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Facebook has open-sourced encrypted group chat

UpdatedFacebook has responded to governments' criticism of cryptography by giving the world an open source encrypted group chat tool.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Jan 2018

WikiLeave? Assange tipped for Ecuadorian eviction

The Ecuadorian government has reportedly sought a plan to end Julian Assange's world's longest couch surfing stint record attempt at its London embassy.
Shaun Nichols, 10 Jan 2018

Intel, Microsoft confess: Meltdown, Spectre may slow your servers

AnalysisAfter spending last week insisting that the performance impact of fixing the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities "should not be significant," Intel on Tuesday tried to maintain that stance even as it acknowledged SYSmark tests assessing post-patch slowdowns ranging from two per cent to 14 per cent.
Thomas Claburn, 10 Jan 2018

IBM’s complete Meltdown fix won’t land until mid-February

IBM’s started to release its own patches for the Meltdown mess and the Spectre SNAFU, which it’s half-confirmed impact its hardware and operating systems, but won’t have a complete fix until mid-February.
Simon Sharwood, 10 Jan 2018
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Indian data leak looks to have been an inside job

The government authority in charge of India's billion-records-and-counting Aadhaar biometric identity database, the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), has suspended 5,000 officials from accessing the system.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Jan 2018

Russia claims it repelled home-grown drone swarm in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that its forces in Syria have been attacked by a swarm of GPS-guided drones carrying improvised explosives.
Iain Thomson, 10 Jan 2018

Taiwanese cops give malware-laden USB sticks as prizes for security quiz

Winners of a security quiz staged by Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau may be wondering why they tried so hard to do well after some of the USB drives handed out as prizes turned out to be wretched hives of malware and villainy.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Jan 2018
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UK Data Protection Bill tweaked to protect security researchers

The United Kingdom has revealed amendments to its Data Protection Bill to de-criminalise research into whether anonymised data sets are sufficiently anonymous.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Jan 2018

Astroboffins say our Solar System is a dark, violent, cosmic weirdo

Our solar system may be a cosmic misfit, say astroboffins who've analysed systems where we've spotted exoplanets.
Katyanna Quach, 10 Jan 2018

Mine all the data, they said. It will be worth your while, they said

Good developers instrument their applications. Good ops teams monitor everything. This near-fetishisation of telemetry has been extended to DevOps, where it now risks becoming something of a problem.
Trevor Pott, 10 Jan 2018

Watt? You thought the wireless charging war was over? It ain't even begun

The inductive charging standards battle of the past few years is formally over, only weeks after Apple entered the fray. But don't be thinking the wireless charging war is over. Things might be just hotting up.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jan 2018
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Max Schrems: The privacy bubble needs to start 'getting sh*t done'

Interview"The problem we have in the privacy bubble is that we're great at saying how evil and bad everything is... but we're not that great at getting shit done."
Rebecca Hill, 10 Jan 2018

Carphone Warehouse cops £400k fine after hack exposed 3 MEEELLION folks’ data

Carphone Warehouse has been handed one of the largest ever fines – a whopping £400,000 – from the UK’s data protection watchdog after exposing the details of millions of its customers.
Rebecca Hill, 10 Jan 2018

Beer hall putz: Regulator slaps northern pub over Nazi-themed ad

A pub in County Durham, England, has been rapped by the UK Advertising Standards Agency after three complaints about its "German Night" advert were upheld.
Richard Priday, 10 Jan 2018
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Sacked senior Intel sales head accuses IoT chief of perjury

A sacked former Intel senior sales head has accused the company’s global IoT partner director of perjury – and was told to “not put the spin on” by the judge.
Gareth Corfield, 10 Jan 2018
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Apple agrees to pay £136m in back idiot taxes to UK taxman

Apple has agreed to cough up £136m in back taxes to HMRC following an "extensive audit" by the tax man.
Kat Hall, 10 Jan 2018

Two-day Bitbucket borkage has devs tearing their hair out

Atlassian's code version control system Bitbucket has been suffering an ongoing failure in its storage layer, affecting developers across the globe.
Chris Mellor, 10 Jan 2018
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Cabinet reshuffle leaves UK digital policy and GDS rudderless. And now the news...

Responsibility for broadband delivery in the UK has been handed to Margot James following Matt Hancock's promotion to Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in prime minister Theresa May's reshuffle of the top jobs this week.
Richard Priday, 10 Jan 2018

Adrift on a sea of data: Architecting for GDPR

I’ve spent many hundreds of hours listening to sales pitches from technology vendors but it’s only during the last year I’ve started to find them rather depressing. That’s been thanks to the arrival in 2018 of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.
Dave Cartwright, 10 Jan 2018
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Fancy a fidget? Craze makes debut entry into PornHub's top searches

PornHub's annual deep dive into user stats and searches has revealed that, in 2017, people decided to take the fidget spinner trend to new levels.
Rebecca Hill, 10 Jan 2018

'Repeal hate crime laws for free speech' petition passes 14k signatures

A petition calling for "an end to hate speech laws" has passed 10,000 signatures – requiring a formal response from the UK government.
Gareth Corfield, 10 Jan 2018
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Tata for now: Marks & Spencer transfers 250 tech jobs to outsourcer

Middle-class nirvana Marks & Spencer – the British purveyor of classy date-night grub and frumpy clothes – is slashing its tech supplier base and sending 250 staff to Tata Consultancy Services under an IT outsourcing accord.
Kat Hall, 10 Jan 2018

Cortana. Whatever happened to world domination?

AnalysisSomewhat harshly, Microsoft's Cortana was pronounced dead this week.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jan 2018
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You think you're all-flash? Market-watcher ranks storage vendors

Research firm IDC has rated and ranked the all-flash array players, placing Pure Storage in the lead of its Marketscape, ahead of Dell, HPE, NetApp and IBM.
Chris Mellor, 10 Jan 2018

WDC is storage stud of CES with voice-activated media streaming

Toshiba, Western Digital, Kingston and Micron's Crucial unit have all introduced drives in time for CES – the standout being WDC announcing voice-activated media streaming features via Smart Home devices.
Chris Mellor, 10 Jan 2018

You. Apple. Get in here and explain these iOS slowdowns and batteries – US, French govt reps

The chairman of the US Senate Commerce Committee and the French government want answers from Apple about its software "update" that slows older iPhones.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jan 2018
Apple Store in Zurich

Swiss cheesed off after Apple store iPhone does Samsung Galaxy Note 7 impersonation

In an inadvertent homage to Samsung's combustible Galaxy Note 7, an Apple iPhone battery overheated in an Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland, on Tuesday morning, resulting in minor injury and prompting customers and employees to step outside while the smoke cleared.
Thomas Claburn, 10 Jan 2018
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Leaky credit report biz face massive fines if US senators get their way

New legislation introduced in the US Senate by Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Mark Warner (D-VA) would result in credit reporting agencies being slapped with stiff fines if they play fast and loose with data security.
Iain Thomson, 10 Jan 2018
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1 in 5 STEM bros whinge they can't catch a break in tech world they run

A bunch of blokes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – STEM – jobs reckon they are the victim of "reverse discrimination" from efforts to diversify the ranks in tech companies.
Shaun Nichols, 10 Jan 2018

Trump backs push for bumpkin broadband with presidential orders

AnalysisPresident Donald Trump has signed two executive orders aimed at pushing broadband internet into more remote parts of the US, capping a multi-year effort to get America online.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jan 2018

Stop us if you've heard this one: Apple's password protection in macOS can be thwarted

It just works. For anyone.
Shaun Nichols, 10 Jan 2018

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