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Google goes home to Cali to overturn Canada's worldwide search result ban

What should govern the behavior of huge multinationals like Google: the law Google makes for itself, or the laws that people make?
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jul 2017

Qualcomm's neural network SDK made free for all comers

Qualcomm's decided to open up its year-old AI, by making its Neural Processing Engine (NPE) available to all.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Jul 2017

The drinks are on Juniper: Revenue and profits up in Q2 2017

Juniper Networks has turned in a solid second quarter, reporting growth in revenue and profitability.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Jul 2017
Bomb on PC screen

IBM killing off its first go at cloud object storage for Spark – 30 months after launch

We all know cloud is evolving fast, but IBM's just given us the downside of that speed: a service it switched on in February 2015 will be switched off in August 2017.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Jul 2017

iRobot just banked a fat profit. And it knows how to make more: Sharing maps of your homes

UpdatedRoomba maker iRobot recorded soaring sales and banked rising profits in the three months to July, according to figures revealed on Tuesday.
Katyanna Quach, 26 Jul 2017
Image by infografick https://www.shutterstock.com/g/infografick

Crap gift card security helps crims spend your birthday pressie cash

Gift cards' lousy security makes it easy for crooks to spend marks' money, researchers said Tuesday night.
Iain Thomson, 26 Jul 2017

US spies hacked our phones over the air, claim pipeline protesters

For the past year or so, protesters in North Dakota, America, have been trying to prevent an oil pipeline from being built through Native Americans’ sacred land.
Iain Thomson, 26 Jul 2017
Random numbers

SK Telecom makes light of random numbers for IoT applications

Quantum random number generators aren't new, but one small enough to provide practical security for Internet of Things applications is interesting.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Jul 2017

Beijing police quench scum allegedly behind 'Fireball' fraudware

Chinese police have moved on the developers of the Fireball adware that infected millions of computers earlier this year.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Jul 2017

An 'AI' that can diagnose schizophrenia from a brain scan – here's how it works (or doesn't)

AnalysisScientists have had a crack at using simple machine-learning software to make psychiatry a little more objective.
Katyanna Quach, 26 Jul 2017
Annoyed-looking woman squints at mobile phone screen while in swimming pool.

O2 admits to throttling network bandwidth for EU data roamers

O2 has admitted to deliberately throttling its network as a "temporary measure" to combat the demand of Brits using free data roaming abroad.
Kat Hall, 26 Jul 2017
Cortana photo via Shutterstock

Got bot? How to put it to work with Microsoft's Cortana Skills

Hands onMicrosoft made a big deal of Cortana skills at its Build developer conference earlier this year – the business of creating voice interactions with users via the digital assistant built into Windows 10 and also available for iOS and Android.
Tim Anderson, 26 Jul 2017

Got some pom-poms handy? UK.gov seeks a geography cheerleader

Whitehall is looking for a geography aficionado to emphasise the role the discipline plays in the UK government's work.
Rebecca Hill, 26 Jul 2017
Currys PC World shop sign. Pic: Shutterstock

Currys PC World rapped after Knowhow Cloud ad ruled to be 'misleading'

Currys PC World has been ordered not to "exaggerate the capability" of its Knowhow Cloud backup after an aggrieved UK buyer found out the hard way that he had to restore each individual file one by one.
Gareth Corfield, 26 Jul 2017
Sheaf of £50 notes poised on the rim of a toilet bowl as toilet is flushed. Collage of two photos sourced from Shutterstock

Take that, gender pay gap! Atos to offshore hundreds of BBC roles

ExclusiveHundreds of IT roles at the BBC are to be offshored to cheaper wage locations, under a £560m contract renewal coming into force with its incumbent outsourcing giant Atos.
Kat Hall, 26 Jul 2017
Chris Morris in Brass Eye. Channel 4

Virgin Media's profanity warning triggered by chief exec's name

The mere mention of Virgin Media's chief exec Tom Mockridge is enough to trigger the profanity filter in the UK cableco's customer forum, El Reg has discovered.
Kat Hall, 26 Jul 2017

A vendor that doesn’t think AI and ML will fix security? We found one!

