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CableLabs signs off MAC spec for DOCSIS full duplex

US standards outfit CableLabs has added another piece to the Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 jigsaw, with the release of the key MAC layer specification for the standard.
Richard Chirgwin, 05 Feb 2018

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Another Amazon Key door-lock hack

VideoThe security of Amazon.com’s Key door lock has again been called into question.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 2018
Microlensing Quasar

Exoplanets from another galaxy spotted – take that, Kepler fatigue!

The Kepler Space Telescope has found oodles of exoplants, but now astroboffins have spotted the first exoplanets outside our galaxy.
Richard Chirgwin, 05 Feb 2018

‘I crashed a rack full of servers with my butt’

Who, me?Welcome for the third time to Who, me? The Register’s new column in which readers ‘fess up to messes of their own making.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 2018
The new Airbus A321LR

Long haul flights on a one-aisle plane? Airbus thinks you’re up for it

Airbus has flown a new version of its A320 jetliner that it hopes will take the twin-engine workhorse onto long-haul routes.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 2018

OpenWall unveils kernel protection project

The folk at OpenWall have called for assistance to create a security module to watch Linux kernels for suspicious activity.
Richard Chirgwin, 05 Feb 2018
Blocking the Windows 10 upgrade

No, Windows 10 hasn’t beaten Windows 7’s market share. Not for sure, anyway

Web analytics outfit StatCounter last week trumpeted news that Windows 10’s market share overtook Windows 7’s for the first time in January 2018. But other ratings services didn’t find the same result.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 2018

Peers approve Brit film board as pr0n overlords despite concerns

Peers have rubber-stamped the British Board of Film Classification as the regulator for age checks on porn websites, but voiced concerns over delays in issuing guidance.
Rebecca Hill, 05 Feb 2018
The RAF Saxa Vord radar head under construction. Crown copyright

Russian-monitoring Shetlands radar station was nearly sold off

The Royal Air Force has moved one of its air defence radars onto the northern tip of the Shetland Islands as Cold War-era fears about Russian military movements start warming up again.
Gareth Corfield, 05 Feb 2018
Possibly zombie woman holds laptop as blood runs down face in post apocalyptic future...

You're the IT worker in charge of securing the cloud for your company. Welcome to Hell

Once upon a time, you’d go into the office, do your work during the day at your desk, then leave everything behind and go home. Well, end users would - IT workers have been lugging home the on-call laptop since the dial-up modem was invented.
Sonia Cuff, 05 Feb 2018
The Royal Courts of Justice in London

Hortonworks accuses ex-sales bod of stealing customers for new job

UpdatedCourt documents filed in Hortonworks’ lawsuit against a former sales manager in the UK detailed accusations that he had allegedly nicked contracts for himself and his next employer, The Register can reveal.
Richard Priday, 05 Feb 2018

Samsung heir walks free after appeals court quashes bribery charges

The heir to Samsung, Lee Jae-yong, has been freed with a suspended sentence after spending a year in jail on charges of offering bribes to the disgraced former president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye.
Kat Hall, 05 Feb 2018
Lauri Love and girlfriend Sylvia Mann leaving the Royal Courts of Justice. Pic: Richard Priday

Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love will NOT be extradited to America

Accused hacker Lauri Love will not be extradited to United States to stand trial, the High Court of England and Wales ruled today.
Gareth Corfield, 05 Feb 2018
Surveillance graffiti image via shutterstock

South Wales cops crow about facial recognition arrests on social media

South Wales Police deployed facial recognition technology in Cardiff this weekend, making multiple arrests using the controversial kit.
Rebecca Hill, 05 Feb 2018
Handing over dollars picture via Shutterstock

Broadcom adds a few billion to its indecent proposal to Qualcomm

Chip slinger Broadcom has turned up the heat on its hostile bid to take over rival Qualcomm today, with the semiconductor biz expected to raise its offer by between $15bn-$40bn (£10.7bn-£28bn).
Kat Hall, 05 Feb 2018
aerial shot of sk hynix flash fab

Plunk: SK Hynix drops 72-layer 3D NAND on enterprise SSD market

SK Hynix, currently focused on client SSDs, is posed to enter the enterprise SSD market with 72-layer 3D NAND tech.
Chris Mellor, 05 Feb 2018
Bitcoin, photo via Shutterstock

Lloyds Bank bans Bitcoin purchases by credit card customers

Lloyds bank has stopped credit card customers from buying bitcoin, amid concerns of a credit risk surrounding the cryptocurrency's rapidly falling value.
Kat Hall, 05 Feb 2018

Dell soups up low-end Data Domain deduper

Down in the Dell there is a new Data Domain box – a smallish, entry-level one – the DD3300.
Chris Mellor, 05 Feb 2018
guard dog

GCHQ unit claims it has 'objectively' made the UK a less desirable target to cybercrims

GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre claims that its strategy of "actively defending" the UK against high-volume commodity attacks is working.
John Leyden, 05 Feb 2018
Lauri Love, seen on the Strand in central London after his extradition appeal succeeded

Lauri Love judgment: Extradition would be 'oppressive' and breach forum bar

AnalysisAccused hacker Lauri Love will not be extradited from the UK to America to stand trial on accusations that he hacked into a number of American government agencies, the High Court ruled this morning.
Gareth Corfield, 05 Feb 2018
woman eating crisps with both hands

Dori-no! PepsiCo boss says biz is planning to sell lady crisps

PollThe boss of PepsiCo – the parent company of Doritos – has suggested women need their own lady crisps, apparently so they can keep their mouths quiet and their fingers clean.
Rebecca Hill, 05 Feb 2018

Don't worry, it'll be all Reich! Googler saves Grammarly nazis from hacker invasion

UpdatedA critical flaw in the Chrome extension of Grammarly – the grammar-checking software with online ads second only to Geico in terms of their ability to annoy – has left all 22 million users' personal records available to all.
Iain Thomson, 05 Feb 2018
Bitcoin ban

Why is Bitcoin fscked? Here are three reasons: South Korea, India... and now China clamps down on cryptocurrencies

China has become the latest nation to attempt to cripple crypto-coin trading within its borders.
Shaun Nichols, 05 Feb 2018
Mike Hughes

A Hughes failure: Flat Earther rocketeer can't get it up yet again

VideoAn American bloke, who reckons Earth is flat as a frisbee, is on a quest to send himself into space to verify his theory. And on Sunday, he failed to even launch a rocket to a few hundred feet.
Iain Thomson, 05 Feb 2018

Here's why online social networks are bad for humanity, the nerds who helped build them tut-tut

A group of ex-Facebook and Google workers, along with venture capital execs, are campaigning to stop their former employers from further screwing up humanity.
Shaun Nichols, 05 Feb 2018
Steve Ballmer, image from imagemaker via Shutterstock

Ballmer once yelled: Developers, developers! Today it would be: Docs! Support! Certificates!

AnalysisTechnology platform companies depend on third-party developers to such an extent that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer famously turned his company's codependence into a mantra, repeating "Developers! Developers! Developers!" as a sign of appreciation.
Thomas Claburn, 05 Feb 2018

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