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What do Vegas hookers, Colombian government, and 30,000 other sites have in common? Crypto-jacking miners

Over the past few months there has been an alarming rise in the number of websites running code that silently joyrides computers and secretly makes them mine digital currency for miscreants.
Iain Thomson, 15 Nov 2017
Excel for Windows 10

It's 2017 – and your Windows PC can be forced to run malware-stuffed Excel macros

Microsoft and Adobe are getting into the holiday spirit this month by gorging users and admins with a glut of security fixes.
Shaun Nichols, 15 Nov 2017

Remember CompuServe forums? They're still around! Also they're about to die

CompuServe has announced it will remove its forums on December 15th, 2017.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Nov 2017

How can airlines stop hackers pwning planes over the air? And don't say 'regular patches'

At least some commercial aircraft are vulnerable to wireless hacking, a US Department of Homeland Security official has admitted.
John Leyden, 15 Nov 2017
DHS assistant secretary Jeanette Manfra

US Homeland Security says hardly any Kaspersky software left on federal networks

Only 15 per cent of US federal agencies still have Kaspersky Lab software anywhere on their networks.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Nov 2017
ZTF at Palomar

576-megapixel 'Zwicky Transient Facility' telescope sees first light

A sky survey destined to add yet another firehose of data to astronomy saw first light in early November.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Nov 2017

Euro telco standards wonks publish third iteration of open source orchestrator

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has published the third release of OSM, its open source management and orchestration (MANO) stack for network function virtualisation.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Nov 2017

TensorFlow lightens up to land on smartmobes, then embed everywhere

Google's released an Android/iOS version of TensorFlow.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Nov 2017
lab rat

Uncle Sam to strap body sensors to hackers in nuke lab security study

ExclusiveThe US Department of Defense is funding research into how hackers hack, with an interesting twist. It wants to wire them up with body monitoring equipment to measure how they react while hunting down and exploiting security flaws.
Iain Thomson, 15 Nov 2017
Google Home broadcast mode

Google aims disrupto-tronic ray at intercoms. Yes, intercoms

Vision of a connected speaker in every room to save shouting at the kids when dinner hits the table Google has taken on the might of the intercom industry with a device that makes shouting at your kids to get them to come to the dinner table redundant – for perhaps a couple of hundred dollars.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Nov 2017
A confused man

Now Oracle stiffs its own sales reps to pocket their overtime, allegedly

Oracle was sued on Tuesday by a former sales rep for allegedly failing to pay overtime wages, in violation of America's federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Texas state law.
Thomas Claburn, 15 Nov 2017

Splunk prototyping DevOps efficiency measurement tool

ExclusiveSplunk has developed a prototype product to measure productivity in DevOps teams.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Nov 2017

Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen

The idea of a universal basic income (UBI) unites a strange mix of people.
SA Mathieson, 15 Nov 2017

NetApp and Fujitsu NFLEX: More details emerge about European HCI tryst

AnalysisMore details have emerged about the Fujitsu NetApp NFLEX converged system and about Fujitsu's HCI strategy, which might preclude it selling the NetApp HCI.
Chris Mellor, 15 Nov 2017
Sharp knife slices at a salami as previously sliced pieces lay on the chopping board. Photo by Shutterstock

World Vasectomy Day: 15k men line up for live vent-blocking

SFWThe Reg readership might be interested to know that the coming Friday does not just signal the end of the working week and time to cut loose, it is also World Vasectomy Day.
Paul Kunert, 15 Nov 2017

TalkTalk sees red after chucking £75m on restructuring bonfire

Beleaguered Brit ISP TalkTalk's half-year results have plunged into the red, reporting pre-tax losses of £75m due to major restructuring costs.
Kat Hall, 15 Nov 2017

What is DJI Terra? Mystery builds over Chinese biz's trademark

Chinese drone firm DJI has trademarked the term "DJI Terra", spurring speculation that the unmanned aerial vehicle firm might be expanding into land-based products.
Gareth Corfield, 15 Nov 2017

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?