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will improve security technologies and outcomes, but “won’t move the needle as much as people think”, according to RSA chief technology officer Zulfikar Ramzan.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Jul 2017
angry employee

Slapping crap bosses just got cheaper: Blighty's Supreme Court nixes tribunal fees

The Supreme Court has ruled that today's employment tribunal fees are unlawful, opening the floodgates to hacked off employees (and ex-employees) across the country.
Gareth Corfield, 26 Jul 2017

Confessions of an ebook eater

StobThe best way to acquire a programming skill - by "skill" I mean a working understanding of a framework, a language or, shudder, very very bad word coming up, engaging shatter-proof scare quotes, a "paradigm" - is by modifying a colleague's well-written code and making it do something different that you actually need it to do. With the colleague on hand to explain it all, natch.
Verity Stob, 26 Jul 2017

Time-rich netizens marshall ballot-stuffing bots against... Radio Times contest

Internet ballot-stuffing has existed for as long as Rickrolling, if not longer, but it used to be a serious endeavour requiring a certain level of commitment, however misguided.
John Leyden, 26 Jul 2017
Qnap TS-453mini NAS box

No time for nap, update your QNAP: RAIDed NAS data corruption bug squashed

QNAP has put out a critical NAS firmware fix notice after prolonged pushing by a small business tech IT pro guy in Australia.
Chris Mellor, 26 Jul 2017

Three: No fixed date yet for 4G services abroad

Three has said it has yet to fix a date for customers to have access to 4G when using its data roaming service.
Kat Hall, 26 Jul 2017

HPE boss Whitman among candidates for Uber CEO job – report

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman is reportedly high among the names shortlisted to take over as the boss of Uber.
Paul Kunert, 26 Jul 2017

Lenovo sticks Toshiba NVMe SSDs in ThinkSystem server brainpan

Toshiba SSDs are being used to speed Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile servers.
Chris Mellor, 26 Jul 2017
police hacking

Revealed: 779 cases of data misuse across 34 British police forces

A freedom-of-information request by Huntsman Security has discovered that UK police forces detected and investigated at least 779 cases of potential data misuse by personnel between January 2016 and April 2017.
John Leyden, 26 Jul 2017
Intel's Stratix 10 ARM-base FPGA

Cloud-stitching startup pitches NVMe FPGAs for SSDs

Fast NVMe over Fabric access to flash arrays needs direct access to the target drives, bypassing the X86 array controller, for the lowest latency. FPGAs are being developed to do this.
Chris Mellor, 26 Jul 2017
bank robbery

Details of 400,000 loan applicants spilled in UniCredit bank breach

Italian bank UniCredit admitted on Wednesday that a series of breaches, undetected for nearly a year, exposed the personal data of 400,000 loan applicants.
John Leyden, 26 Jul 2017
Audi TT

Sensor-rich traffic info shows how far Silly Valley has to drive

The German auto cartel has flexed its muscles as Silicon Valley tries to encroach on its turf.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jul 2017

Wisconsin badgers Apple to cough up half a billion dollars for ripping off chip designs

AnalysisApple has been hit with a $506m bill for infringing CPU design patents belonging to the University of Wisconsin.
Shaun Nichols, 26 Jul 2017

Marketing giant Marketo forgets to renew domain name. Hilarity ensues

With a perfect dose of irony, a biz that sells automated marketing software online failed to automatically renew its dotcom.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Jul 2017
Node Summit 2017

Tired: Java. Desired: Node.js. Retired: The suggestion a JavaScript runtime is bonkers

Node SummitAs the Node Summit got underway in San Francisco on Wednesday, Charles Beeler, general partner at Rally Ventures, said the Node community has come a long way since 2012, when everyone was talking about Node.js and no one was using it.
Thomas Claburn, 26 Jul 2017

Reminder: Spies, cops don't need to crack WhatsApp. They'll just hack your smartphone

Police in Germany will forego seeking decryption keys for secure messaging apps, like WhatsApp, and instead simply hack devices to snoop on suspects.
Shaun Nichols, 26 Jul 2017
Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman OUT at HP ...Inc

Meg Whitman has cut her last ties with HP Inc by stepping down as chairwoman of the company's board of directors.
Shaun Nichols, 26 Jul 2017

Valley VC sues blogger after sex pest claims, discovers writer is a male tech biz rival

A Silicon Valley investor accused of sexual harassment by an anonymous blogger has sued the mysterious scribe for defamation – only to find the writer appeared to be a business rival in disguise.
Katyanna Quach, 26 Jul 2017

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