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Murchison Widefield Array telescope installation

Murchison Widefield Array gets 8 Tbps link in AARNet upgrade

The Murchison Widefield Array will soon have the mantle of the highest-capacity link in the most remote location in Australia, courtesy of a national upgrade to the AARNet network.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Oct 2013

Cerberus circles BlackBerry as Canucks warn of more losses

Sources say a second firm is contemplating a bid to buy BlackBerry, even as the spavined smartphone vendor warned Wall Street on Wednesday of further woes to come.
Neil McAllister, 03 Oct 2013
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Techno-thriller author and gaming franchise Tom Clancy dies at 66

ObitTom Clancy, the author of techno-thrillers that sold more than 100 million copies and a games franchise that lured in nearly as many software buyers, has died at the age of 66 in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.
Iain Thomson, 03 Oct 2013

Boffins offer ROUTER DEATHLIST for software-defined network builders

Unless you've got fathomless pockets, a scary aspect of a software-defined networking implementation is the necessity for an infrastructure upgrade, since nobody wants to forklift every router in a big network all at once. Now, a paper co-authored by Nokia Siemens Networks' Marco Hoffmann proposes a set of algorithms to help plan the rollout.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Oct 2013
management intelligence1

Boffins demo new holo storage using graphene oxide

We realise at El Reg that holographic storage has been on the “real soon now” list practically forever, but it's a topic that never loses its research fascination. Especially when, as has been demonstrated by a Swinburne University research group, the data that's stored can be retrieved even if the disk is broken.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Oct 2013
An alternative Yahoo! logo, courtesy of a Flickr user

Yahoo! Finds! Cash! Behind! Sofa! For! Proper! Bug! Bounties!

Yahoo! has quickly changed its bug bounty program after being ridiculed for handing just $US12.50 to researchers who found a nasty bug.
Simon Sharwood, 03 Oct 2013

Filipino phablet squawks 'I'M STOLEN'

Smartphone feature fatigue is upon us, with even the Galaxy S4's eyeball tracker and the iPhone 5S' fingerprint reader capable only of inducing yawns of grudging appreciation.
Simon Sharwood, 03 Oct 2013
The Cesium 133 atomic wristwatch

Atomic clocks come to your wrist

Smartwatches? Who'd bother now that personal atomic clocks are on the agenda?
Simon Sharwood, 03 Oct 2013

You put up with CRAPPY iOS 7. You can put up with Obamacare too, says prez

President Barack Obama has urged Americans to be patient during the launch of his US healthcare reforms - reminding them that Apple's iOS 7 rollout suffered glitches too and yet everyone put up with that.
Jasper Hamill, 03 Oct 2013

SGI buys out FileTek, strolls into StorHouse and puts its feet up

Supercomputer, high-performance computing and big data supplier SGI has bought out storage virtualisation biz Filetek to get its hands on the company's HPC data management technology.
Chris Mellor, 03 Oct 2013
Sina Weibo logo

Chinternet uncensored: Decrypt Weibo tool unblocks tweets

The team behind anti-censorship not-for-profit GreatFire.org has turned on a new service designed to allow micro-bloggers in China to recover censored Sina Weibo posts, in a move which won't go down well with Beijing.
Phil Muncaster, 03 Oct 2013

'Instant translation' glasses to come online for 2020 Olympics

NTT Docomo has wasted no time ramping up the excitement ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games, in announcing a 5G network 100 times faster than LTE and augmented reality “instant translation” glasses – both of which should be ready by 2020.
Phil Muncaster, 03 Oct 2013
usb hamster wheel

How to design a storage array: NOT LIKE THAT, buddy

StoragebodWe’ve had a few announcements from vendors recently and I've seen all manner of storage roadmaps. If I had one comment to make on all of these, it would be to say that if I were to design an array or a storage product, I probably wouldn’t start from where most of these guys are starting.
StorageBod, 03 Oct 2013
by Emiliano Spada http://www.sxc.hu/profile/emospada

