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Peace in our time?

Flash bang walloped: Toshiba, Western Digital sign peace treaty over memory chip fabs

A peace has broken out between Western Digital and Toshiba over the future of their solid-state-memory factory joint-ventures.
Chris Mellor, 13 Dec 2017
Gold robot photo via Shutterstock

I, Robot? Aiiiee, ROBOT! RSA TLS crypto attack pwns Facebook, PayPal, 27 of 100 top domains

A 19-year-old vulnerability in the TLS network security protocol has been found in the software of at least eight IT vendors and open-source projects – and the bug could allow an attacker to decrypt encrypted communications.
Thomas Claburn, 13 Dec 2017

Intel to slap hardware lock on Management Engine code to thwart downgrade attacks

Intel's Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake x86 processors can be fortified by computer manufacturers to prevent in hardware attempts to downgrade, exploit and potentially neuter Chipzilla's built-in creepy Management Engine.
Thomas Claburn, 13 Dec 2017
A sad child in a holiday hat

Put down the eggnog, it's Patch Tuesday: Fix Windows boxes ASAP

Microsoft has kicked out its December batch of software security fixes, the final Patch Tuesday of 2017.
Shaun Nichols, 13 Dec 2017
Pile of coins toppled

SEC sends ICO for restaurant app Munchee back to the kitchen

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has intervened to stop an initial coin offering (ICO) that attempted to raise US$15m for a restaurant review app named "Munchee".
Shaun Nichols, 13 Dec 2017
The Mosque at the Taj Mahal, shot from within the Taj Mahal through the marble screens

India sets up second new CERT in a year, this time for government

India has decided it needs a third computer emergency response team, to protect government digital services.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2017
WiFi Logo

Lights, camera, 802.11ax-ion!

Chipmaker Marvell has claimed it will be the first to offer Wi-Fi chipsets that bring the 802.11ax standard to the world.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2017
NASA New Horizons artist's impression

NASA says New Horizons' next stop might have a moon

NASA's hypothesised that MU69, the Kuiper Belt object that is the New Horizons probe's next destination, has a moon.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2017
Coal miners

Up to 'ONE BEEELLION' vid-stream gawpers toil in crypto-coin mines

Security experts claim four extremely popular video-streaming websites have been secretly loaded with crypto-currency-crafting code.
Shaun Nichols, 13 Dec 2017
One per cent

One per cent of all websites probably p0wned each year, say boffins

Researchers working on a technology to detect unannounced data breaches have found, to their dismay, that one per cent of the sites they monitored were hacked over the previous 18 months.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Dec 2017
Photo by MediaGroupBestForYou / Shutterstock

'Suspicious' BGP event routed big traffic sites through Russia

A Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing incident saw a bunch of high-profile Internet destinations mis-routed through Russia on Tuesday, US time.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Dec 2017
Benchmark concept Illustration

Transaction Processing Performance Council to deliver AI benchmark

The Transaction Processing Performance Council has decided the world needs a benchmark for systems running artificial intelligence workloads.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2017
Man relaxes, stretches out, outs his feet up on a cloud.... Fun but hammy stock pic. Photo by Shutterstock

Nasuni straps APIs and encryption to nippier Edge Appliances

Cloud storage and gateway supplier Nasuni has released software making its Edge Appliances faster, safer, and easily integrated.
Chris Mellor, 13 Dec 2017
Christmas turkey wrapped in bacon with Brussels sprouts on the side

At Christmas, do you give peas a chance? Go cold turkey? What is the perfect festive feast?

Boozing in the morning, blazing family rows in the afternoon, and passing out in front of the telly – trousers unbuttoned – by 5pm. All of these are annual traditions of Christmas but when it comes to dinner, what makes the perfect festive nosh?
Kat Hall, 13 Dec 2017
he exterior of the carphone warehouse on January the 23rd, 2015, in London, England, UK. The carphone warehouse has over 3000 stores. Editorial Credit: Michaelpuche / Shutterstock.com

Hello, Dixons Carphone? Yep, we're ringing from a 2015 handset. Profits down 60%, eh?

