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Good news, everyone: Ransomware declining. Bad news: Miscreants are turning to crypto-mining on infected PCs

For the past few years, ransomware has been a bane of computer users. These software nasties infect PCs, scramble files, and demand payment in cryptocurrency to restore the documents.
Iain Thomson, 01 Feb 2018
A dingy bathroom

Tech biz boss slipped Detroit's IT chief bungs in restaurant bathrooms to bag software deals, prosecutors claim

The boss of an IT services provider bribed a top Detroit city official to win lucrative contracts for his biz, prosecutors in the US have claimed.
Shaun Nichols, 01 Feb 2018
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

$14bn tax hit, Surface Pro screens keep dying – but it's not all good news at Microsoft

UpdatedMicrosoft Surface Pro 4 owners are up in arms over what they claim is an ongoing epidemic of screen failures blighting their expensive fondleslabs.
Shaun Nichols, 01 Feb 2018

Fujifilm, Xerox throw each other a US$6.1 billion lifeline

Fujifilm has announced a $US6.1 billion deal to take control of troubled Xerox.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Feb 2018

AT&T's financial figures reveal 19 BEEELLLION reasons why it lobbied hard for US tax cuts

AT&T lobbied hard for tax cuts in the US – and that effort has rather paid off. Thanks to the President-Trump-championed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the telco revealed this week it rounded out 2017 with some stonking financial figures.
Iain Thomson, 01 Feb 2018

Qualglumm: Still no royalties from Apple, tax hits, EU fine, flat sales

US chip designer Qualcomm on Wednesday reported $6.1bn flat-growth revenues for its first fiscal quarter of 2018, which ended on December 24, 2017.
Thomas Claburn, 01 Feb 2018
Apparent impact interceptor with mock ICBM

Anti-missile missile misses again, US military mum on meaning of mess

Demonstrating again that anti-missile missiles work best under carefully controlled circumstances, a test of such a weapon fired from Hawaii has missed its target.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Feb 2018

Measure us by subscriptions, says upbeat Citrix

Citrix has posted a strong fourth quarter, claimed its turnaround plan is working better than expected and asked the world to measure its health by looking at the number of subscribers it secures.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Feb 2018

Dinosaurs gathered at NASA Goddard site for fatal feeding frenzy

NASA is mostly known for exploring space, but it can also uncover wonders closer to home.
Katyanna Quach, 01 Feb 2018

Facebook users are Zucking off, but that's what Zuck wants

Facebook's announced revenue of US$12.97bn for Q42017, plus profit of $4.23bn, even though it also owned up that tweaks to its news feed prompted a fall in time spent on the site.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Feb 2018
MIlky Way

Astroboffins spot sneaky signs that the Milky Way devoured smaller galaxies

Astrophysicists have found evidence that the Milky Way has gobbled up neighbouring massive dwarf galaxies over its 13 billion year lifetime.
Katyanna Quach, 01 Feb 2018
Riven Media http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-1141187p1.html

Who can save us? It's 2018 and some email is still sent as cleartext

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has emitted another small advance in its program to protect as much of the Internet as it can, with a request that email systems finish encrypting all their connections.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Feb 2018

Uber saddles up for a new cycle of controversy

Uber has entered the bicycle-sharing business.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Feb 2018
ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe

ServiceNow plans non-devs writing non-code for real enterprise apps

ServiceNow has put up a fine set of quarterly and annual numbers and offered guidance suggesting its best is yet to come as the company moves beyond its IT roots and prepares to let non-developer business professionals start to program its platform.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Feb 2018

The blockchain era is here but big biz, like most folk, hasn't a clue what to do with it

As far as database giant Oracle is concerned, the October announcement of its Blockchain Cloud Service (BCS) was timed perfectly.
John E Dunn, 01 Feb 2018

Openreach ups investment plans: Will shoot out full fibre to 3 million premises

BT's Openreach has unveiled plans to connect three million premises to full fibre by 2020, up 50 per cent on its previous goal.
Kat Hall, 01 Feb 2018
Oxford campus photo by shutterstock

Oxford Uni boffins get things rolling at new electric motor factory

An Oxford-based electric motor company is opening a new factory it claims is capable of making 100,000 units a year.
Richard Priday, 01 Feb 2018

Crim-checker IT system update fail has cost UK taxpayer 'MEEELLIONS'

MPs have slammed the IT overhaul behind the UK government's Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which is running three years late resulting in a "missed opportunity" to save the taxpayer millions.
Kat Hall, 01 Feb 2018
Photo by drserg / Shutterstock