InterviewThe Mozilla Foundation has officially launched a radical rewrite of its browser, a major cross-platform effort to regain relevance in a world that seems to have forgotten Firefox. The much-rewritten browser claims to be twice as fast and uses 30 per cent less memory than Chrome, although this comes at the cost of compatibility, as Scott Gilbertson found here.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Nov 2017

Pastry in a manger: We're soz, Greggs man said

Budget Brit pastry purveyor Greggs has been forced to apologise after substituting a sausage roll for Baby Jesus in its limited-edition advent calendar.
Kat Hall, 15 Nov 2017
swiss mountainside

Huawei's 4-socket HPC blade server gruntbox gets Skylake mills

The HPC server gruntbox space is flourishing, with suppliers pumping out Broadwell-to-Skylake updates one after the other, Huawei being the latest.
Chris Mellor, 15 Nov 2017

Ads watchdog tells Plusnet: There's no way unlimited business broadband costs £4.50

Two Plusnet adverts selling business broadband have been ruled "misleading" by the UK Advertising Standards Agency.
Richard Priday, 15 Nov 2017
Man bows head amongst piles of crumpled paper

DXC Tech asks staff to profile their skills

DXC Technologies employees fear a company request to profile their skills on a new management portal will be used by top brass to elbow them out of the door in the next round of compulsory redundancies.
Paul Kunert, 15 Nov 2017
Illustration of truck

Coming live to a warzone near you: Army Truck Driver for Xbox!

As recently retired senior officers told UK Parliament that the armed forces are at risk of "institutional failure", the Ministry of Defence told the world's press that soldiers are playing with Xbox controllers.
Gareth Corfield, 15 Nov 2017

Rocky Ross 128 b might harbour aliens – and it's headed right for us

A new study to appear in Astronomy & Astrophysics has detected what could be our closest exoplanet that is not only rocky, but also orbits a star with a low amount of solar activity that could help an atmosphere survive – Ross 128 b.
Andrew Silver, 15 Nov 2017
Lloyd's Horse logo on building

Black Horse Down, we repeat... yes, Lloyds Bank, again

Customers of Lloyds Banking Group banks and TSB have been shut out of their online banking this afternoon.
Andrew Silver, 15 Nov 2017

Amazon, Google inject Bluetooth vuln vaccines into Echo, Home AI pals

UpdatedAmazon and Google have automatically patched people's Echo and Home AI assistant devices, respectively, to defend against recently discovered Bluetooth-related security vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 15 Nov 2017
Monty Python sketch: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

Confusion reigns over crypto vuln in Spanish electronic ID smartcards

The impact of a recently discovered cryptographic vulnerability involving smartcards is causing issues in Spain similar to those previously experienced in Estonia.
John Leyden, 15 Nov 2017

US trade cops agree to investigate Apple's 'embrace and extend'

A patent lawsuit alleging that Apple froze out a third-party software developer has been given credence by America's International Trade Commission (USITC), which will investigate the complaint.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Nov 2017
woman laughs in a freaked-out way. Pic by shutterstock

US govt's 'foreign' spy program that can snoop on Americans at home. Sure, let's reauth that...

AnalysisThe reauthorization of a controversial US government spying program has made further progress with the Senate's intelligence committee putting forward its recommendations to the whole Senate.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Nov 2017

Crouching cyber Hidden Cobra: US warns Nork hackers are at it again with new software nasty

The FBI and US Homeland Security have issued an alert about a new strain of malware infecting American corporate systems and stealing sensitive data.
Iain Thomson, 15 Nov 2017

The four problems with the US government's latest rulebook on security bug disclosures

AnalysisThe United States government has published its new policy for publicly disclosing vulnerabilities and security holes.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Nov 2017

Adobe dis-Connect: Corp collab service has been knackered for days

Customers of online web conference meeting service Adobe Connect have been unable or have struggled to access the collaboration tool for several days.
Shaun Nichols, 15 Nov 2017

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