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White House staffers jabbed with probe over private email use

The US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has sent a letter [PDF] to White House lawyers demanding details of how many of its staffers have been using private email for government business.
Iain Thomson, 27 Sep 2017

Google slurps cloudy single-sign-on concern Bitium

Google's acquired cloudy single-sign-on outfit Bitium for the usual undisclosed sum.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2017

Oracle corrals and patches Struts 2 vulnerabilities

Oracle has stepped outside its usual quarterly security fix cycle to address the latest Apache Struts 2 vulnerability.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2017
NBN Logo

nbn™ sweetens the deal for business and its own bottom line

Updatednbn™, the company building Australia's National Broadband Networ (NBN), has adjusted its wholesale prices so that retailers offering business plans get the same price relief as previously offered for the consumer market.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2017

Arabian, sorry, Amazon Web Services to land in Bahrain and UAE

Amazon Web Services has announced it will open bit barns in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2017
Hyperconverged hybrid cloud infrastructure

Accelerite re-floats Citrix CloudPlatform as 'Rovius Cloud'

Accelerite has finally revealed what it's done with Citrix's CloudPlatform, which it acquired in January 2016.
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2017
Pennywise the clown

Google Cloud says it's first-to per-second cloud server billing, twice

Google's decided to join AWS in the per-second billing club, point out that it's actually had this constant cloudy ka-ching thing under control since 2013 and offer advice that recommends not using its new billing scheme as your number one cost-cutting tactic.
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2017

Dyson to build electric car that doesn't suck

Vacuum-cleaner maker Dyson has announced its intention to build a “battery electric vehicle.”
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2017

Is this cough cancer, doc? No: it's a case of Playmobil on the lung

The British Medical Journal has revealed a mistaken diagnosis of cancer was caused by Playmobil.
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2017

Have MAC, will hack: iThings have trivial-to-exploit Wi-Fi bug

iThing owners, do not skip iOS 11: it plugs a dead-easy-to-exploit drive-by Wi-Fi bug.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2017

¡Dios mío! Spain blocks DNS to hush Catalonian independence vote sites

As a controversial referendum on the independence of Catalonia draws near, the Spanish government has expanded efforts to shut it down, even blocking access to some websites.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Sep 2017

Smartphone SatNavs to get centimetre-perfect GNSS receivers in 2018

Broadcom is now sampling silicon it says will make smartphones' SatNav systems accurate to a centimeter in 2018.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2017

Samsung flashes flash stash for flash motors

Samsung has 128GB and 64GB eUFS flash cards for automotive use.
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2017
Money cloud

Alibaba beats Google for IaaS market share, with IBM out of sight

Google is the world's number four infrastructure-as-a-service vendor, according to analyst outfit Gartner's first ever attempt at calculating market share in the field.
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2017
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SPARC will fly: Your cheat sheet for cocktail banter at Oracle's upcoming shindig

OpenWorldWhen reports emerged early in September that Oracle was shedding hundreds of workers, it might have been dismissed as just the latest in a series of such moves. What caught the attention of industry watchers was where the axe was falling. Sources indicated those being laid off included many of the engineers responsible for its SPARC processors and Solaris operating system.
Dan Robinson, 27 Sep 2017

Helium's for balloons and squeaky voices, not this 10TB Toshiba beast

Toshiba has reached the 10TB disk drive capacity level without the help of helium, providing OEMs with an alternative to Seagate and WDC.
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2017
SQL Server 2017 runs on Windows and Linux

SQL Server 2017: What's new, what's missing on Linux, and what's next?

Ignite“It’s a big milestone for us as a company,” general manager Rohan Kumar told us, referring to the release of SQL Server on Linux, “the biggest server product from Microsoft”, announced here at the Ignite event in Orlando.
Tim Anderson, 27 Sep 2017

Google's pay-to-play 'remedy' is warming Eurocrats' hearts

Regulators are warming to Google's preferred remedy to the European Commission's vertical search competition investigation, according to a briefing given to Bloomberg.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2017
A large hand flicks an icon of a little red man. Image via shutterstock (Lasse Kristensen)

Cisco polishes the axe for more HQ job cuts

Cisco is saying farewell to 310 more staff from its corporate HQ in California, according to a filing with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) system.
Andrew Silver, 27 Sep 2017

