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Oracle 'systematically denies' its sales reps their commissions, forces them to work to pay off 'debts', court told

A former Oracle sales rep seeking to resolve a pay dispute has asked a California court to force the company to participate in arbitration over all wage claims against the database giant.
Thomas Claburn, 07 Sep 2017
Email. Pic: Shutterstock

Dude who claimed he invented email is told by judge: It's safe to say you didn't invent email

A US district judge has dismissed the libel lawsuit entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai filed against bloggers who rubbished his claims he invented email.
Shaun Nichols, 07 Sep 2017

Google puts the last coat of polish on Chrome 61

Google has wrapped up coding the desktop version of Chrome 61, and will be rolling it out for Windows, Mac and Linux “over the coming days/weeks”.
Richard Chirgwin, 07 Sep 2017

Microsoft won't patch Edge browser content security bypass

Which of Google, Apple and Microsoft think a content security bypass doesn't warrant a browser patch?
Richard Chirgwin, 07 Sep 2017
Fox cub photo via Shutterstock

You are the one per cent if you read Firefox's privacy spiels

Fewer than one per cent of users installing the Firefox browser bother to read the fine print regarding privacy, so the browser's makers at the Mozilla Foundation are going to put it in your face.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Sep 2017
European commission photo via Shutterstock

EC puts Qualcomm-NXP investigation on hold, slowing merger approval

Qualcomm would like to spend around US$39 billion to acquire NXP Semiconductors, but the European Commission is taking its sweet time over its approval for the takeover.
Richard Chirgwin, 07 Sep 2017

Dolphins inspire ultrasonic attacks that pwn smartphones, cars and digital assistants

Voice control is all the rage these days, but a team of Chinese researchers has come up with a way to subvert such systems by taking a trick from the natural world.
Iain Thomson, 07 Sep 2017
Pixellated Facebook thumb

Facebook ran $100k of deliberately divisive Russian ads ahead of 2016 US election

Facebook has 'fessed up to taking “approximately $100,000 in ad spending” from 470 fake accounts connected to Russia and which published spots “amplifying divisive social and political messages”.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Sep 2017
NASA New Horizons artist's impression

Close Encounters of the Kuiper Belt kind: New Horizons to come within just 3,500km of MU69

If we're not all too hungover when New Year's Day 2019 rolls around, NASA will hopefully have a fun set of photos to show us because on that day New Horizons probe has been told to go within just 3,500km of Kuiper Belt Object MU69.
Richard Chirgwin, 07 Sep 2017
The Cross-Domain Desktop Compositor

Secure microkernel in a KVM switch offers spy-grade app virtualization

Researchers at Australian think tank Data61 and the nation's Defence Science and Technology Group have cooked up application publishing for the paranoid, by baking an ARM CPU and secure microkernel into a KVM switch.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Sep 2017

Smart cities? Tell it like it is, they're surveillance cities

OpinionA smart city is, inherently, a surveillance city, and citizens' privacy could potentially be the cost of the efficiency gains.
Chris Mellor, 07 Sep 2017

.UK domains left at risk of theft in Enom blunder

UpdatedThousands of UK companies were at risk of having their .uk domain names stolen for more than four months by a critical security failure at domain registrar Enom.
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2017
Files and paperwork photo via Shutterstock

Intel's €1bn EU antitrust appeal: What the heck is the AEC test?

AnalysisThe European Court of Justice's ping-ponging of Intel's billion-euro EU antitrust suit appeal might mark an evolution of rebate-based competition case law, legal eagles have said.
Andrew Silver, 07 Sep 2017
Huawei P8

We don't need another hero: Huawei overtakes Apple – even without a big-hitter

Huawei surpassed Apple for two months running this summer to be the world’s no 2 phone brand by volume behind Samsung, according to box counters Counterpoint Research.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Sep 2017
Robot drives a car. Conceptual illustration from Shutterstock

UK.gov launches 'co-ordination hub' for driverless car industry

The government has today unveiled a "co-ordination hub" to test driverless cars under its £100m Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) investment programme.
Kat Hall, 07 Sep 2017

HPE waves bye-bye to 36 years of executive experience

ExclusiveThe first implementation of a planned major reorg at Hewlett Packard Enterprise was outlined last night with a new chief sales officer named and the heads of the Americas and EMEA ops confirmed as exiting the business.
Paul Kunert, 07 Sep 2017
cctv intallation

Heard the one about the two landmark EU data rights' rulings? These countries haven't

Most EU member states’ rules on data retention do not comply with fundamental human rights, according to a survey by civil rights campaign group Privacy International.
Rebecca Hill, 07 Sep 2017
Angry old man

Scottish pensioners rage at Virgin cabinet blocking their view

Scottish pensioners are up in arms that Virgin Media has had the audacity to build a huge cabinet outside their homes in East Renfrewshire, near Glasgow, which is reported to be blocking their light.
Kat Hall, 07 Sep 2017

Achtung! German election tabulation software 'insecure'

Software used in Germany for vote counting is insecure, according to research by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC).
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2017
Man throws briefcase in the air happily on the beach. Photo by Shutterstock

Pack up, go home to your family: Google Drive is flipping out

UpdatedMany users are experiencing disruption with Google Drive cloud storage and file backup today.
Andrew Silver, 07 Sep 2017
Security guard, picture via Shutterstock

Microsoft slings bulked-up Windows Defender preview at world+dog

Microsoft says its upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update will include new capabilities in the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection security suite.
Shaun Nichols, 07 Sep 2017

Top tip, hacker newbs: Don't use the same Skype ID for IoT bot herding and job ads

UpdatedAn alleged teenage tearaway with a passion for building botnets was caught using the same Skype ID he used for hacking activities when applying for jobs.
Iain Thomson, 07 Sep 2017
A rose

Amazon crowd-sources new HQ location, Bezos tells mayors to woo him

Amazon has gone full "The Bachelor" in its search for a city to host a second corporate headquarters.
Shaun Nichols, 07 Sep 2017

Wonder why Congress doesn't clamp down on its gung-ho spies? Well, wonder no more

AnalysisWhen Edward Snowden revealed the extent of illegal operations carried out by American spy agencies, many wondered whether the US Congress was either unaware or had simply turned a blind eye toward them.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Sep 2017

SpaceX sneaks in X-37B space plane launch ahead of Hurricane Irma

VideoSpaceX today successfully launched the US Air Force's secretive mini-space-shuttle X-37B from the biz's launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Iain Thomson, 07 Sep 2017
A stack of Oreo cookies

Google rushes to curb Oreo's massive appetite for your 4G mobile data

The latest version of Android, version 8.0 aka Oreo, contains an unfortunate bug that causes phones to burn through their monthly mobile data allowances.
Shaun Nichols, 07 Sep 2017

Stand up who HASN'T been hit in the Equifax mega-hack – whoa, whoa, sit down everyone

VidGlobal credit reporting agency Equifax admitted today it suffered a massive breach of security that could affect almost half of the US population.
Iain Thomson, 07 Sep 2017
Statue of a girl. Pic: Quinn Dombrowski

Oracle throws weight behind draft US law to curtail web sexploitation

A looming battle over corporate social responsibility on the internet has taken an interesting turn. Oracle has backed a proposed US law that will penalize the operators of sex-trafficking websites.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Sep 2017

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