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Big number ten

Ugly, perfect ten-rated bug hits Cisco VPNs

A programming slip in Cisco VPN software has introduced a critical vulnerability hitting ten different Adaptive Security Appliance and Firepower Threat Defense Software products.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Jan 2018

Ubuntu reverting to Xorg in Bionic Beaver

Ten years' worth of effort to replace the Xorg graphics framework has been given a “must try harder” mark by Ubuntu, which says its next release will not use Wayland by default.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Jan 2018

Crooks make US ATMs spew million-plus bucks in 'jackpotting' hacks

Cash machines in the US are being hacked to spew hundreds of dollar bills – a type of theft dubbed "jackpotting" because the ATMs look like slot machines paying out winnings.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2018
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Maybe you should've stuck with NetWare: Hijackers can bypass Active Directory controls

UpdatedTwo infosec bods have demonstrated an attack on Microsoft's Active Directory software that lets them insert their own domain controller into an existing enterprise setup.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Jan 2018
Detail from NASA IMAGE satellite

NASA finds satellite, realises it has lost the software and kit that talk to it

NASA has announced it will try to wake up the “zombie satellite” IMAGE, unexpectedly found working by an amateur sat-spotter.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Jan 2018
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When you play this song backwards, you can hear Satan. Play it forwards, and it hijacks Siri, Alexa

Computer science boffins affiliated with IBM and universities in China and the United States have devised a way to issue covert commands to voice-based AI software – like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana – by encoding them in popular songs.
Thomas Claburn, 30 Jan 2018
Dell logo

A Dell/VMware acqui-merge? Good luck landing that, big Mike

The Wall Street rumour mill has recently spun out scenarios in which Dell will either allow itself to be acquired by VMware as a shortcut to its own return to public ownership, or buy back the bits of VMware that are public.
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jan 2018

The Zuck promises to give you more local news – and so save the world

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken another step on his path to enlightenment, informing the masses that henceforth the Holy Facebook will include more news from local sources.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jan 2018
Equinix web page

Equinix CEO bails after ‘poor judgment in employee matter’

Data centre operator Equinix is looking for a new CEO after the previous occupant of its big chair, Steve Smith, resigned “after exercising poor judgment with respect to an employee matter.”
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jan 2018

Twilight of the idols: The only philosophy HPE and IBM do these days is with an axe

OpinionThe cloud has not been kind to legacy tech vendors like IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. With their enterprise software and hardware businesses ravaged by cloud alternatives, and their efforts to get into cloud stumbling, it's not surprising that these erstwhile bellwethers would shed employees as they seek out profitable pastures.
Matt Asay, 30 Jan 2018
milk production line. Photo by SHutterstock

Tsk-tsk, fat cat Softcat: Milk-slurping reseller taken to court

London Stock Exchange-listed tech box-shifter Softcat was taken to courts by a Leeds newsagent after the £832m turnover company failed to settle its milk bill.
Gareth Corfield, 30 Jan 2018

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus

F-35 fighter jets are running so many different versions of their core software that a US government watchdog has warned of knock-on delays to flight tests.
Gareth Corfield, 30 Jan 2018

Google takes $1.1bn chomp out of HTC, smacks lips, burps

Google has formally completed its $1.1bn (£780m) takeover of a chunk of HTC, under which some 2,000 staff will transfer to work on the chocolate factory's Pixel phone.
Kat Hall, 30 Jan 2018

Samsung preps for Z-SSD smackdown on Intel Optane drives

Samsung is launching its ambitious supercharged NAND Z-SSD in competition with Intel's P4800X Optane drive.
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2018

Kaminario flings pay-as-you-go storage software suite at cloudy providers

Kaminario is selling its composable flash array storage software to cloud service providers.
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2018

UK.gov mass data slurping ruled illegal – AGAIN

The UK’s Court of Appeal has ruled that the government’s unfettered slurping of citizens’ data broke the law.
Rebecca Hill, 30 Jan 2018
Toilet with smiling loo paper

