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What's HPE Next? Now it's unemployment for 'thousands' of staff

HPE kicked off its much-dreaded layoffs globally on Monday as part of its Next overhaul campaign.
Shaun Nichols, 24 Oct 2017
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WHOIS embarrassed about security? APNIC, after database leaks

Asia's internet numbers registry APNIC has apologised to network owners after a slip in its WHOIS database config leaked credentials, including weakly-hashed passwords.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Oct 2017
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Security pros' advice to consumers: 'We dunno, try 152 things'

A Google-conducted survey of 231 infosec pros worldwide has reaffirmed the industry's faith in strong passwords, and achieved consensus about nothing else.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Oct 2017
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Uber's revolting sexism, the movie

The blog post that lifted the lid on Uber's uber-sexist culture and led to the demise of founder Travis Kalanick might become a movie.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Oct 2017
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Google: We don't have a quantum computer yet, but we have a compiler

Google and rival Rigetti Computing have co-published what you could think of as an open source quantum compiler.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Oct 2017
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Curiosity rover gives Mars the middle finger, prepares to get drilling

PicsAfter an extensive summer of long, long, long-distance remote support by NASA engineers on Earth, it looks as though Curiosity on Mars is back in the drilling game.
Iain Thomson, 24 Oct 2017

AWS will be the last big cloud to add Skylake as Azure turns 'em on

Microsoft has announced its first Azure instances running Intel's Skylake silicon, a move that means Amazon Web Services will be the last of the big four clouds to run Intel's latest silicon.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Oct 2017

Discover potholes in the information super-highway with this handy new tool (which itself just hit a roadblock)

Are we taking the internet for granted? And by "internet" we mean the actual global networks of computers that share vast quantities of information every second by using the same basic protocols.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Oct 2017
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How to make your HTML apps suck less, actually make some money

Chrome Dev SummitYour web apps probably suck, according to Google, but there are solutions if developers get progressive.
Thomas Claburn, 24 Oct 2017
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It's time to rebuild the world for robots

We redesigned the world for automobiles and now it's time to redesign it for robots.
Mark Pesce, 24 Oct 2017
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AI might outsmart ITIL, make MTBF moot, says ServiceNow strategist

Artificial Intelligence might just make IT organisations look for new measures of their success and lead to a rethink of ITIL, according to ServiceNow's chief strategy officer Dave Wright.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Oct 2017

'Drive-level server' startup pockets $5m to grow object storing biz

Five million dollars has just been stumped up to grow a startup making object storage drive-based servers.
Chris Mellor, 24 Oct 2017
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HMRC's switch to AWS killed a small UK cloud business

ExclusiveUK cloud minnow DataCentred went under after HMRC – its largest customer – pulled the plug on a services contract in favour of a deal with Amazon, the corporation recently accused by MPs of tax avoidance.
Kat Hall, 24 Oct 2017
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Holds up Reduxio roadmap: What the cloud? Oh! It's a level 2 hybrid world

AnalysisReduxio's roadmap has it taking its HX/TimeOS array deeper into the hybrid cloud world, supporting application recoveries as well as VM ones, and adding faster array and data access.
Chris Mellor, 24 Oct 2017

Viasat: We're going to sue Ofcom over EU-wide airline Wi-Fi network

CommentSatellite broadband operator Viasat is telling the world it will sue UK comms watchgog Ofcom over recent changes to rival firm Inmarsat's licence allowing that company to build a vital part of a planned EU in-flight Wi-Fi network.
Gareth Corfield, 24 Oct 2017
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Oracle users meet behind closed doors: Psst – any licensing tips?

The UK’s Oracle user group is meeting today to discuss the murky world of licensing and software asset management.
Rebecca Hill, 24 Oct 2017

Seagate's at it HAMR and tongs for growth as revenues shrivel again

Seagate's first quarter 2018 revenues sank 7 per cent year-on-year to $2.6bn, but the drive biz expects growth and is convinced its heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) tech will help that.
Chris Mellor, 24 Oct 2017
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Tories spared fine after being told off by ICO for election telemarketing

Phone calls made on behalf of the Conservatives in the run-up to the UK general election "crossed the line" into unlawful direct marketing – but the party has escaped regulatory action.
Rebecca Hill, 24 Oct 2017
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Gotta have standards? Security boffins not API about bloated browsers

