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Making up

LEDE and OpenWRT kiss and make up

The OpenWRT and LEDE open router projects have merged and promised a major release in the coming months.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jan 2018
Epic Fail

WD My Cloud NAS devices have hard-wired backdoor

UPDATEIf you have a Western Digital My Cloud network attached storage device, it's time to learn how to update its OS because researcher James Bercegay has discovered a dozen models possess a hard-coded backdoor.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jan 2018

Microsoft offloads networking to FPGA-powered NICs

Microsoft has switched on new network interface cards packing field-programmable gate arrays and announced that doing so has let it hit 30Gbps of throughput for servers in Azure.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Jan 2018
Charlie Chaplin Modern Times

Net boffins brew poison for BGP hijacks

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is one of the Internet's basic pieces of plumbing technologies, but it's also so old it was designed before the security needs of a multi-billion-user network were understood.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jan 2018
Black kites foraging near a fire

If Australian animals don't poison you or eat you, they'll BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE

Already replete with sharks, crocodiles, snakes and poisonous jellyfish galore, Australia may also be home to arsonist birds that spread fire so they can feed on animals as they flee.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jan 2018

It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs

UpdatedMicrosoft’s fix for the Meltdown and Spectre bugs may be crocking AMD-powered PCs.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Jan 2018
Drowning in a smartphone

Smartphones' security enhancements just make them more dangerous

Over the holidays I bought Apple’s newest, shiniest face scanner. For the first fortnight - and periodically since then, that constant lift-and-scan felt weird. As though my smartphone had suddenly become too intimate, too familiar.
Mark Pesce, 08 Jan 2018
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at Samsung's Galaxy S7 launch

Least realistic New Year’s resolution ever: Fix Facebook in 365 days

If the weekend’s excesses suggest that your New Year’s resolutions aren’t going to happen, spare a thought for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg because he’s given himself 365 days to fix The Social Network™.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Jan 2018
kids play with a container

Feel like a little kid in the container world? Welcome to the club

Hang around Twitter long enough and you'll need a double helping of antidepressants to cope with the obvious truth that you are WAY BEHIND ON THE CONTAINER REVOLUTION. Microservices? Everyone else is doing them. Kubernetes? Most CTOs are naming their kids after the popular project. And you? Well, you're still fiddling with VMs, green screens, and mainframes.
Matt Asay, 08 Jan 2018

Come by. Away. Walk on. That'll do. Oh, um, we're just rounding up the lambs of storage

El Reg's storage sheepdog has been out on the hill and gathered a flocklet of storage news.
Chris Mellor, 08 Jan 2018

FCA 'gold-plates' EU rule, hits BYOD across entire UK finance sector

ExclusiveThe UK's Financial Conduct Authority has quietly transposed an EU rule without including a crucial bit of detail, thus effectively banning BYOD policies in all financial services organisations across Blighty.
Gareth Corfield, 08 Jan 2018
Wallet stuffed full of bundles of cash

£185k in fines rain down on dodgy PIs and claims firm for illegal data slurp

A firm of loss adjusters and two rogue private investigators it hired have been given record fines in the UK for illegal trade in personal information.
Rebecca Hill, 08 Jan 2018

Deputy lord of the Scality RING parts ways with object storage firm

Object storage supplier Scality has lost its president and COO, Erwan Menard.
Chris Mellor, 08 Jan 2018
Couple dressed as penguins celebrate in the snow

You GNOME it: Windows and Apple devs get a compelling reason to turn to Linux

Open Source InsiderThe biggest open source story of 2017 was unquestionably Canonical's decision to stop developing its Unity desktop and move Ubuntu to the GNOME Shell desktop.
Scott Gilbertson, 08 Jan 2018
Conservative Party Facebook

Your connection is not Brexit... we mean private: UK Tory party lets security cert expire

Another day, another embarrassing gaffe for the Tories. This time it seems someone forgot to renew the UK Conservative Party's website's security certificate.
Kat Hall, 08 Jan 2018

Amazon coughs up record amount of info to subpoena-happy US government

Amazon received more than 2,000 requests for information from governments – and approved almost 900 in full - in the first six months of 2017.
Rebecca Hill, 08 Jan 2018
Nuclear War

Spectre and Meltdown fixes: How will they affect storage?

