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OVH goes TITSUP again while trying to fix its last TITSUP

European web hosting outfit OVH has reported its second major outage and Total Inability To Support Usual Performance* in a month and admitted the new outage was caused by its attempts to fix the cause of the last one.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 2017

Software vendors line up Kubernetes tasting menu for devops

With the advent of KubCon and CloudNativeCon in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, assorted enterprise vendors have chosen this week to flog their latest devops-oriented wares, before the impending holiday torpor leaves IT folks too distracted, weary or inebriated to care.
Thomas Claburn, 07 Dec 2017

Inside Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 for PCs, mobes: Cortex-A75s, fat caches, vector math, security stuff, and more

Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip will include an isolated security core for handling sensitive personal information, among other new features.
Chris Williams, 07 Dec 2017
Taj Mahal with WiFi logo

The search for the 'next billion' users also targets the first billion

Google's efforts to find its “next billion” users has been revealed to also be an effort to build services for the first billion.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 2017

VW's US environment boss gets seven years for Dieselgate scam

Former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt has been sentenced to 84 months in a United States federal prison for his role in the “dieselgate” software scandal that saw vehicles deliver test results that indicated their emissions met US standards when in fact they were smoke-belching jalopies.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 2017

VMware adds management to its Cloud Foundation

VMware's added management wares to its hybrid cloud bundle, Cloud Foundation.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 2017
Bitcoin ban

Games-mart Steam halts Bitcoin payments

Online games-mart Steam has stopped accepting Bitcoin payments.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 2017
Arusoft's developers were drunk

'Drunk' developers delay software vendor's release

Russian software vendor Arusoft claims it delayed a product release because its developers were drunk.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 2017
Perseverance valley, Mars, shot by Opportunity Rover in october 2017

Opportunity rover survives Martian winter for eighth time

It has been the week of long-lived space hardware: first came the news of Voyager 1's thrusters working after 37 years without use and now NASA's cautiously suggested that the Opportunity rover on Mars will be fit to roll into its 14th year of red planet operations.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 2017
Parliament photo by Shutterstock

Muzzle our public watchdog much? UK.gov Data Protection Bill adds affect the ICO

The UK’s data protection watchdog has raised concerns with the government over new clauses slipped into the Data Protection Bill at the last minute, which critics say could undermine the law.
Rebecca Hill, 07 Dec 2017

DXC Technologies UK boss quits

Just months after Nick Wilson landed in the UK hot seat at Frankenfirm DXC Technologies - the merger between CSC and HPE’s outsourcing division - he has quit, multiple sources have told The Reg.
Paul Kunert, 07 Dec 2017
Amazon data center

Yes sir, no sir, 3 bags NoSQL sir: It's a whizz-bang benchmark ... but WTF does it signify?

Sometimes fast just isn’t fast enough and in the fast moving world of NoSQL databases, what was considered blindingly fast yesterday can be seen as slow today. For instance, Cassandra has always been thought of as a fast solution for ingesting data into a database cluster, but today upcoming systems such as Aerospike and Scylla are wiping the floor with Cassandra in benchmarks.
Andrew Cobley, 07 Dec 2017

Public cloud backup kid throws a Spanning out of the Dell EMC works

AnalysisPublic cloud backupper Spanning says it has a new release of innovation energy now that Dell has shopped it to private equity.
Chris Mellor, 07 Dec 2017
The shiny new NB-IoT logo

Behold, ye unworthy, the brave new NB-IoT logo

LogowatchProgress on deploying the NB-IoT connectivity tech may have stalled but the GSM Association doesn’t want you worrying your little head about that. Instead, take a look at the shiny new logo they’ve come up with for NB-IoT!
Gareth Corfield, 07 Dec 2017

IBM opens emergency escape hatch to TSS volunteers

IBM is seeking volunteers in Technology Support Services (TSS) to throw themselves down the redundancy chute by the end of the year.
Paul Kunert, 07 Dec 2017
child with cardboard robot

Toucan play that game: Talking toy bird hacked

The same researchers whose hack on the My Friend Cayla doll prompted regulatory action have followed up with a hack on a talking toy robot bird.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2017
The Royal Courts of Justice in London

Hortonworks takes ex-sales manager to court over non-compete allegations

Hadoop-slinger Hortonworks has sought a court order against former enterprise sales manager Ben Rudall that would permit it take forensic images of his personal phone and his cloud storage account.
Gareth Corfield, 07 Dec 2017
Inside Google's Hyderabad office

OK Google: A stranger with stash of pirated films is spamming my Google Team Drive

