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Snapguide iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week There are zillions of ‘how to’ apps that provide expert – or not-so-expert – advice on pretty much any topic you care to name. However, SnapGuide is a free app that puts you in the driving seat and allows you to share your know-how and wisdom with the rest of the world. If there’s something that you’re really good at – whether …
Cliff Joseph, 03 May 2012
CloudOn iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week There have been a lot of rumours recently about Microsoft launching a version of Office for the iPad. I doubt it - it would amount to a pre-admission of the failure of Windows 8 on tablets. It’s not really essential either, as there are a number of good Office-compatible applications and suites that are already available for …
Cliff Joseph, 26 Apr 2012
Propellerhead Figure iOS app icon

Propellerhead Figure

iOS App of the Week Propellerhead’s ReBirth app brought some powerful sequencer tools to iOS last year, but made a fatal mistake by simply transplanting the complex interface of the original PC software onto the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPad. Propellerhead Figure iOS app screenshot Propellerhead Figure iOS app screenshot Clear hints …
Cliff Joseph, 19 Apr 2012
Wondershare PowerCam ios app icon

Wondershare PowerCam

iOS App of the Week I thought that the recent one-two punch of Adobe's Photoshop Touch and Apple's iPhoto would have knocked out most of the competition from other photo apps, but Wondershare’s PowerCam shows that the big-name boys don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. Wondershare PowerCam ios app screenshot Pick your effect At first glance, …
Cliff Joseph, 12 Apr 2012
Tapose iOS app icon

Zanther Taposé

iOS App of the Week Oh the irony. Microsoft cancelled plans for its Courier tablet when Apple launched the iPad, but the Courier’s two-screen design has now found a home on the very device that killed it off, courtesy of Taposé from developer Zanther. Tapose iOS app screenshot Create your journal then add handwritten notes... The basic idea …
Cliff Joseph, 05 Apr 2012
TopWrite iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week There’s no end of messaging apps available for the iPhone and iPad, not to mention the built-in email and SMS/IM apps included in iOS itself. But that over-abundance of apps can actually be something of a problem: you can often find yourself fiddling with multiple apps and services when all you want to do is fire off a quick …
Cliff Joseph, 29 Mar 2012
Apple iPhoto iOS app icon

Apple iPhoto

iOS App of the Week Apple’s iPhoto has a relatively modest set of editing tools but – as you might expect from Apple – wraps them up in an attractive and easy-to-use interface that leaves most other photo-editing apps looking positively antiquated. Apple iPhoto iOS app screenshot Collate your photos in albums on the iPhoto bookshelf The app …
Cliff Joseph, 22 Mar 2012
Apple iPad 3 aka new iPad

Apple New iPad Wi-Fi only

Review Let’s cut to the chase. The "new iPad" doesn’t have the much-rumoured haptic touch technology. In fact, its list of major new features can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It doesn’t even have a number after its name. How disappointing is that? Apple New iPad 3 And yet, after a weekend of gazing longingly at the …
Cliff Joseph, 19 Mar 2012
Adobe Photoshop Touch ios app icon

Adobe Photoshop Touch

iOS App of the Week Annoyingly for us iOS fans, Photoshop Touch actually made its debut on Android, late last year. You can download it from Google Play. However, it has now arrived on the iPad 2 and the ‘new iPad’ – but not the first-generation iPad or any other iOS device – just in time to bump pixels with Apple’s own iPhoto. They’re not really …
Cliff Joseph, 15 Mar 2012
Poynt iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week Reg Hardware Car Week With the price of petrol hitting yet another all-time high, I decided to try and find an app that could save us all some money when we fill up our tanks. Also available on BlackBerry and Android, Poynt started out as an app for locating nearby businesses, such as restaurants and cinemas. But the …
Cliff Joseph, 08 Mar 2012
Cthulu iOS game icon

Ten... top iOS games

App of the Week Special Reg Hardware Mobile Week Love 'em or hate 'em, iDevices - iPad, iPod and iPhone - are now serious players in handheld gaming. We love the new PlayStation Vita, but we can see why some folk would want to game on a gadget they're already carrying with them. And the bigger screen play offered by Apple's tablet can be a real joy …
Cliff Joseph, 01 Mar 2012
Grid Lens iOS app icon

Grid Lens

iOS App of the Week Grid Lens is a fun little photography app that allows you to combine multiple images within a single shot. Grid Lens iOS app screenshot Grid Lens iOS app screenshot Single lens mode The app uses a grid to divide the image on the iPhone’s screen into a series of frames. You can then take photos in two different ways. …
Cliff Joseph, 23 Feb 2012
NHS Direct iOS app icon