Gov contractor nicked on suspicion of Official Secrets Act breach

The Metropolitan Police has announced the arrest of a UK government contractor after a tip-off.
Gareth Corfield, 27 Sep 2017
Easyjet photo, via Shutterstock

EasyJet: We'll have electric airliners within the next decade

EasyJet has given its blessing to a mildly bonkers plan to replace airliners with electrically propelled aircraft on short-haul flights.
Gareth Corfield, 27 Sep 2017

Get your tiny violins out: Troubled FalconStor has flown the Nasdaq coop

Struggling storage software company Falconstor has been delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market and its shares are now trading on the OTC Market Group's OTCQB marketplace.
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2017

TalkTalk once told GCHQ: Cyberattack? We'd act fast – to get sport streams back up

UpdatedPrior to its disastrous 2015 mega hack, UK ISP TalkTalk had told British spies at GCHQ that should an attack occur, its main focus would be to restore "online sports streaming", according to the head of operations at the country's National Cyber Crime Unit.
Kat Hall, 27 Sep 2017
Woman in ret hat photo via Shutterstock

Maxta provides nifty escape route from vSphere tax

Maxta has found a neat way to differentiate itself from the hyperconverged system pack; it can run vSphere and Red Hat Virtualization VMs simultaneously and convert between them.
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2017

In a surprise to no one, BT and TalkTalk top Ofcom's whinge-list

BT and TalkTalk are the providers most moaned about, according to UK comms regulator Ofcom's quarterly whinge data between April and June – a result that will surprise no one.
Kat Hall, 27 Sep 2017

Feasting on Azure blobs: Caringo and Scality are doing it

Both Caringo and Scality are adding S3 gateways between their object storage and Microsoft's Azure Blob storage.
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2017

'Alexa, play Charlie Bit My Finger.' I can't do that, Dave. No, really

Google's low-intensity rivalry with Amazon has just escalated. Amazon's Echo Show speaker has been barred from playing YouTube videos.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2017

Massive revenues from RAM, flash make Micron chief a happy chappy

Massive revenues from DRAM and flash have made Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra a happy chief. Third-quarter revenues were good but they have just been eclipsed.
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2017
A person breaking free of shackles

Don’t let lack of All Flash Array experience hold you back

ResearchThere are many reasons why someone might not be using an All-Flash Array. It might be that you can’t get the budget, say, or that you think it has been over-hyped. Maybe you are sceptical about whether your application set would benefit from it, or if it would fit into your operations seamlessly.
Bryan Betts, 27 Sep 2017

Power meltdown 'fries' SourceForge, knocks site's servers titsup

ExclusiveA crippling data center power failure knackered SourceForge's equipment yesterday and earlier today, knocking the site offline.
Andrew Silver, 27 Sep 2017

Twitter's 280-char blog mode can be enabled client-side. Just sayin'

Twitter's plan to limit public trials of 280-character tweets has been foiled by web devs, who discovered the feature could be enabled by twits on the client-side.
Shaun Nichols, 27 Sep 2017
Scooter, photo Christian Mueller Shutterstock.com

Yahoo! search! results!, recommendations!, ad! flinging! code! is! now! open! source!

Oath, the Verizon-owned parent of Yahoo!, has forsworn control of Yahoo!'s search code, known as Vespa, and turned it into an open-source project.
Thomas Claburn, 27 Sep 2017

Dot-Amazon spat latest: Brazil tells ICANN to go fsck itself, only 'govts control the internet'

AnalysisIn an effort to block Amazon from getting the top-level domain .amazon, Brazil may have put governments on a crash course with the private sector over control of the web.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Sep 2017
Gal Vallerius

Alleged dark web drug baron cuffed – after he flew to US for World Beard Championships

A French national and suspected online drug dealer has been collared by US government agents – after he flew to America for the World Beard and Mustache Championships.
Iain Thomson, 27 Sep 2017

FCC commish cites infamous porn ruling to slam shady US mobile competition report

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel made her presence felt at her first meeting in a year at the US communications regulator on Wednesday – when she cited an infamous Supreme Court decision over pornography to slam a report claiming there was sufficient competition in the American mobile market.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Sep 2017
Moxie Marlinspike

Signal taps up Intel's SGX to (hopefully) stop contacts falling into hackers, cops' hands

Encrypted call and messaging app Signal gets a lot of love in the security community. Now its developers have decided to toughen it up even more to avoid the possibility of it being turned against its users.
Iain Thomson, 27 Sep 2017

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