Google seems powerless to stop its Google Drive file sharing service being exploited by a spammer who has linked other users to their stash of pirated movies, among other dubious files, users have complained.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2017
Free range chicken and farmer photo via Shutterstock

Yes, Britain has an urban-rural 4G schism. This is what it looks like

Real world performance gleaned from thousands of British mobiles sheds light on how LTE in the boondocks performs outside major urban areas. And it may not be as bad as you think.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2017

Europe Commission thunders: Tech firms must do more to remove extremist content

The European Commission has urged the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter to do more to remove extremist content - or face further regulation.
Kat Hall, 07 Dec 2017

Sky regulators brace for millions of Xmas toy drone sales

The Civil Aviation Authority reckons a million and a half consumer drones will be sold over Christmas – and the aviation regulator hopes new dronies will read and obey the law of the skies.
Gareth Corfield, 07 Dec 2017
Bundled files, image via Shutterstock

Cloudian pops NAS joystick on HyperStore object boxes

Cloudian says you can store unstructured data files on its HyperStore object storage, through a HyperFile NAS Controller, and not burden primary data filers with the stuff, saving lots of lovely money and getting loads of scalability.
Chris Mellor, 07 Dec 2017
happy smiley ghost character

Meet the woman with a supernatural affinity for stiff lovers

It takes all sorts to make a world and some on the fringes of life often turn up on daytime TV. And so El Reg was fascinated by the story of Amethyst Realm, who dumped a human in the, er, physical realm to become a ghostbuster banger.
Paul Kunert, 07 Dec 2017
Her Majesty the Queen. Crown copyright/MoD

HMS Queen Lizzie formally joins the Royal Navy

Britain’s biggest ever aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has been formally commissioned into the Royal Navy, with Her Majesty attending the ceremony in person.
Gareth Corfield, 07 Dec 2017
Man hangs up desk phone after a clearly irritating call. Photo by Shutterstock

IT buyer? Had enough of pesky resellers cold calling? You aren't alone

IT buyers are pestered by between nine and 40 unsolicited sales calls from resellers each and every day, collectively wasting hours of their life that they’ll never get back.
Paul Kunert, 07 Dec 2017

AI smarts: IBM pushes out 'faster than X86' POWER9 servers

IBM has launched its first POWER9 server, the dual-socket AC922, saying it is designed for compute-intensive AI work, speeding frameworks like Chainer, TensorFlow and Caffe.
Chris Mellor, 07 Dec 2017

Florida Man… pockets Uber cash to keep quiet about data breach

A 20-year-old Florida man who lives with his mom was the "security researcher" that Uber paid off last year not to reveal a massive hack of its systems.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2017
An error page trying to access Bitfinex

Bitcoin price soars amid technical troubles for exchanges

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) continued to soar on Thursday, creating chaos among those trying to buy and sell the cryptocurrency currency due to service trouble at several exchanges.
Thomas Claburn, 07 Dec 2017

Don't rely on us to protect the open internet, warns FTC Commissioner

One of the US government's top regulators has warned that her department is in no position to take on the mantle of protecting the open internet if its sister organization, the FCC, votes on repealing net neutrality regulations later this month.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2017
macOS Sierra

Apple gets around to patching all the other High Sierra security holes

Apple has released a security update to address nearly two dozen vulnerabilities in macOS High Sierra.
Shaun Nichols, 07 Dec 2017

Los Angeles police tell drivers not to trust navigation apps as wildfires engulf area

As wildfires continue to rage around Los Angeles, the local police have asked drivers to be somewhat skeptical about navigation apps.
Iain Thomson, 07 Dec 2017
Microsoft patch

Microsoft emergency update: Malware Engine needs, erm, malware protection

Microsoft has posted an out-of-band security update to address a remote code execution flaw in its Malware Protection Engine.
Shaun Nichols, 07 Dec 2017

Euro Patent Office ignores ruling and refuses entry to vindicated judge

Despite having conclusively won two tribunals and been publicly supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO) demanding his immediate reinstatement, on Thursday patent judge Patrick Corcoran was refused entry to the European Patent Office's (EPO) headquarters.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2017
Smart TV privacy issues

Security industry needs to be less trusting to get more secure

Delegates to Black Hat Europe have been encouraged to turn conventional security thinking on its head by practicing security through distrust.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2017
European commission photo via Shutterstock

European Commission intervenes in Microsoft Irish data centre spat

The European Commission has stepped into the ongoing battle between Microsoft and the US government to make sure European laws are “correctly understood”.
Rebecca Hill, 07 Dec 2017

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