NHS Direct

iOS App of the Week Reg Hardware Sex Week Apple, in its infinite prudery wisdom, has decided to protect users of iOS devices from any material that it deems "inappropriate" or "overtly sexual". Dating apps have to be constantly monitored by developers to ensure that your profile pics don’t show too much, and even the mighty Playboy has had to …
Cliff Joseph, 16 Feb 2012
First Aid by the British Red Cross app icon

British Red Cross First Aid

iOS App of the Week The Red Cross was in the news recently when it issued new guidelines for performing CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - and it has followed this up with a free First Aid app that's worth downloading in case of emergencies. The app is divided into four sections. The Emergency area provides instant advice for dealing with …
Cliff Joseph, 09 Feb 2012
CNN iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week I’m a news junkie, and when I recently cancelled my Sky subscription I found that the one channel that I really missed was CNN. So I was pleased to find that there’s a free CNN app that is available in versions for both iPhone and iPad. CNN iOS app iPad screenshot The iPad version opens in 'front page' mode There are …
Cliff Joseph, 02 Feb 2012
TVcatchup iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week IPTV Week logo I don’t know how I ever lived without the BBC iPlayer. And, of course, there are now similar catch-up TV apps available from many UK TV companies. The drawback with these apps is that they’re tied to specific channels or broadcasters, which means you can’t hop from channel to channel within any single app. …
Cliff Joseph, 26 Jan 2012
Toshiba Qosmio DX730-102 all-in-one desktop PC

Toshiba Qosmio DX730 PC TV combo

Review IPTV Week logo Toshiba’s Qosmio laptops regularly appear in our hardware reviews but the new Qosmio DX730 is a bit of a departure. In fact, it’s not a laptop at all. It is, according to Toshiba, the very first desktop PC that they’ve ever released here in Europe. And it’s a pretty good one at that. Toshiba Qosmio DX730-102 …
Cliff Joseph, 25 Jan 2012
Infinity Blade iOS game icon

Infinity Blade II

iGamer I liked the original Infinity Blade when it arrived just over a year ago, but it seemed to fall short of classic status due to the repetitive nature of the combat, the rigidly linear exploration and threadbare fantasy storyline. This sequel does try to add a bit more variety to the formula, although I still found the …
Cliff Joseph, 25 Jan 2012
Ten... boomboxes

Ten... boomboxes

Product round-up There are some really excellent iOS speaker systems available at the moment, but most of them are designed for a tasteful dinner party with friends rather than a full-on party scene. And, of course, they’re mostly mains-powered and designed for use at home. However, there are a number of boombox systems that can run off …
Cliff Joseph, 21 Jan 2012
Iomega TV With Boxee and Network Storage

Iomega TV with Boxee

Review I’ve reviewed various models in Iomega’s ScreenPlay range in the past and, to be honest, haven’t been wildly impressed by any of them. Weaknesses such as the inability to list album tracks in the correct order suggested that Iomega’s designers hadn’t exactly thought things through properly. Iomega TV With Boxee and Network …
Cliff Joseph, 20 Jan 2012
Errands To-Do List iOS app icon

Errands To-Do List

iOS App of the Week For some reason, I just don’t get on with the new Reminders app that Apple introduced with iOS 5, so I recently went looking for a decent task manager to take its place. There are hundreds of these on the App Store, of course, but the one that seems to best suit my semi-organised approach to life is Errands To-Do List. …
Cliff Joseph, 19 Jan 2012
Samsung Remote iOS app icon

Samsung Remote

iOS App of the Week CES 2012 Week We’ve reviewed a number of gadgets, such as the Gear4 Unity Remote, that allow you to use an iOS device as a universal remote for your TV and other AV kit. iDevices don’t have IR transmitters built into them so the Unity and its rivals all have to encompass both an app and a separate piece of hardware that acts …
Cliff Joseph, 12 Jan 2012
OnLive cloud gaming app


iGamer CES 2012 Week Sometimes technology just blows your mind. When I reviewed the OnLive Game System, I was impressed by the simple fact that this "cloud gaming" kit worked at all – let alone that it worked so well. Then the company invited me along to see its new iPad app and my jaw landed with a thud on the ground as they …
Cliff Joseph, 11 Jan 2012
Sleep Cycle iOS app icon

Sleep Cycle

iOS App of the Week Perhaps it’s a sign of the troubled times we live in but I’ve noticed a recent rash of gadgets and apps, such as the Jawbone Up, that are designed to monitor – and hopefully improve – your sleep patterns. I’m a somewhat erratic sleeper myself, so I decided to look at a few of these apps over Christmas. The one that stands out …
Cliff Joseph, 05 Jan 2012
Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip

Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip

Geek Treat of the Week Hats off to Belkin for coming up with some really neat iOS-oriented gadgets just lately. Following on from its kitchen stands for the iPad, it has now come up with some handy little photographic accessories for the iPhone. The first one to arrive is the LiveAction Camera Grip, with an external microphone and remote control unit …
Cliff Joseph, 19 Dec 2011

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