+CommentThe W3C introduces API standards that end up mostly unused, doing nothing more than loading up the code base with vulnerabilities.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Oct 2017
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Credit insurance tightens for geek shack Maplin Electronics

ExclusiveCredit insurers are cutting their exposure to geek emporium Maplin Electronics amid some reports of declining profit and wider concerns about old-school retailing.
Paul Kunert, 24 Oct 2017

IoT pushes Arm over the Edge: Mbed Cloud offers to grab gadget gateways

TechConKicking off its TechCon engineering conference today in Silicon Valley, Arm announced a couple of things: Internet-of-Things gateway wrangling code, and some security measures to potentially prevent secrets leaking electrically from chips.
Chris Williams, 24 Oct 2017
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Legacy kit, no antivirus, weak crypto. Yep. They're talking critical industrial networks

Traffic analysis on 375 industrial networks worldwide has confirmed the extent to which hackers target industrial control systems (ICS).
John Leyden, 24 Oct 2017

US DoJ eases gagging rules, Microsoft drops data slurp alert lawsuit

The US Department of Justice has limited its gagging policy that bans companies from alerting customers when their personal information is accessed by the Feds.
Rebecca Hill, 24 Oct 2017

Hackers nip into celeb plastic surgery clinic, tuck away 'terabytes'

A plastic surgery clinic frequented by celebrities such as Katie Price has been targeted by hackers.
Kat Hall, 24 Oct 2017
A Starship bot face-tp-face with a pensioner on the street

Brit cities overrun with middle-aged dronies, reckons survey

Most British drone fliers are old men knocking on for retirement, reckons a drone retailer that carried out a survey.
Gareth Corfield, 24 Oct 2017

Neo4j moves up stack: Ahem. We're a graph company, not a graph database company

Graph database-flinger Neo4j has released a platform that adds analytics, data import and visualisation on top of its database.
Rebecca Hill, 24 Oct 2017

UK financial regulator confirms it is probing Equifax mega-breach

UK financial service regulators have launched an investigation into Equifax over its handling of the recent mega-breach.
John Leyden, 24 Oct 2017
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Feel the pension pot burn, Canadian DXCers

ExclusiveDXC Technologies Canada will match only half the pension contributions made by former HPE Enterprise Services staff in yet another dramatic expenses purge.
Paul Kunert, 24 Oct 2017

Watership downtime: BadRabbit encrypts Russian media, Ukraine transport hub PCs

UpdatedComputers at Russian media outlets and Ukraine's transport hubs were among Windows PCs infected and shut down today by another fast-spreading strain of ransomware.
John Leyden, 24 Oct 2017
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nbn™ to use G.fast in late 2018, firstly in commercial premises

nbn™, the company building and operating Australia's national broadband network (NBN), has announced it will start using G.fast in 2018 and will eventually use it in fibre-to-the-node installations.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Oct 2017

Hey, big vendor: Oracle, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook blow even more cash on lobbying

American tech giants have ramped up the amount of cash they spend on lobbying US lawmakers to get their own way, yet again. As congressmen consider regulating organizations from Facebook to Google, and mull antitrust crackdowns against Amazon, said corporations have responded by flinging more dosh at the problem.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Oct 2017

Coinhive hacked via old password to move manic miners' Monero into miscreants' pockets

Monero miner maker Coinhive was hacked so that websites using its code inadvertently redirected their generated cryptocurrency to miscreants – after the outfit forgot to change an old password.
Iain Thomson, 24 Oct 2017
Facebook VR, photo by Facebook

Fake-news-monetizing machine Facebook lectures hacks on how not to write fake news that made it millions

Stung by accusations that it allowed its platform to be hijacked by Russian propagandists, and facing looming regulatory crackdowns, Facebook has decided to shift the spotlight onto journalists and lecture scribes on how not to write "fake news."
Thomas Claburn, 24 Oct 2017

There's a battle on over two US spying laws: One allows snooping on citizens – one bans it

AnalysisA battle has broken out in US Congress over a controversial spying program.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Oct 2017

Australia Bureau of Statistics may wind back internet usage data collection

The Australian Bureau of Statistics might discontinue the country's only authoritative survey about Internet users in Australia, as the cash-starved organisation prepares for another round of layoffs.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Oct 2017

Family's legal battle over YouTube's role in Paris terror murders is paused

A lawsuit accusing YouTube of playing a key role in the November 2015 Paris terror attacks has been all but thrown out of court.
Shaun Nichols, 24 Oct 2017

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