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Raining money

Amazon manages to find a mere sliver of profit – just $2bn – out of $61bn in end-of-year sales

Amazon.com said its Q4 2017 net sales reached $60.5bn, an increase of 38 per cent from the $43.7bn reported by the tech giant during the same period a year earlier.
Thomas Claburn, 02 Feb 2018

Google prints money for Alphabet to stuff into Uncle Sam's pockets: $10bn blow from Donald Trump's tax shakeup

Google-parent Alphabet suffered a $3bn loss of the final quarter of 2017 after handing over $9.9bn to Uncle Sam due changes in the US tax system.
Iain Thomson, 02 Feb 2018
Tim Cook, photo by JStone via Shutterstock

Apple: iPhone sales are down (but they've never been more lucrative)

Apple on Thursday touted its highest-grossing quarter ever, even as iPhone and Mac shipments were down.
Shaun Nichols, 02 Feb 2018
Taj Mahal with WiFi logo

India signals ban on cryptocurrencies, embraces blockchain

UpdatedIndia has vowed to ban the use of cryptocurrencies within its borders, it appears.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Feb 2018
Money cloud

SAP made a mistake on its own blog - mobile platform to survive

UPDATESAP has decided to kill off its Mobile Platform.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Feb 2018

Supermassive black holes scoff just one star per year, say space weight watchers

Supermassive black holes in merger galaxies snack on one star every year, according to a paper published on Thursday.
Katyanna Quach, 02 Feb 2018

Hey, you know what the internet needs? Yup, more industrial control systems for kids to hack

The number of industrial control systems (ICS) connected to the internet has increased year on year – meaning more and more infrastructure is sitting on the 'net potentially open to attack.
John Leyden, 02 Feb 2018

As Facebook pushes yet more fake articles, one news editor tells Mark to get a grip – or Zuck off

AnalysisIf ever there was an argument for why journalism is not only important but a profession requiring a broad set of specific skills, then Facebook's seeming inability to do news is it.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Feb 2018
Microsoft office

No Windows 10, no Office 2019, says Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed that Office 2019’s desktop applications will only run on Windows 10 – and shortened support for the forthcoming release of the suite.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Feb 2018
Microsoft store opening

Shopper f-bombed PC shop staff, so they mocked her with too-polite tech tutorial

On-CallWelcome yet again to On-Call, The Register’s weekly reader-contributed story of the brutal business that is tech support.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Feb 2018
Lenovo web page editorial use only

Lenovo stops the worst of the bleeding in data centre and mobile

Lenovo’s announced its third quarter results for 2017/18 and said its mobile and data centre businesses are responding well to turnaround efforts.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Feb 2018
Boy with binoculars photo via Shutterstock

Web searching died the day they invented SEO

Something for the Weekend, Sir?You can find anything on the internet apart from the specific thing you're looking for.
Alistair Dabbs, 02 Feb 2018
Tall, slim male model poses by canal

Tall, slim models are coming to take over dumpy SSD territory

InterviewIntel and Samsung have introduced "ruler" format SSDs, longer than the standard 2.5-inch drive format, and with higher capacities. However, adoption has been slow. Supermicro is bringing in ruler SSD-using servers, but few others.
Chris Mellor, 02 Feb 2018
Office workers in a group

DevOps: Bloody hell, we've got to think about security too! Sigh. Who wants coffee?

