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The finish line of the 2013 World Solar Challenge

Google peered through Glass during solar race

World Solar ChallengeVulture South is preparing a round-up of the 2013 World Solar Challenge and in the process something interesting has come up: Google.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 2013

Microsoft sells out of MSN Australia

Microsoft has sold its share of Mi9, the Australian incarnation of the Microsoft Network.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 2013
SpaceX Grasshopper

Leaping SpaceX GRASSHOPPER ROCKET jumps 2,500ft, lands safely

Elon Musk's Grasshooper vehicle has inched a little closer to becoming a viable VTVL (vertical takeoff, vertical landing) rocket, last week completing its highest flight to date.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Oct 2013
A proto-Elamite tablet

Boffins build BEELLION-YEAR storage medium

Dutch and German boffins have proposed a write-once-read-many storage medium they say should survive for a million years and may be readable after a billion.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 2013
VMware logo

VMware offers free certification exams for failures

VMware has made a new offer: fail one of its certifications and it will spring for another exam at the low, low, price of zero units of currency, provided your home currency is the Australian or New Zealand Dollars, the Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen or Korean Won.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 2013
Rupert Murdoch @ Davos 2009 credit: World Economic Forum

Murdoch calls for world+dog to 'expose' Google

Rupert Murdoch, the Mr Burns dotty uncle of media barondom chairman of media conglomerate News Limited, has darkly hinted that …
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Oct 2013

McDonalds tells fatties to SUPERSIZE THEIR BRAINS

Fast food chains used to be criticised for packing their grub full of e-numbers, but now McDonalds has resorted to packaging its nosh alongside e-books in a bid to shrug off its unhealthy reputation.
Jasper Hamill, 14 Oct 2013

Brazil whacks PRISM with secure email plan

A week after joining a consortium calling for the USA's currently cold, dead, fingers to be pried off the internet's internal machinery, Brazil has announced that it will develop a secure e-mail system to try and protect its government-level communications against American spying.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Oct 2013

MS Word deserves DEATH says Brit SciFi author Charles Stross

British science fiction author Charles Stross has published a mighty rant on the subject of Microsoft Word, which he is attempting to will out of existence.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 2013
The new Twitter logo. Pic: Twitter

Name-squatter fails to flog @roma Twitter handle to City of Rome

Rome's authorities are totally uninterested in owning the Twitter account @Roma as their city's official voice in cyberspace, despite the council currently making do with the clunky @romacapitaleTW account instead.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Oct 2013

Foxconn 'fesses up to labour breaches: Made students work long hours

Taiwan based Apple-assembling firm Foxconn has admitted overworking its interns by making them work night shifts and overtime - even though the work is "voluntary".
Jasper Hamill, 14 Oct 2013

Hey banks: Use Win XP after deadline? You'll PAY if card data's snaffled

Banks that use the Windows XP operating system will face a risk to their compliance with payment card data security rules if they continue to operate the software after Microsoft withdraws its extended support services, a US regulatory body has warned.
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Oct 2013

On the road with an IT ball-gazer: Forget big data, the future of tech is the 'social enterprise'

CommentI spend a great deal of my time out on the road visiting tech firms and tech buyers. By default I spend a lot of time sitting in the back of cars being driven to and from offices and airports.
Alan Pelz-Sharpe, 14 Oct 2013
The bay

TAT-1: Call the cable guy, all I see is a beautiful beach

Geek's Guide to BritainA cabled telegram first crossed the Atlantic in 1858, but it took almost a century for voice calls to follow, being carried by the TAT-1 Cable which landed at Oban in Scotland, where we went along to see it.
Bill Ray, 14 Oct 2013
Death Watch Beetle

Tape rocks for storage - if you don't need to, um, access your data

StoragebodWatching the SpectraLogic announcements from afar and getting involved in a conversation about tape on Twitter has really brought home the ambivalent relationship I have with tape; it is a huge part of my professional life but if it could be expunged from my environment, I’d be more than happy.
StorageBod, 14 Oct 2013

Facebook throws servers on their back in HOT TUBS of OIL

ExclusiveFacebook is dunking its servers in gloop in a salt shed in Oregon so it can overclock their processors, The Register has learned.
Jack Clark, 14 Oct 2013
A tape reel from IBM's 726 tape drive

Tape never died, it was just resting

Once upon a time, you could find tape drives everywhere. Even home offices used DAT, QIC and other small tape cartridge formats to do backups. In the days when having a hard disk as large as 500MB seriously impressed people, tape was pretty much the only economical way to make a copy of your data.
Bryan Betts, 14 Oct 2013
Telephone. Copyright: macinate

Custom ringback tones: Coming to your next contract mobe?