Borked bog forces flight carrying 83 plumbers to bug out back to base

A Norwegian airline flight carrying scores of plumbers was forced to make an unplanned break because of a persistent problem with the onboard water closet.
Paul Kunert, 30 Jan 2018
A Parrot Bebop 2 drone. File picture

Buzzzz... gulp. What the heck was that? Drone air traffic app maker swallows $4.5m

Drone safety biz Altitude Angel has swept up $4.5m (£3.19m) in series-A funding, it has announced today.
Richard Priday, 30 Jan 2018

Scammers become the scammed: Ransomware payments diverted with Tor proxy trickery

Cybercriminals are using Tor proxies to divert ransomware payments to their own Bitcoin wallets.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2018
Piggy bank, image via Shutterstock

SAP slurps up CRM biz Callidus for $2.4bn, pants: Look, cloud bookings are up!

SAP has reported a boost in cloud bookings in its full-year results and announced a $2.4bn deal to buy cloudy sales tracking biz Callidus Software.
Rebecca Hill, 30 Jan 2018
Nuro R-1

Well, now Nuro: Former Waymo devs reveal cute self-driving van tech

Self-driving startup Nuro has unveiled its autonomous delivery vehicle today – as well as $92m (£65.17m) in funding.
Richard Priday, 30 Jan 2018

Kremlin social media trolls aren't actually that influential, study finds

The effect of Russian trolls influencing opinion through social media is far more minor than commonly supposed, according to a new study.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2018

VCs palm Igneous $15m to give its Arm-powered backup boxen a leg up

Some $15m has just been shoveled into Igneous Systems by venture capitalists to further develop the upstart's Arm-powered petabyte-scale unstructured data backup, archive and storage box that has a public cloud backend.
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2018

FYI: That Hawaii missile alert was no UI blunder. Someone really thought the islands were toast

The individual who sent an emergency text to everyone in Hawaii warning them of an imminent missile attack did not hit the wrong button as first claimed – and was actually convinced a real attack was happening.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jan 2018
A piggy bank in a pile of pound coins

Watchdog: Uh, sit down, AriseBank. This crypto-coin looks more like a $600m crypto-con

UpdatedAmerica's financial watchdog today suspended an initial coin offering (ICO) from AriseBank, claiming it's a scam.
Thomas Claburn, 30 Jan 2018

California Senate OKs net neutrality law, gives FCC cold hard long stare

California has moved one step closer to passing net neutrality legislation in defiance of a decision by America's telecoms regulator, the FCC, to scrap the protections nationwide.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jan 2018
GoGet van

Car-share biz GoGet became data share biz after 2017 hack attack

Australian car sharing company GoGet today admitted to a June 2017 data breach that includes drivers licence details, payment card numbers and other personal data, but said it did not disclose the matter until now on the advice of Police.
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jan 2018
Dirty computer

Unsanitary Firefox gets fix for critical HTML-handling hijack flaw

Mozilla has patched a nasty security bug in Firefox, affecting versions 56, 57 and 58, and their point updates.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Jan 2018

I'll torpedo Tor weirdos, US AG storms: Feds have 'already infiltrated' darknet drug souks

The US Attorney General has set up a task force of FBI agents and tech nerds to further smoke out online peddlers of illegal opioids.
Iain Thomson, 30 Jan 2018
Amazon Web Services

Billionaire bros Bezos, Buffett become bonkers bio brokers: Swap W in AWS for H for healthcare

Stocks in US health companies are down sharply after Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett announced they want to get into the healthcare business.
Shaun Nichols, 30 Jan 2018
Burning money, photo via Shutterstock

Eggheads: Cities, don't woo rich Amazon with sweetheart HQ deals

A handful of university professors are calling on the mayors of US cities to let common sense prevail and refrain from offering Amazon tax cuts and other incentives for its new campus.
Shaun Nichols, 30 Jan 2018

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