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Nokia N86 8MP

Nokia N86 8Mp cameraphone

Review While many mobile makers in the smartphone game have been concentrating their designer firepower on touchscreen devices, the Nokia N86 8MP rolls in as a successor to Nokia’s previous generation of Symbian S60 3E-packing heavyweights rather than as another touchphone contender. Nokia N86 8MP Nokia's N86 8MP: the N-series …
Phil Lattimore, 09 Nov 2009
T-Mobile Pulse

T-Mobile Pulse

Review There haven’t been that many Android smartphones in the UK yet, but T-Mobile is already looking to capitalise on the burgeoning demand Google's operating system by releasing the Pulse, the first pay-as-you-go Android handset. T-Mobile Pulse T-Mobile's Pulse: Android goes PAYG Running Android 1.5 - aka Cupcake - the Pulse …
Phil Lattimore, 03 Nov 2009
Samsung Tocco Lite GT-S5230

Samsung Tocco Lite budget touchscreen phone

Review Having scored considerable touchscreen success with its debut Tocco F480, Samsung has been understandably keen to extend its Tocco-branded portfolio – first with the Tocco Ultra Edition GT-S8300 numberpad-packing slider/touchscreen combo, and now with a budget version, the Tocco Lite GT-S5230, also known as the Star in some …
Phil Lattimore, 20 Oct 2009
Samsung GT-B2100 Solid Extreme

Samsung GT-B2100 Solid Extreme rugged phone

Review Following on from the original Solid SGH-M110 and the recent B2700 Bound, the GT-B2100 Solid Extreme is the latest in a line of Samsung handsets that show themselves as well ’ard. While designed for harsh outdoor conditions, the Solid Extreme nevertheless touts features we typically expect to find on phones these days, namely a …
Phil Lattimore, 18 Sep 2009
Orange Vegas

Orange Vegas

Review Would you take a punt on a sub-£50 touchscreen phone? With a wallet-soothing price but few must-have features, Orange’s own-brand Vegas plays a very different hand to most high-rolling touch-operated devices currently available. Orange Vegas Orange's Vegas: budget touchscreen There are no iPhone-alike pretensions here, as …
Phil Lattimore, 09 Jun 2009
Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition S8300

Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition S8300

Review While last summer’s Tocco proved a hit for Samsung, its follow up isn’t simply a feature-refreshed, identikit Mark II model. For this season’s flagship Tocco Ultra Edition, Samsung has reconfigured the original minimalist design with a significant extra – a sliderphone keypad – adding a different dimension to the look, feel and …
Phil Lattimore, 15 May 2009
LG Arena

LG Arena touchphone

Review As they say, it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. The LG's KM900 - aka Arena - may pack in an impressive quantity of functionality, but the real question is whether LG’s new S-Class touchscreen UI, making its finger-dabbing debut on this device, has the touch. LG Arena LG's Arena: smooth and stylish The Arena …
Phil Lattimore, 01 May 2009
Sony Ericsson Walkman W705

Sony Ericsson Walkman W705 music phone

Review No mobile maker has been as prolific as Sony Ericsson at churning out music mobiles, largely because it commandeered the Walkman brand. Sony Ericsson Walkman W705 Sony Ericsson's Walkman W705: smart and stylish looks That’s meant plenty of Walkman models that remix familiar music phone functionality, adding extra features …
Phil Lattimore, 17 Mar 2009
Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510

Review Like the rest of the mobile big boys, Sony Ericsson has been upping its cameraphone firepower, with top-of-the-range, multi-megapixel sharpshooters like the 8.1Mp C905 and the forthcoming 12Mp Idou flying the flag for its photo-centric Cyber-shot line-up. Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510 Sony Ericsson's Cyber-shot C510: a …
Phil Lattimore, 10 Mar 2009
Samsung Emporio Armani Night Effect

Samsung Emporio Armani Night Effect designer phone

Review After some flash for your cash? Hot on the well-turned heels of LG's new Prada phone, Samsung and Armani have delivered their latest ensemble - the Emporio Armani Samsung Night Effect. Samsung Emporio Armani Night Effect Samsung's Emporio Armani Night Effect: sophisticated? Rather than reworking last year’s elegant Giorgio …
Phil Lattimore, 19 Feb 2009

Nokia N85 smartphone

Review While there’s been much talk of touchscreen operation coming to its N series, Nokia continues to roll out conventional additions to its high-end smartphone range that don’t demand the spotlight but which still put in a big-stage feature performance. The N85 slots into the N line-up just below the flagship N96, and there’s a …
Phil Lattimore, 10 Feb 2009

Nokia 6600 Fold clamshell phone

Review What swings it for you? First-in-class features? Terrific usability? Value for money? Or is it pure design style? While some mobile makers have been cosying up to top fashion houses for the kiss of designer cachet, Nokia has been busy doing its own thing, and the 6600 Fold is its latest model to sashay that fine line between …
Phil Lattimore, 04 Feb 2009