Dixons Carphone execs handed out their numbers to world+dog today, showing profits plummeting by more than half in the firm’s half-year results. The plunge was chalked up to UK customers skipping mobile upgrades - a move that could signal further closures across its stores.
Kat Hall, 13 Dec 2017

UK.gov told: Your frantic farming of pupils' data is getting a little creepy

Plans to expand the vast National Pupil Database to include information on why kids leave mainstream education have been slammed by privacy campaigners.
Rebecca Hill, 13 Dec 2017

Sweet Liberty: Cable & Wireless CEO John Reid steps down

Head honcho at comms biz Cable & Wireless John Reid is to step down in early 2018.
Kat Hall, 13 Dec 2017
Still from HBO fantasy miniseries "Game of Thrones". Copyright HBO

The North remembers: York scraps Uber's licence over data breach

The northern city of York has voted against renewing Uber's licence as the backlash against the ride-hailing firm's business practices continues.
Rebecca Hill, 13 Dec 2017
A ball of string. Pic: Shutterstock

How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine

An experiment by staff at UK ISP Andrews & Arnold has redefined the meaning of a fibre connection by showing that a piece of wet string can handle ADSL.
Richard Priday, 13 Dec 2017
angry phone user

Brit banks told to publish details of major incidents that stop punters' payments

Banks will have to publish details of incidents that stop people using their payment services under new rules proposed by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.
Rebecca Hill, 13 Dec 2017

Former ZX Spectrum reboot project man departs

Ailing ZX Spectrum Vega firm Retro Computers Ltd appears to have lost one of its key people, amid a battle of words between the MD and a former contractor.
Gareth Corfield, 13 Dec 2017
The Essential Phone

No one saw it coming: Rubin's Essential phone considered anything but

Andy Rubin's ambitions to create a new consumer electronics ecosystem are floundering at base camp. Sales of Essential's phone, which forms a key part of the strategy, are tepid.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Dec 2017
Money laundering

Barclays bank bod in the cooler for aiding Dridex money launderers

An employee of Barclays Bank who laundered thousands of pounds on behalf of Moldovan cybercriminals was yesterday sentenced to six years and four months behind bars in Blighty.
Richard Priday, 13 Dec 2017

FREE zero-day for every reader: AT&T's DirecTV kit has a root hole – and no one wants to patch it

AT&T's DirecTV wireless kit has an embarrassing vulnerability in its firmware that can be trivially exploited by miscreants and malware to install hidden backdoors on the home network equipment, according to a security researcher.
Iain Thomson, 13 Dec 2017
Range Rover uses cameras and suspension monotoring to advise other traffic of potholes

Auto auto fleets to dodge British potholes in future

A Highways Agency report suggests that cars of the future could report road potholes automatically, with fleets of auto autos being instructed to swerve around them without human intervention.
Gareth Corfield, 13 Dec 2017
Reserve Bank of Australia. Image: TK Kurikawa, Shutterstock

Australian central bank says 'speculative mania' and crime fuel Bitcoin

The governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia has opined that cryptocurrencies are most useful “to those who want to make transactions in the black or illegal economy, rather than everyday transactions” and concluded that current enthusiasm for the instruments therefore “feels more like a speculative mania than it has to do with their use as an efficient and convenient form of electronic payment.”
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2017

IBM reminds staff not to break customers in pre-Xmas fix-this-now rush

Bosses at IBM's Australian outpost have been forced to remind staff to do their best work during the pre-Christmas rush – that time of year when outsourced clients want a lot of stuff done in a hurry before much of the world shuts down to overeat.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2017

Critical US mass spying program scrutiny lost amid partisan nonsense

AnalysisIn two weeks, a US law authorizing one of Uncle Sam's crucial mass snooping programs will expire.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Dec 2017

Google lies about click-fraud refunds and tried to destroy us – ad biz

AdTrader, an online ad agency, has accused Google of reneging on promised ad payments, stealing clients, and fraud.
Thomas Claburn, 13 Dec 2017

OK, OK, MIRA-I DID IT: Botnet-building compsci kid comes clean

A former New Jersey college student has copped to helping create and run the massive Mirai DDoS botnet.
Shaun Nichols, 13 Dec 2017

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