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Toilet roll printed with fake US $100 bills

Troubled Avaya takes Extreme option, flogs network biz for $100m

Bankruptcy-beset Avaya is cashing out of its networking business for just $100m, with Extreme Networks the buyer.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Mar 2017

Ohi-D'oh! US prison hands inmates' SSNs over to... an identity thief

Prison authorities in Ohio, US, mistakenly provided the social security numbers of thousands of inmates to a man convicted of identity theft.
Shaun Nichols, 08 Mar 2017
Parliament House Canberra

Centrelink 'big data' system built without consulting taxman

When Australia's Department of Human services decided to create its now-notorious “robo-debt” system, it did so without consulting one of its major data sources, the Australian Tax Office.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Mar 2017

US Senator snaps on glove, probes insecure IoT toymaker CloudPets

Spiral Toys, makers of the insecure Bluetooth-connected stuffed animals dubbed CloudPets, is being grilled for information by a US Senator.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Mar 2017

Dahua video kit left user credentials in plain sight

Chinese security camera/DVR company Dahua is pushing firmware patches after accusations by a security researcher that a swathe of its products carried a back door.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Mar 2017
The Easy Button

Top tip: Unplug your WD My Cloud boxen – now

Western Digital is preparing patches for its My Cloud storage devices because they can be easily hijacked from across the internet or network.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Mar 2017
Firefox 52's new security warnings

Firefox 52 kills plugins – except Flash – and runs up a red flag for HTTP

The Mozilla Foundation has has given the world the fifty-second version of the Firefox browser, complete with some significant changes.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Mar 2017
New Glenn

Your Amazon order is confirmed: Eutelsat via Blue Origin. Estimated delivery date: 2022

VideoBlue Origin, the orbital delivery service funded by Amazon supremo Jeff Bezos, has taken its first satellite launch booking. We're told the sat will be put into orbit in 2021 or 2022 – basically, once Bezos has finished building the rocket to do the job.
Iain Thomson, 08 Mar 2017

Smut-scamming copyright chaser 'fesses up, will do hard time

One of the architects of the notorious Prenda Law copyright-porn scam, John Steele, has admitted that he and Paul Hansmeier made US$6 million out of the operation.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Mar 2017
Las Vegas - Circa July 2016: Microsoft Retail Technology Store Mall Location III Editorial credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock.com

After 20 years of Visual Studio, Microsoft unfurls its 2017 edition

First LookMicrosoft has released Visual Studio 2017, marking 20 years of the software development tool's, er, development.
Tim Anderson, 08 Mar 2017
Central Intelligence Agency

That CIA exploit list in full: The good, the bad, and the very ugly

We're still going through the 8,761 CIA documents published on Tuesday by WikiLeaks for political mischief, although here are some of the highlights.
Iain Thomson, 08 Mar 2017
Pizza boxes

Cisco working on rack-shaped hyperconverged UCS, says sales chief

Cisco's underwhelming performance in hyperconverged appliances is attributable to the company's heritage as a blade server vendor, the company's executive veep for worldwide sales and operations Chris Dedicoat told The Register at Cisco Live in Melbourne, Australia, today.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Mar 2017
Man thumbs down, image via Shutterstock

Time's up for SHA-1 hash algo, but one in five websites still use it

One in five websites (21 per cent) are still using certificates signed with the vulnerable SHA-1 hash algorithm, according to a new survey.
John Leyden, 08 Mar 2017
Toilet roll printed with fake US $100 bills

Fancy that – the sharing economy lobby doesn't speak for the sharers

CommentPerhaps it's time to retire the term "sharing economy" once and for all. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) this week swallowed up the "gig economy" trade group Sharing Economy UK.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Mar 2017
Ruby slippers from wizard of Oz

Next Generation Security: No, Dorothy, there is no magic wand

Sysadmin blogHardly a day passes without some kind of major security breach. The type of attack that was once considered staggering in scale has now become the norm.
Trevor Pott, 08 Mar 2017

Huawei's just changed the way you'll use Android

One of the perils of launching a clever new feature at the zoo called Mobile World Congress is that clever new things get lost in the noise.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Mar 2017

Fraud detection system with 93% failure rate gets IT companies sued

Last week, a proposed class-action lawsuit was filed against the companies responsible for developing and installing MiDAS, the Michigan Integrated Data Automated System.
Thomas Claburn, 08 Mar 2017

Amazon relinquishes data from Echo that could have dropped eaves on a killing

We'll have to wait a little longer for a test case on the use of data collected by Amazon's eavesdropper Echo in criminal investigations.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Mar 2017

AMD does an Italian job on Intel, unveils 32-core, 64-thread 'Naples' CPU

In a raid on Intel's x86 server heartland, AMD has unveiled its next shot at server market glory with Naples, a 32-core, 64-thread CPU based on its Zen microarchitecture.
Chris Mellor, 08 Mar 2017
Sad Android

Rate this as five stars or we'll bombard you with pop-up ads

A malicious app that bombards Androids with ads is using all sorts of trickery to boost its ratings.
John Leyden, 08 Mar 2017