AnalysisHow will the bugfixes for Intel's Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affect storage?
Chris Mellor, 08 Jan 2018

First shots at South Korea could herald malware campaign of Olympic proportions

A malware campaign has been unleashed against organisations involved with next month's Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2018

Parliamentary 'puters made 30k tries to procure pr0nz last year

The Houses of Parliament's network was used to access pornographic material 30,876 times from March to October, it was revealed today.
Richard Priday, 08 Jan 2018

Take notebooks: About those new Thinkpads...

AnalysisFor some professionals and enterprises there's only one name in laptops: Thinkpad, and there are hardcore Register writers who will agree. Now Lenovo has given three key business lines – the T, X and L series – their first major overhaul in four years. But there's good news and bad for traditionalists.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jan 2018

SpaceX delivers classified 'Zuma' payload into orbit

SpaceX's first mission of 2018, carrying the secret US government payload "Zuma", successfully launched and landed in the early hours of this morning.
Richard Priday, 08 Jan 2018

Excitable backupper ExaGrid eyes IPO

ExaGrid says it's steering a methodical path to an eventual IPO unlike reckless cash-burning storage startups that fail or need to be acquired (rescued).
Chris Mellor, 08 Jan 2018
smug windsailing man on turquoise ocean makes surfer sign at gopro camera

GoPro exits drone market and slashes jobs amid sales warning

Action camera maker GoPro is exiting the consumer drone market and slashing 254 roles after issuing a sales warning.
Kat Hall, 08 Jan 2018

Micron, Intel consciously uncouple 3D NAND development

Micron and Intel have blown their joint 3D NAND project apart but will continue to develop 3D XPoint memory together.
Chris Mellor, 08 Jan 2018
stressed exec in server room. pic shutterstock

More stuff broken amid Microsoft's efforts to fix Meltdown/Spectre vulns

More examples have emerged of security fixes for the Meltdown vulnerability breaking things.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2018
Profits down, image via Shutterstock

Micro Focus shares take bath after results report

Amid a boardroom rejig to pursue more M&A action, shares in London Stock Exchange-listed Micro Focus crashed today after financial results filed for the half-year ended October 31 fell short of analysts' expectations.
Paul Kunert, 08 Jan 2018

UK exam chiefs: About the compsci coursework you've been working on. It means diddly-squat

GCSE computer science coursework will no longer count toward the final grade after answers to set tasks were leaked online last year.
Kat Hall, 08 Jan 2018
CCTV camera trained on a garden. Photo by Shutterstock

CCTV commish: Bring all surveillance systems under code of practice

The UK's surveillance camera commissioner has told the British government to adopt a "common sense position" and bring all bodies using surveillance camera systems under its code of practice.
Rebecca Hill, 08 Jan 2018

Supremes asked to mull legality of Silicon Valley privacy 'slush funds'

AnalysisNothing expresses Silicon Valley's cynicism about privacy like its fondness for rewarding its friends from privacy class-action settlements – while class members get nothing. Now the US Supreme Court has been invited to consider whether such settlements are fair.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jan 2018

US Senators force vote on Ctrl-Z'ing America's net neutrality death

The controversial repeal of net neutrality rules in America will go to a formal vote in Congress after sufficient lawmakers backed an effort to scrap it.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jan 2018

Who's that at Ring's door? Why, it's Skybell with a begging cup, er, patent rip-off lawsuit

Smart home doorbell maker Ring has had a bad start to the year with the delivery of a patent infringement lawsuit courtesy of competitor Skybell.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jan 2018
Music kid image via Shutterstock

Apple, quit milking tech-addicted fruit of our loins – shareholders

UpdatedA group of Apple shareholders are asking the Cupertino idiot-tax collector to do more about getting kids to put down their iThings.
Shaun Nichols, 08 Jan 2018
Falcon Heavy

Elon Musk lowers his mighty erection for test firing: Falcon Heavy preps for maiden voyage

SpaceX fans this morning celebrated their favorite rocketry upstart's latest boringly successful launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA.
Iain Thomson, 08 Jan 2018

VTech hack fallout: What is a kid's privacy worth? About 22 cents – FTC

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today agreed to a settlement deal with a children's electronic toymaker it had accused of collecting kids' personal information and then failing to properly secure that data.
Shaun Nichols, 08 Jan 2018

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