LG Prada II fashionista phone

Review Times have certainly changed since Prada's first touchscreen phone strutted into UK stores back in early 2007, bringing minimalist chic touch control to the fashion conscious, cash-splashing phone buyer months ahead of the iPhone’s arrival. LG Prada II LG's Prada II: It’s taken a while for Prada II to land, but LG’s second …
Phil Lattimore, 02 Feb 2009
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic touchphone

Review It’s hardly a surprise that Nokia’s first post-iPhone foray into touch-controlled mobiles has drawn massive amounts of interest. Nokia may have dabbled briefly with touch-operated handsets before, with its 7700 and 7710, but the 5800 XpressMusic is certainly year-zero as far as Nokia devices designed to take on Apple’s game- …
Phil Lattimore, 21 Jan 2009

Nokia 6600 Slide 3G mobile phone

Review While Nokia continues to trundle out heavyweight smartphones like the N96 and N85, it’s also taking care of business down-market with models like the 6600 Slide. Rather than majoring on top-of-the-line, do-it-all gadgetry, the 6600 Slide is a 3G-enabled slider that’s more likely to gladden potential buyers with its smooth …
Phil Lattimore, 16 Jan 2009

LG KC870 cut-price 8Mp cameraphone

Review LG’s making a habit of this. Having taken touchscreen phones into the mass market with the release of the Cookie, the maker of the upscale Renoir is now aiming to do the same with eight-megapixel handsets, with the help of its more affordable KC780. LG KC780 LG's KC780: eight million pixels on a budget Unlike the Renoir …
Phil Lattimore, 09 Jan 2009

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 eight-megapixel cameraphone

Review With Sony Ericsson’s Cyber-shot cameraphone pedigree, it’s no surprise that the firm's been swift to join the ranks of eight-megapixel mobile makers. Its new flagship, the C905, not only ups the pixel count but it's comfortably the most feature-laden Cyber-shot yet. Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 Sony Ericsson's Cyber-shot …
Phil Lattimore, 26 Dec 2008

LG Cookie budget touchscreen phone

Review Just because it’s a touchscreen phone, it doesn’t have to be wallet-stingingly expensive. Following on from its high-end eight-megapixel touch-controlled Renoir, LG is now bringing the joys of finger tapping and thumb stroking to the masses with the Cookie KP500. Initially available in the UK on various pay-as-you-go packages …
Phil Lattimore, 23 Dec 2008

LG KF300 budget clamshell phone

Review So what if you’re after a phone that doesn’t have an eight-megapixel camera, smartphone functionality or touchscreen tech? LG’s been busy of late speccing up and serving out a pick-and-mix of eye-catching and - occasionally - innovative mobiles, but they're not for everyone. Enter LG’s KF300, aimed squarely at those mobile …
Phil Lattimore, 12 Dec 2008

Sony Ericsson Walkman W902 mobile phone

Review Is there any real reason why a Walkman phone shouldn’t have a top spec camera like a Cyber-shot phone? With the W902, its first 5-megapixel camera-packing Walkman mobile, Sony Ericsson is attempting to address this often-asked question. While Sony Ericsson’s Walkman line-up have been consistently high quality music performers …
Phil Lattimore, 05 Dec 2008

Samsung Pixon M8800 8Mp cameraphone

Review Samsung is getting serious with its cameraphones. Having recently landed its first eight-megapixel phone in the UK, the i8510, it's now doubled its tally with the Pixon M8800, its debut 8Mp touchscreen phone. Jostling for position among a small but growing band of eight-megapixel new-wavers, including the Sony Ericsson C905 …
Phil Lattimore, 02 Dec 2008

Nokia N96 16GB smartphone

Review As the muscular successor to the N95, it’s no surprise that the N96 packs in a flagship set of high-end features. It's beefed-up spec list pushes up the on-board storage capacity to 16GB and adds Micro SDHC expansion to a formidable spread of functionality that includes Wi-Fi and HSDPA high-speed connectivity, A-GPS satnav …
Phil Lattimore, 26 Nov 2008

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic mobile phone

Review Nokia has cranked up the volume of its mobile music message recently with the debut of its Comes With Music download service and the unveiling of its touchscreen 5800 XpressMusic handset. At the same time, Nokia has also been reinforcing its band of XpressMusic devices with the release of some tidy if relatively low-key music- …
Phil Lattimore, 22 Nov 2008

LG Renoir eight-megapixel cameraphone

Review LG’s successor to its Viewty focuses on imaging capabilities with a centrepiece eight-megapixel camera. The KC910 - or Renoir, as it's artistically labelled - doesn’t only have an eyebrow-raising cameraphone resolution, though. The device, built around a large, 3in touchscreen, is packed with a roll-call of the latest must- …
Phil Lattimore, 11 Nov 2008

Nokia 7310 Supernova candybar phone

Review Nokia is re-introducing the once-popular exchangeable Xpress-On cover concept to a new generation of impressionable mobile buyer with its Supernova range of budget mobiles. The 7310 Supernova is one of a trio of blast-from-the-past cover-swapping mobiles aimed at cash-strapped phone users. It angles for a bit of low-cost style …
Phil Lattimore, 08 Nov 2008

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