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An eraser

KVM? Us? Amazon erases new hypervisor from AWS EC2 FAQ

Amazon Web Services has quietly edited its FAQ in which it revealed it has created a new KVM-based hypervisor and will use it instead of Xen for future instances.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Nov 2017

Card shark Intel bets with discrete graphics chips, shuffles AMD's GPU boss into the deck

Intel will be making its own discrete graphics cards, and it has hired away the head of AMD's GPU unit to lead the effort.
Shaun Nichols, 09 Nov 2017

NASA reconfirms 2019 will see first launch of Space Launch System

VidNASA has reconfirmed it hopes to stage the first flight of its Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft in December 2019, but also conceded such a big build could run late.
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Nov 2017
Bank vault

Quantum computers could crack Bitcoin, but fixes are available now

An international group of quantum boffins reckons Bitcoin could be broken by the year 2027.
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Nov 2017

Intel's super-secret Management Engine firmware now glimpsed, fingered via USB

Positive Technologies, which in September said it has a way to drill into Intel's secretive Management Engine technology buried deep in its chipsets, has dropped more details on how it pulled off the infiltration.
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Nov 2017

Brit moron tried buying a car bomb on dark web, posted it to his address. Now he's screwed

A British teenager who tried to order a car bomb on the dark web and get it delivered to his address has been found guilty this week.
Iain Thomson, 09 Nov 2017
threats image

Microsoft pals up with partners for threat-hunting

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection first landed as a public preview in September, and now its general availability, Microsoft has announced a bunch of partners to give it cross-platform support: Bitdefender for Linux and macOS, Lookout for iOS and Android, and Ziften for macOS and Linux).
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Nov 2017
Pen Test Partners' data-stealing screen

Evil pixels: Researcher demos data-theft over screen-share protocols

It's the kind of thinking you expect from someone who lives in a volcano lair: exfiltrating data from remote screen pixel values.
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Nov 2017
Syringe key on keyboard

Microsoft, Intel cook kit to secure firmware in servers and beyond

Microsoft's revealed it is working with Intel on a “cryptographic microcontroller” to secure its cloud servers and the many firmware-using components within.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Nov 2017
IBM's guide for how products should look with its new corporate font, plex

IBM's next turnaround tool is ... a new open-source font?

IBM's decided the time is right for a new corporate font.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Nov 2017
SDN software-defined networking

Google's software-defined network – and its significance – both just accelerated

Google last week announced that it has started using version 2.1 of its Andromeda software-defined networking stack.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Nov 2017

Take Kubernetes, and bish bash bosh, you've got Container Runtime

Announcing its updated and renamed Kubernetes and BOSH (Kubo) project as Container Runtime (CFCR) last month, Cloud Foundry said the project would give users greater "choice".
Maxwell Cooter, 09 Nov 2017

Openreach boss says he'd take a burning effigy on the chin

Interview"Look, if you can't get decent broadband, it is a real pisser," said Openreach boss Clive Selley in response to a Devon village's decision to burn an effigy of one of its vans on bonfire night.
Kat Hall, 09 Nov 2017

New tech for Ops crew: Scanning containers for open-source vulns

Black Duck has launched a product that provides automatic detection of known open source vulnerabilities for containers.
John Leyden, 09 Nov 2017

Who'd a thunk it? IBM has a hyperconverged play – feel the POWER

.NEXTIn the hyperconverged infrastructure appliance space, x86 rules. This might appear to exclude IBM, having sold its x86 servers to Lenovo, but you'd be surprised.
Chris Mellor, 09 Nov 2017

OVH data centres go TITSUP: Power supply blunders blamed

UpdatedPower outages have brought some OVH data centres to their knees, and unspecified issues have broken optical cable routing in Europe.
Andrew Silver, 09 Nov 2017
Man counts pounds and pence. Photo by Shutterstock

Oh dear, DXC: Outsourcer loses two UK.gov contracts

ExclusiveThe Department for Work & Pensions has not renewed a pair of contracts it held with Frankenfirm DXC Technologies – a loss the outsourcing business was lamenting in its latest financial results.
Paul Kunert, 09 Nov 2017

Vodafone signs deal with CityFibre to connect 5 million homes with full fibre

Vodafone has inked a deal for a full-fibre network built by CityFibre, which could connect up to 5 million premises over the next eight years.
Richard Priday, 09 Nov 2017
Bus jump from 'Speed'

Self-driving bus in crash just 2 hours after entering public service

A self-driving bus has been involved in a collision, barely two hours after being introduced into public service for the first time.
Gareth Corfield, 09 Nov 2017