Video intercom firm Doorbird wants $80 for device password resets

Video doorbell company Doorbird charges its customers $80 for a remote admin password reset, an outraged customer has said.
Gareth Corfield, 08 Mar 2017
Trump meeting with tech leaders

Messaging app used by Trump aides 'riddled with security bugs'

Security researchers have discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Confide, the encrypted messaging app reportedly used by President Donald Trump's aides to speak to each other in secret.
John Leyden, 08 Mar 2017

Softbank tears off chunk of ARM, feeds it to hungry Saudis

Softbank is selling a stake in ARM to a Saudi investment group less than a year after buying the Brit chipmaker, according to reports.
Gareth Corfield, 08 Mar 2017
Philip Hammond photo by Inna Sokolovska via Shutterstock

Self-employed bear the brunt of Spring Budget with additional National Insurance contributions

Self-employed folk in the UK are to be slapped with additional National Insurance contributions, Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced today.
Kat Hall, 08 Mar 2017

Windows Server ported to Qualcomm's ARM server chip. Repeat, Windows Server ported to ARM server chip

Microsoft has ported its Windows Server operating system to the Qualcomm Centriq – a 64-bit ARM-compatible server-grade system-on-chip.
Chris Williams, 08 Mar 2017

Tesla 'API crashes' after update, angry rich bods complain

Over the past few days Tesla punters from different corners of the globe have claimed an update borked their acess to the iOS app, preventing them from connecting to their electric dream wagons.
Paul Kunert, 08 Mar 2017

WD changes tack on its archiving array strategy but fails to tell anyone

WD has extended its disk-based archive array line scaling out to 52PB with a newish X100 ActiveScale product. This arrived in January with no fanfare and holds 47 per cent more data than the largest SA7010 Active Archive product. What gives?
Chris Mellor, 08 Mar 2017

Verifone downplays impact of recent breach

Payment processing giant Verifone is playing down the impact of a recently discovered breach on its internal computer networks, as well as concerns over wider problems against point-of-sale systems.
John Leyden, 08 Mar 2017

Kodi-pocalypse Now? Actually, it's not quite here yet

With some in the media industries predicting an imminent "Kodipocalypse", a survey of more than 2,000 UK internet users suggests that simply being nice to those users who download illegal content – on Kodi or otherwise – isn't effective.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Mar 2017

The good times are over, Peter Thiel tells Silicon Valley's oligarchs

Peter Thiel makes a perfect modern sinister panto villain. From investing in deep state spookware Palantir to supporting Donald S Trump, Thiel ticks all the boxes. Throw in an eccentric medical practice – like, say, a fondness for injecting himself with young people's blood – and all that's missing is an impregnable offshore lair, and a seat on Facebook's board.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Mar 2017

President Trump-themed escort services may soon open in China

China may soon be home to Donald Trump-themed escort services.
Clodagh Doyle, 08 Mar 2017

CIA hacking dossier leak reignites debate over vulnerability disclosure

WikiLeaks' dump of CIA hacking tool documents on Tuesday has kicked off a debate among security vendors about whether intel agencies are stockpiling vulnerabilities, and the effect this is having on overall security hygiene.
John Leyden, 08 Mar 2017

Come 'ere, you big SAP: Google buddies up to boost its business cloud

Google Next '17Google Cloud is in a full-on push to build an ecosystem for itself with a fresh line of partnerships.
Shaun Nichols, 08 Mar 2017
Man thumbs down, image via Shutterstock

Shock report: 92 per cent of US government websites totally suck

A new report into nearly 300 websites run by the US government has reached an unsurprising conclusion: they suck.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Mar 2017
Robot eye opens. Image via Shutterstock

Doctor Google stitches eyes, ears onto its cloudy learning monster

Google Next '17Following on the heels of its image dataset dump last year to aid the training of image recognition models, Google has done the same for sound, even as it beefs up the visual machine learning capabilities available through its Cloud Platform.
Thomas Claburn, 08 Mar 2017

Excelero stumbles, squinting, into sunlight clutching its remote direct-access NVMe kit

Storage startup Excelero slides out of stealth today with its NVMesh v1.1 Server SAN software, which can drink data directly from a remote node, bypassing that node's CPU.
Chris Mellor, 08 Mar 2017

Euro nations push for vote to axe Europe's patent office president

European governments have finally had enough of the head of the European Patent Office, Benoit Battistelli, and are pushing for a vote that could turn him into a lame duck president.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Mar 2017

Department of Human Services says citizens, not systems, to blame

Australia's Department of Human Services (DHS) has doubled down, telling a Senate Committee yesterday its troubled robo-debt system will continue, and if there's something wrong, it's all your fault.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Mar 2017

FBI boss: 'Memories are not absolutely private in America'

FBI director James Comey has told a cybersecurity conference that any communications – be it with your spouse, your priest, or your lawyer – and any of your memories are up for grabs should a court order it.
Iain Thomson, 08 Mar 2017
Old cash register photo via Shutterstock

Google to Chrome-plate our shops with creepy mood-sensing AI signs

Google Next '17Google is pitching retailers on a total conversion of their floor, register, and warehouse systems to its Chrome, Android, and Cloud platforms.
Shaun Nichols, 08 Mar 2017

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