Imagine you're an organisation that is looking to implement a DevOps approach to applications and services, or perhaps you’ve already started, but you’re worried about security.
Dan Robinson, 02 Feb 2018
NHS hosptial photo, by Marbury via Shutterstock

Capita contract probed after thousands of clinical letters stuffed in a drawer somewhere

The UK's National Audit Office is investigating a backlog of 162,000 undelivered items of clinical correspondence on the watch of Capita's £700m Primary Care Services contract.
Kat Hall, 02 Feb 2018
Terrified man clutches steering wheel of car. Photo by shutterstock

Disengage, disengage! Cali DMV reports show how often human drivers override robot cars

Mercedes' driverless cars need human intervention approximately every 2.08km (1.3 miles), and other makes are totally reliant on frequent switching to manual, according to figures out this month from the Californian Department for Motor Vehicles.
Richard Priday, 02 Feb 2018

You can find me in da club, database full of faces… but this ain't privacy watchers' jam

Five clubs in Bournemouth are now accepting ID in the form of an app that verifies who you are through facial recognition – to the disdain of privacy activists.
Rebecca Hill, 02 Feb 2018
BT Tower photo via Shutterstock

This is why we can't have nice things, BT tells Global Services after 3% sales droop

BT's problem child Global Services once again dragged sales down, this time by three per cent in the third quarter of its financial year to £5.97bn.
Kat Hall, 02 Feb 2018
Woman in hospital (in hospital gown) covers face with hands

On the NHS tech team? Weep at ugly WannaCry post-mortem, smile as Health dept outlines plan

The WannaCry outbreak has forced the UK's national health service to overhaul its crisis planning to put new measures in place to avoid further crippling cyber attacks.
John Leyden, 02 Feb 2018

Besides the XPoint: Persistent memory tech is cool, but the price tag... OUCH

AnalysisThe prospects of XPoint and other persistent memory technologies becoming a standard part of servers' design is being held up because the darn stuff costs too much, an analyst has said.
Chris Mellor, 02 Feb 2018

Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing

GiveawayBrit supermarket chain Morrisons has sacked 1,500 middle managers – but fear not, they’ve also vomited out an unholy creation that is part pizza, part Yorkshire pudding.
Gareth Corfield, 02 Feb 2018
sex work

Bluetooth 'Panty Buster' 'smart' sex toy fails penetration test

Security researchers have found multiple vulnerabilities in smart sex toys that open up the potential for all sorts of mischief by hackers.
John Leyden, 02 Feb 2018

Gartner casts runes to find object storage hero and 3 emerge: IBM

IBM's on-premises Cloud Object Storage has come out on top in Gartner's latest industry rankings.
Chris Mellor, 02 Feb 2018

AWS looks to tech old guard, hires EMEA boss

ExclusiveAmazon Web Services has turned to an old-world IT exec, former Hewlett Packard Enterprise bigwig Andy Isherwood, to run its ops in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – and inject some enterprise tech experience into the cloud biz.
Paul Kunert, 02 Feb 2018

Dell confirms: We're either going public – or VMware's gobbling us (or nothing will happen)

Tech titan Dell has confirmed in paperwork submitted to America's financial watchdog that it is mulling returning to the stock market as a public company, combining with its subsidiary VMware, or, er, doing nothing.
Chris Mellor, 02 Feb 2018
Max Schrems

Facebook-basher Schrems raises enough dosh to get his Noyb out

EU-based campaigner Max Schrems – famous for taking Silicon Valley to task over citizens' privacy rights – has set up a non-profit outfit called Noyb, having exceeded a crowdfunding target.
Gareth Corfield, 02 Feb 2018

Nunes FBI memo: Yep, it's every bit as terrible as you imagined

AnalysisFriday morning, as expected, the US House Intelligence Committee released a four-page memo outlining what it claims is evidence that the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the FBI illegally requested that a former advisor to President Trump be put under surveillance.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Feb 2018

A tiny Ohio village turned itself into a $3m speed-cam trap. Now it has to pay back the fines

A tiny village in America has been ordered to pay back more than $3m in speeding fines it collected from motorists – after its claims of "sovereign immunity" were laughed out of court.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Feb 2018

Patience you must have, says Voda: Biz in talks with Liberty Global for grabbing Euro assets

Brit-based comms colossus Vodafone is mulling snapping up wedges of European networks owned by American telecoms giant Liberty Global.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Feb 2018

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