it wanted. In the course …
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Cisco on buying spree again

Networking giant Cisco has bought Fibex Systems and Sentient Networks, paying over $445 million for both. The deal will be accounted for with shares, Fibex Systems getting $310 million and Sentient Networks around $120 million. Both Fibex and Sentient sell high end networking systems to telephone companies. Last year, Cisco …
A staffer, 9 Apr 1999
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nVidia, Guillemot to pre-sell Riva TNT2s

nVidia said it had a struck a deal with the retail chain Electronics Boutique to pre-sell graphics cards using the TNT2 3D chip. The move follows a similiar pre-ordering deal struck between nVidia arch-rival 3dfx, now selling boards under its own name, and retail chains CompUSA and BestBuy. Prices start at $150 and Nvidia said …
A staffer, 1 Apr 1999
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South Koreans march against Bill Gates

We picked this one up from Reuters yesterday and it dovetails nicely into our earlier story about the Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) investigating Microsoft. According to the report, over 1,000 dealers marched in Seoul to complain at the high prices of Win98 software in the country. The dealers are angry because at the same …
A staffer, 25 Mar 1999
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UK Northern Development Company seeks Korean help

Reports in the Korean press said that a group of officials from the UK's Northern Development Company will seek to promote trade this week. English-language newspaper the Korea Herald said the officials from the hard pressed region are in Seoul to stimulate and consolidate industrial regeneration and employment. There is no word …
A staffer, 14 Mar 1999
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Vendors claim The Register loses sense of humour

A whole raft of PC vendors and OEMs has complained that online magazine The Register has lost its sense of humour. The complaints started early January when we ran too many straight stories. According to a senior executive at HP: "We used to read you when you were funny but something has gone terribly wrong." He said: "You are …
A staffer, 11 Mar 1999
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US halts “dumping” of Japanese supercomputers

Asian reports said that the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled that Japanese sales of supercomputers into its home market will damage American-built boxes Last month, NEC asked the US Supreme Court to stop the Commerce Department from dumping SX-4 machines into the home market. Now, if Japanese companies attempt …
A staffer, 10 Mar 1999
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EU complains to WTO over Korean trade

English-language newspaper The Korea Herald is reporting in tomorrow's (Wednesday's) edition that the European Union plans to complain to the World Trade Organisation over unfair trades. The list of items is long and topped by alcohol, cars, chemicals, food and logistics, the paper reports. ®
A staffer, 9 Mar 1999
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Novell to vastly scale its NDS

Novell will later on today announce Scalable Directory Service, a system which will cope with millions of users on network. That is likely to give it an advantage over Microsoft. Its Active Directory project currently manages less than 10 million end users. More details will emerge later today, at 1700H GMT. ®
A staffer, 8 Mar 1999
The Register breaking news

Matrox gets all leaky about G400/G800

Information currently reaching The Register from La Belle France indicates that the much awaited G400 will arrive on March 16, this year. It will be available in quantity in Q2 1999 and in Q2 of 2000, the G800 will make its debut. Jonathan Hou at Fullon3D tipped us off. Look at his site and Hardware France for more details. The …
A staffer, 5 Mar 1999
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Intel buys Level One for $2.2 billion

Chip monster Intel has snapped up Level One, in a share-for-share exchange worth an estimated $2.2 billion. Level One specialises in silicon connectivity for telco and networking apps. The deal will give Intel leverage in the Intranet and Internet equipment market. The company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel but …
A staffer, 5 Mar 1999
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Cyrix, Wyse push terminal-on-a-chip

NatSemi-Cyrix and Wyse have jointly announced a WinCE based terminal using the MediaGX processor. The announcement is the result of collaboration started last June, with Wyse releasing its Winterm 3350SE machine. According to Wyse, the 3350SE thin client is its highest performance machine. ®
A staffer, 3 Mar 1999
The Register breaking news

AMD recruits IBM for 450MHz launch

IBM has selected the spanking gorgeous 450MHz AMD 6-2 to power its latest Aptiva, the model 520. Priced at $1,299, the Aptiva 520 will be available "soon" in US retail outlets. The machine is decked out with 64MB of memory, 10GB hard drive, 32X CD-ROM and bundled with Windows 98 and Lotus SmartSuite. For good measure, IBM is …
A staffer, 1 Mar 1999
The Register breaking news

It’s a Mitel kind of NeoMagic

NeoMagic, the US notebook graphics accelerator vendor, is spreading its multimedia wings. The company has scooped up the business and engineering teams of Israel-based ACL, from Robomatics and the Manchester, UK based optical drive development group of Mitel Semiconductor. Terms were undisclosed. NeoMagic will incorporate Mitel …
A staffer, 19 Feb 1999
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Feds to widen Intel case

US reports said that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will expand its anti-trust case against chip giant Intel when proceedings open next month. The FTC will now claim that Intel put the muscle on Silicon Graphics and Micron, while the reports, at News Com say that the goliath has also harmed the market for motherboards and …
A staffer, 10 Feb 1999
The Register breaking news

Intel invests in global derivative firm

Global derivative software company Monis said that Intel had invested money in it. The amount was not disclosed. Monis was formed after a management buy out from the London Business School in 1994. Intel will help optimise Monis apps for the Merced and IA-32 platforms. ®
A staffer, 2 Feb 1999
The Register breaking news

Raza to be FTC vs Intel witness

Witness lists in the up-and-coming case of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) vs Intel are beginning to trickle out, according to US reports. Today's issue of the Wall Street Journal claims that AMD's chief technical officer, Atiq Raza, will testify against Intel. Before AMD took over Nexgen, which Raza ran, he worked for Intel …
A staffer, 2 Feb 1999
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Maxtor shipments surge

Efficiency was the name of the Q4 game at Maxtor, with the disk-drive vendor grinding out an improved set of results on the back of improved inventory turns,and "better utilisation of assets". Shipments, up 23 per cent at 5.3 million units compared with Q4 1997, obviously did the company no harm either. This represents another …
A staffer, 26 Jan 1999
The Register breaking news

Datatec snaps up US dealership

Datatec is making its debut in the US reseller market through the acquisition of HP specialist dealer Bloomfield Computing Solutions. South African-based Datatec is divvying up $30 million upfront for BCS, and will pay a maximum up to $102 million, if BCS meets profit targets. Based in Michigan, BCS sells exclusively HP …
A staffer, 25 Jan 1999
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Compaq results due today – maybe

Sources told The Register late today that Compaq's annual results -- due out today -- are likely to be delayed. But that doesn't mean they're bad. Far from it. The delay is due to some procedural scheme in place at Stalag Houston, we are given to understand. ®
A staffer, 21 Jan 1999
The Register breaking news

AMD to make Compaq Alphas?

Chip company AMD today declined to either confirm or deny that it will take over manufacture of Compaq's DEC Alpha chips. As reported here earlier, a common motherboard will allow K7 users to upgrade to faster Alphas, as and when they become available. Rana Mainee, European market research director at AMD Europe, said: "We have …
A staffer, 19 Jan 1999

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