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Ethereum will have transaction chops of Visa in 'a couple of years', founder claims

Blockchains might be a bit slow today, but one of Ethereum's founders predicts that in "a couple of years" the popular network will have the same transaction capacity scale as Visa. Speaking at TechCrunch's Disrupt San Francisco on Monday, Vitalik Buterin said Bitcoin can process less than three transactions per second, …
Andrew Silver, 19 Sep 2017

Black screen of death after Win10 update? Microsoft blames HP

Microsoft is pointing the finger of blame at HP's factory image for black screens of death appearing after a Windows Update. Scores of PC owners took to the HP forums last week to report that Windows 10 updates released September 12 were slowing down the login process. Users stated that once they downloaded the updates and …
Andrew Silver, 19 Sep 2017
Illustration of a "bitcoin" dissolving into numbers. Photo by SHutterstock

Bank for central banks admits decentralised cryptocurrencies are a pretty good idea

The Swiss-based bank for the world's central banks has argued that there's a lot to gain if they offer decentralised cryptocurrency to consumers. In a report published Sunday, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) stopped short of an official policy recommendation, but admitted that there were clear privacy advantages …
Andrew Silver, 18 Sep 2017 looking more like an outage outbreak for Europe

Microsoft's email services got hit with not one but two bugs today: in addition to an earlier blip with Exchange Online, Microsoft confirmed it is now probing "issues" with "some" users in Europe. According to, more than a thousand users have reported problems such as trouble receiving messages and …
Andrew Silver, 18 Sep 2017

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange issues for users across Europe

Updated Microsoft customers across Europe are reporting problems connecting to Exchange Online, including an inability to connect as well as time lags. "We are investigating connectivity issues to Exchange Online for some customers in Europe," Microsoft admitted this morning. Meanwhile, users took to Twitter to gripe. Office 365 …
Andrew Silver, 18 Sep 2017

The architecture for sharing tokens across blockchains promises traction

In April, the Cosmos project raised about $17m in half an hour on the promise to someday let users freely share tokens among Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular blockchain protocols. On Friday at the Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai, China, the Switzerland-based nonprofit behind it committed that Ethereum support is high …
Andrew Silver, 15 Sep 2017
Coffee, photo via shutterstock

HP users moaning over 10-minute login lag during 'Win 10 update'

A number of HP Inc device owners are complaining of seeing black screens for around five to 10 minutes after entering their Windows login information. They appear to be pointing the finger of blame at Windows 10 updates released September 12 for x64-based systems. One, a quality update called KB4038788, offered a whopping 27 …
Andrew Silver, 15 Sep 2017
Man sloppily eats a hamburger... chips and pickle fall out. Photo by Shutterstock

Red Hat beer and burger box brouhaha: Would a pint help you wash down the containers?

Update In an attempt to bribe entice viewers to expose their eyes to an upcoming online webinar introducing containers, Red Hat has offered free beer and burgers delivered right to the punter's premises. An email sent to The Register from PR firm Axicom revealed that on October 6 there would be an "exclusive lunchtime webinar" with …
Andrew Silver, 15 Sep 2017

Rise Of the Tiny Machines: Boffins cook up autonomous DNA sorting robot

ROTM It's the most eco-friendly DNA walker I know, computer scientist Damien Woods told The Register. Woods, of Inria in Paris, France, was talking about a type of molecular machine which walks around and sorts biological "cargo" – all the while minimizing the energy it expends. He was part of a team led by Anupama Thubagere that …
Andrew Silver, 15 Sep 2017
woman yawns

Mostly idle at work? Microsoft Azure has some bursty VMs it'd love to sell you

Azure Microsofties have crossed their fingers - and everything else - that Redmond's new VM family will hit the sweet spot for customers with sporadic cloud computing jobs. Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new B-Series line of CPU virtual machines designed specifically for workloads that stay idle except for some "bursty" …
Andrew Silver, 12 Sep 2017

Container adoption still low, barks Cloud Foundation

Updated It's no secret that switching to containers is difficult. According to some IT pros contacted by containerization tech firm Cloud Foundry [PDF], it's so difficult that their adoption is still dragging in the enterprise sector. The benefits of packing software and services inside of containers are clear: your code becomes much …
Andrew Silver, 11 Sep 2017
berry smoothie with thick straws

Rackspace sucks up Datapipe, swallows 29 data centres

Private equity-backed Rackspace is planning to use some of its owner’s cash to hoover up managed services, hosting and colo outfit Datapipe. The buy, which is expected to close in fourth quarter 2017 and is subject to pending regulatory approvals, will swell Rackspace’s data centre footprint by 29 server farms and give it …
Andrew Silver, 11 Sep 2017
Uber office in San Francisco

FBI probing Uber over use of 'Hell' spyware to track rival biz Lyft

The FBI is investigating allegations that Uber used its "Hell" program to track drivers from rival firm Lyft. The Wall Street Journal reports that one part of the investigation, led by the FBI's New York Office and Manhattan US Attorney's office, is into whether "Hell" counted as unauthorised computer access. An Uber …
Andrew Silver, 08 Sep 2017