Ringback tones, which replace the ringing tone one hears while waiting for a phonecall to be connected, are about to explode back into fashion, if vendor OnMobile is to be believed.
Bill Ray, 14 Oct 2013

Students schlep from afar to join the quest for international HPC glory


Reg readers rise to Vulture 2 paintjob challenge

Fans of our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) mission have outdone themselves in offering suggestions as to just how we should paint our magnificent Vulture 2 spaceplane.
Lester Haines, 14 Oct 2013
Steve Ballmer as Doctor Evil

Oracle brass past and present tapped for Microsoft CEO - report

Two Oracle execs past and present have joined the list of top industry chiefs who’ve been approached to become the next Steve Ballmer.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Oct 2013

Laptops Snowden took to Hong Kong and Russia 'just a decoy'

The four laptops NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden took with him when he fled America for Hong Kong were nothing but a diversion, according to an ex-CIA official who met Snowden in Russia last week.
John Leyden, 14 Oct 2013
George Osborne looking like he means it

Osborne to China: Keep watching Downton and we'll gloss over Huawei security worries

Chancellor George Osborne has said the British government will happily let a state-owned Chinese firm manage Britain's communications infrastructure – as long as the People's Republic keeps on watching hit British telly series Downton Abbey.
Jasper Hamill, 14 Oct 2013

Island-hopping Beardy Branson: I'm dodging rain, not taxes

Richard Branson has denied that he lives on his Caribbean private island for tax reasons, after a report over the weekend branded him "tax exile".
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Oct 2013
A German Type Ae 800 observation balloon

Jawohl! Vodafone gets nod for £6.5bn Kabel Deutschland slurp

Vodafone now owns just over three quarters of Kabel Deutschland, following a shareholder meeting which approved the British operator's takeover of the German telco, creating a one-stop-shop for continental consumers.
Bill Ray, 14 Oct 2013

Luxembourgeois data protection watchdog probes Microsoft in Skype PRISM complaint

Microsoft is co-operating with regulators in Skype’s home country of Luxembourg over its possible participation in the NSA’s PRISM program, a spokesperson has confirmed.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Oct 2013
Bezos headshot

Amazon offers slice-and-dice hunks of cloud

Amazon is trying to cure cloud punters of buyer's remorse by making it easier for them to chop and change the instances they've acquired from its hulking cloud.
Jack Clark, 14 Oct 2013
WikiLeaks logo

Wikileaks FAILS to start Twitter bitchfight with Guardian hack

Wikileaks is engaged in a Twitter spat with Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, accusing him of profiting from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's leaks to the paper.
Team Register, 14 Oct 2013

Reboot the formula: F1 and FIFA tweaked for another year

Game TheoryFIFA and F1 in the same review packed column – why, it must be nearly Christmas! Elsewhere we go dungeon crawling with Dragon’s Crown and get soaked through to the skin in Rain.
Mike Plant, 14 Oct 2013

Problems at Home: Facebook opens alpha testing to world+dog

Facebook is recruiting adventurous fanbois willing to become alpha testers for the next version of its Android client.
Bill Ray, 14 Oct 2013

Sorry fanbois, no supersize Apple fondleslabs for you

A well known Apple soothsayer has predicted that the fruity firm is cooking up a cheaper iMac, a new size of Macbook and a fondleslab armed with higher-resolution display.
Jasper Hamill, 14 Oct 2013

Privacy is still important to us, says upstart Onavo after Facebook gobble

Facebook has acquired mobile analytics app maker Onavo, bagging its first office in Israel as part of the deal.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Oct 2013

Ex-Valve engineers raise begging bowl for 3D holographic-like goggles

Two former engineers from gaming giant Valve have launched a fundraiser for an ambitious holographic-like augmented-reality display technology.
Jack Clark, 14 Oct 2013

Windows Phone 8 INFLATED by Microsoft ... to satisfy lonely phablets

Microsoft has revealed a third update for Windows Phone 8 that is supposed to make the mobile operating system easier to use on beefy smartphones with six-inch screens.
Iain Thomson, 14 Oct 2013

Netflix: OK, cable giants, who wants our PIPE stuffed in their BOX?

Streaming-media titan Netflix is reportedly looking to smooth relations with major US cable companies and convince them to make Netflix content available via next-generation TV set-top boxes.
Neil McAllister, 14 Oct 2013
BlackBerry bleeding

BlackBerry's AD BLITZ: Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

BlackBerry is taking out full-page adverts in 30 newspapers across nine countries - to reassure everyone that it hasn't flatlined, not yet anyway.
Iain Thomson, 14 Oct 2013

Logicalis swallows Jersey-based iConsult

Logicalis Group has devoured Jersey-based hosted-services minnow iConsult for an undisclosed sum.
Paul Kunert, 14 Oct 2013
Malcolm Turnbull

Crowdsourced campaign scoops $AUD40k for pro-FTTP NBN ads

A crowdsourced campaign that aims to buy advertisements calling for Australia's national broadband network (NBN) to stick with its original fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) plan has soared past its $AUD15,000 funding target and now has a war chest of over $40,000 to splash.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 2013
Zombie cloud

Reselling mutant cloud parts from IBM? There's now an app for that

IBM is pitching new software and server gear for use in public, private and public-private hybrid cloud computing environments. The tech titan has announced PureSystem updates plus stuff about Power, System x and technical computing.
Chris Mellor, 14 Oct 2013
Abbott and Costello dressed as policemen

Smile for the cops! Sexy Snapchat selfies' self-destruct scrubbed by search warrants

Privacy experts have been warning for some time that images shared using self-destructing-photo service Snapchat may not be as stalker-proof as expected. Now the company has revealed that users shouldn't assume their snaps are off-limits to the police, either.
Neil McAllister, 14 Oct 2013

D-Link: Oops! We'll slam shut that router backdoor by end of month

D-Link has promised to close its routers' backdoors by Hallowe'en, following revelations that many of its consumer-grade devices accept unauthenticated access to its admin Web page.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Oct 2013

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