Fujitsu in a funk over feeble network sales

Fujitsu's revenues have been hit by weak mobile phones and base station sales. Servers and storage were flat while PC sales rose a little.
Chris Mellor, 01 Feb 2018
Woman kicks off shoes, gets bottle of wine, collapses onto couch

Brit market harshing Vodafone's buzz as sales slump continues

Vodafone posted a fall in sales of 3.6 per cent to €11.8bn (£10.3bn) in its third quarter results – with the UK market representing the biggest revenue drag.
Kat Hall, 01 Feb 2018
Screengrab from Brit MP MATT HANCOCK's new app

What a Hancock-up: MP's social network app is a privacy disaster

Move over, Zuckerberg, there's a new social media overlord in town: grime aficionado and Tory MP Matt Hancock.
Rebecca Hill, 01 Feb 2018

Crowdfunding refund judgment doesn't quite open the floodgates

CommentYesterday's county court ruling that Indiegogo's Ts&Cs weren’t wholly relevant to the question "does a crowdfunding-backed company form a contract of sale with its customers?" won't quite open the floodgates for people who feel they've been ripped off.
Gareth Corfield, 01 Feb 2018
Palace of Westminster

Oh dear, Capita: MPs put future UK.gov outsourcing in the spotlight

The UK government faced an urgent question in Parliament today over its reliance on troubled outsourcing firm Capita following a serious profit warning by the public sector provider – just weeks after Brit construction firm Carillion went bust.
Kat Hall, 01 Feb 2018
Man hangs up desk phone after a clearly irritating call. Photo by Shutterstock

UK data watchdog whacks £300k fine on biz that made 9 million nuisance calls

A Liverpudlian business was today slapped with a £300,000 fine for making 8.7 million nuisance calls.
Rebecca Hill, 01 Feb 2018

Data-by-audio whizzes Chirp palmed £100k to keep working with EDF

Data-over-sound chaps Chirp and energy company EDF have been given £100,000 in funding by the UK government to advance their trials in sound-based sensors for nuclear power stations.
Richard Priday, 01 Feb 2018

Info Commish offers privacy addicts a 12-step GDPR programme

Data privacy addicts are being urged to take a 12-step programme – by no less than the UK's Information Commissioner's Office.
Gareth Corfield, 01 Feb 2018
EU flag photo via Shutterstock

EU hitches its cart to the blockchain bandwagon

Not wanting to be too late to the blockchain party, the European Commission has launched a forum to keep an eye on developments and pool ideas on governance.
Rebecca Hill, 01 Feb 2018

E8 prises software away from its arrays to run on Dell, HPE, Lenovo kit

NVMe-over-Fabrics all-flash array shipper E8 is selling its software separately to be run on certified hardware from Dell, HPE and Lenovo.
Chris Mellor, 01 Feb 2018
image of Uber app in London

Tech bad-boy Uber crafts tool to make staff follow the rules in future (er, coding rules, that is)

Despite its astonishing reputation for obliterating HR policy, resisting transit regulations and bending other laws, taxi scourge Uber is rather keen to keep its code clean and ensure it follows the rules.
Thomas Claburn, 01 Feb 2018

New York lobs $210m at telcos to hook up 120k homes, businesses with bumpkin broadband

The US state of New York has unveiled a massive new project to provide broadband for virtually all of its residents.
Shaun Nichols, 01 Feb 2018

Ignore that FBI. We're the real FBI, says the FBI that's totally the FBI

Some scammers may have bitten off more than they can chew after they tried impersonating the FBI to spread malware.
Iain Thomson, 01 Feb 2018

Nork hackers exploit Flash bug to pwn South Koreans. And Adobe will deal with it next week

Adobe will next week emit patches to squash a security bug in Flash that can be exploited by malicious webpages and documents, when opened, to hijack and spy on vulnerable computers.
Iain Thomson, 01 Feb 2018

Cox blocked! ISP may avoid $25m legal bill for letting punters pirate music online

American cable company Cox may not, after all, have to pay record label BMG $25m for letting its broadband subscribers illegally download and share copyrighted music online.
Shaun Nichols, 01 Feb 2018

Super Cali's unrealistic net neutrality process – even though the sound of it is something quite... ferocious

California's attempt to retain net neutrality rules despite being repealed at the federal level, won't make it past a legal challenge, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has warned.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Feb 2018

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