Coinhive crypto-jacking increasingly pops up in top 3 million websites

A total of 2,531 of the top 3 million websites (1 in 1,000) are running the Coin Hive miner, according to new stats from analytics firm Red Volcano.
John Leyden, 09 Nov 2017
Flying car illustration. Pic by Shutterstock

NASA tells The Reg: For crying out loud. We're not building flying taxi software for Uber

NASA has smacked down reports that it is working with Uber on a flying car, or software for that flying car, or indeed, software for any firm after several announcements from the ride-hailing biz yesterday had the tech press aflame with excitement.
Andrew Silver, 09 Nov 2017

How do you like them Apples? Farewell sensible sized phones, forever

Some ominous news if you like your phones small and unobtrusive. Apple’s “Plus” model has outsold its regular iPhone sibling for the first time. Canalys estimates Apple shipped 5.4 million iPhone 8 units in Q3, but 6.3 million units of the larger iPhone 8 Plus.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Nov 2017
Father Ted protests with down with this sort of thing placard.

Irish priests told to stop bashing bishops

The annual general meeting of Ireland’s Catholic Priests has been told to ease up on attacking their seniors, amidst increasing concerns over the future of the Church in the country.
Clodagh Doyle, 09 Nov 2017
Unemployed men queued outside a depression soup kitchen opened in Chicago by Al Capone U.S. Information Agency. (08/01/1953 - 03/27/1978)

Want to provision a new VM on Azure? Get in line

Multiple Microsoft customers have for the past nineteen hours been unable to provision new virtual machines in Azure's UK West and UK South regions.
Andrew Silver, 09 Nov 2017

Uni staffer's health info blabbed in email list snafu

The University of East Anglia has been involved in a personal data breach for the second time in five months.
Richard Priday, 09 Nov 2017

Jet packs are real – and inventor just broke world speed record in it

A British inventor has set a new world record for fastest speed in a body-controlled, jet engine-powered suit.
Richard Priday, 09 Nov 2017

Dell EMC: Our mid-range arrays aren't dead. Now, join our loyalty scheme!

+CommentDell EMC has retrofitted flash to its SC array, added deduplication to its Unity array and devised a loyalty programme to keep its mid-range array customers onboard.
Chris Mellor, 09 Nov 2017

MongoDB update plugs security hole and sets sights on the enterprise

Document database-flinger MongoDB has long positioned itself as the dev's best friend, but after ten years it is now fluffing itself up for the enterprise.
Rebecca Hill, 09 Nov 2017
Crop of doctor with pen and clipboard

Activists launch legal challenge against NHS patient data-sharing deal

A civil rights group has launched a legal challenge in the UK against a deal that asks the NHS to share patient data for immigration enforcement.
Rebecca Hill, 09 Nov 2017
couple on holiday

It's splitsville for Panasas' blades: It's better for the metadata, kids

AnalysisPanasas has separated out its Director blades in its latest ActiveStor iteration and put them in an ActiveStor Director 100 controller component product line to scale performance and capacity separately.
Chris Mellor, 09 Nov 2017
Coffee beans, image via Shutterstock

Squeezing in little Quake between builds? Not any more: Facebook Bucks up Java compile tool

Citing the social network's need for speed, Facebook senior software engineer Jonathan Keljo says the company's developer tools group has revisited how its Buck open-source build tool compiles Java code and made it faster still.
Thomas Claburn, 09 Nov 2017

Alexa, please cause the cops to raid my home

We all assume that intelligent devices will either serve our every need, or try to kill us, but what if they just want to party?
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Nov 2017

Boffins: We can identify you by your typing, and we're gonna sell the tech to biz, govt – yay!

Concerned that browser cookies fall short when it comes to tracking mobile devices and their owners on the internet, computer-science boffins believe they can recognize phone-toters using only their keystrokes and accelerometer data.
Thomas Claburn, 09 Nov 2017

US government seizes Texas gun mass murder to demand backdoors

While US President Donald Trump thinks it's too early to discuss gun control in the wake of Sunday's Texas church massacre – America's latest mass shooting – his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is just fine exploiting the murder-suicide of 26 people to push for backdoors.
Iain Thomson, 09 Nov 2017

Learn client-server C programming – with this free tutorial from the CIA

WikiLeaks has shoved online more internal classified stuff nicked from the CIA – this time what's said to be the source code for spyware used by Uncle Sam to infect and snoop on targets' computers and devices.
Shaun Nichols, 09 Nov 2017

Online outrage makes Logitech drop a brick: Now it will replace slain Harmony Link gizmos

Logitech is now offering to replace free of charge the connected home hubs it will automatically brick early next year.
Shaun Nichols, 09 Nov 2017

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