Look! We have direct fibre connection too, wails Google Cloud

In a bid to attract large enterprise clientele shackled to Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure, Google Cloud has announced a direct connection offering. On Thursday, Google added a private fibre network customers can use to interface directly from a co-location facility to its cloud services, eliminating any reliance on a …
Andrew Silver, 08 Sep 2017
Man throws briefcase in the air happily on the beach. Photo by Shutterstock

Pack up, go home to your family: Google Drive is flipping out

Updated Many users are experiencing disruption with Google Drive cloud storage and file backup today. According to Down Detector, more than 7,000 users have reported issues including the app not loading, inability to access files and broken synching. It's not the first time Drive has gone wonky. The last major outage back in January …
Andrew Silver, 07 Sep 2017
Files and paperwork photo via Shutterstock

Intel's €1bn EU antitrust appeal: What the heck is the AEC test?

Analysis The European Court of Justice's ping-ponging of Intel's billion-euro EU antitrust suit appeal might mark an evolution of rebate-based competition case law, legal eagles have said. The chipmaker's long-running battle to overturn the $1.06bn fine it received from the ECJ in 2009 - following allegations from rival AMD that it …
Andrew Silver, 07 Sep 2017

Billion-euro Intel EU antitrust saga goes on and on and...

In its decade-long battle to reverse a one-time record European Union antitrust fine, Intel has made some small progress: its appeal continues. According to court documents, the European Court of Justice today referred Intel's case back to the lower General Court, which had denied the appeal in 2014. The EU Commission fined …
Andrew Silver, 06 Sep 2017
Fruit fly in nature - drosophila melanogaster

Fruit flies' brains at work: Decision-making? They use their eyes

Scientists hunting for the secret of how boffin scalpel-fodder favourite Drosophila melanogaster (aka the fruit fly) makes decisions have found that some of the brain circuitry active when it makes choices can be linked to what it has already seen. The research is being undertaken in order to some day help better understand …
Andrew Silver, 06 Sep 2017
sad kids

Vivaldi boss: It'd be cool if Google went back to the 'not evil' schtick

The founder of the web browser Opera has accused Google of "anti-competitive" practices. "A monopoly both in search and advertising, Google, unfortunately shows that they are not able to resist the misuse of power," wrote Jon von Tetzchner, now CEO of Vivaldi, in a blog post on Monday. He also intimated there may have been a …
Andrew Silver, 05 Sep 2017
Cherry bakewell... thick white icing, maraschino cherry. A lot of people probably eat it without a problem or even consider it tasty. Photo by shutterstock

UK engineering software firm swallowed in £3bn merger with France's Schneider Electric

Another UK engineering software group has been snapped up by the claws of industrial machines – for about half a billion pieces of cold, hard cash. After several failed talks, France-headquartered energy firm Schneider Electric announced today it has agreed a reverse takeover of Cambridge development house Aveva for £550m. …
Andrew Silver, 05 Sep 2017
Apple's Lightening cable

Chinese smartphone cable-maker chucks sueball at Apple

One of the top third-party smartphone accessory manufacturers in China* is suing Apple for all of one Chinese yuan (about 12 pence; 15 US cents; 13 euro cents). Shenzen-headquartered Pisen filed a competition suit against Cupertino in the Beijing Intellectual Property Court (which has jurisdiction over such cases) this week, …
Andrew Silver, 01 Sep 2017
Eclipse photo via Shutterstock

Couple fires sueball at Amazon over faulty solar eclipse-viewing goggles

A couple has sued Amazon in the US for allegedly selling them and others faulty solar eclipse glasses that damaged their eyesight. Plaintiffs Corey Payne and Kayla Harris filed a class-action lawsuit in South Carolina's federal court on Tuesday. A total solar eclipse fell on the US on August 21 and retailers including Amazon …
Andrew Silver, 31 Aug 2017

Microsoft's fix for web graphics going AWOL? Disable your antivirus

If Internet Explorer 11 users exist, they may have noticed missing graphics in web apps. Now Microsoft has some free, helpful advice that might restore them: disable your antivirus. Microsoft's Browser Support team noted today that there are three special scenarios where Internet Explorer 11 web graphics elements are missing …
Andrew Silver, 30 Aug 2017
Google, photo by lightpoet via Shutterstock

Google has some sort of plan for not favouring its own shopping service

About three hours before the deadline on a 60-day compliance period, Google has submitted its plans for meeting a European Union antitrust order. Regulators slapped Google with a €2.42bn fine in June for putting its shopping service ahead of others in search results, and ordered it to stop within 90 days. The search giant had …
Andrew Silver, 30 Aug 2017
Uber Movement screen interface

So thoughtful. Uber says it won't track you after you leave their vehicles

Amid heavy criticism over how it handles user privacy, Uber has agreed to not track riders after their trips end. The ride-hailing company has infamously faced legal suits on previous occasions over privacy issues, including software for tracking high-profile individuals, the acquaintances of Uber employees and even drivers …
Andrew Silver, 29 Aug 2017

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