Third of Brits now regularly fondling their slabs, say beancounters

A third of Brits now uses a tablet computer at least once a month, thanks to cheapo kit running the ever-popular Android OS, while iPad growth slows dramatically according to a new study.
Bill Ray, 03 Oct 2013
NBN Co logo

Ziggy Switkowski appointed NBN Co executive chair

As widely predicted, Australia's new communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has appointed Doctor Ziggy Switkowski as executive chair of NBN Co, the entity charged with building the nation's national broadband network (NBN).
Simon Sharwood, 03 Oct 2013

Cloud biz model 'unproven' as Amazon scares world+dog into competing - or ELSE

Channels Forum 2013Cloud service providers face a "devastating" crunch if they can't convert their incredible success at attracting customers into a viable business, an analyst has said.
Joe Fay, 03 Oct 2013
The GPS tracker plot imposed on Google Map

FTC chilled about Google's buyout of map app Waze - report

The US Federal Trade Commission has reportedly given the go-ahead for Google's purchase of mapping app Waze, deciding that the acquisition won't hurt competition.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Oct 2013
Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Xperia Z Ultra: The quad-core 2.2GHz MEGA SCREEN PHONDLESLAB

ReviewTwo years after Samsung opened the Very Large Phone (VLP™) Pandora’s Box with the original Galaxy Note, Sony has thrown its hat into the ring with the Xperia Z Ultra: a device boasting a 6.4-inch screen and a 2.2GHz quad-core processor.
Alun Taylor, 03 Oct 2013
big droplets falling from rain cloud

Aruba rolls out cloudy enterprise Wi-Fi management system

Aruba Networks' latest Wi-Fi routers now come with a cloud service designed to stop sysadmins needing to wander the country, allowing remote monitoring and management – in exchange for an annual subscription.
Bill Ray, 03 Oct 2013
All-flash array vendors in a 4-box space

Look out, Gartner: Behold the El Reg all-Flash Quadragon™ wonder map-o-graphic

There is a famous 4-box diagram, the one to end all 4-box diagrams; Gartner's Magic Quadrant. How would the all-flash array vendors; start-ups and mainstreamers alike, fare if located in a 4-box diagram space?
Chris Mellor, 03 Oct 2013

Gridstore claims it can hoik up data access speeds for Hyper-V VMs

GridStore has announced early access to version 3.0 of its storage product. So what?
Chris Mellor, 03 Oct 2013

Yo, mall rats: Facebook and Cisco in Wi-Fi hookup to track your retail, social life

Facebook just got into the consensual Wi-Fi data-pumping game after it inked a deal with networking giant Cisco that will allow businesses to better target people's shopping and social habits.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Oct 2013
Eden Patera basin and surrounding area

Mars boffins: You fools! That's no CRATER – it's a SUPER VOLCANO

Ancient Mars could have been home to a type of supervolcano that affected its atmosphere and was partly responsible for the barren red planet scientists are exploring today.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Oct 2013

NSA: Yes we 'experimented' with US mobile tracking. But we didn't inhale

AnalysisThe US National Security Agency has recently admitted to experimenting with bulk collection of mobile phone locations, but denied it ever actually used the information.
Bill Ray, 03 Oct 2013

Apple hires streaming vid bloke: Nurse, the corpse of Apple monster telly is twitching again

Apple has taken another step towards the introduction of a full-blown big-screen fruity goggle box with the hiring of a cable telly supremo.
Jasper Hamill, 03 Oct 2013

Flutter-BYE, we're all Google now: Ad giant slurps gesture-tastic app-maker

Google has bought gesture recognition startup Flutter for an undisclosed sum.
Team Register, 03 Oct 2013

British support for fracking largely unmoved by knowledge of downsides

AnalysisShale gas may be threatening to cause an existential crisis for the way environmental politics is conducted in the UK. The latest survey from the University of Nottingham into how people view shale exploration shows something quite unusual. While awareness of the risks has greatly increased, the public's support for the extraction technique has not been seriously undermined at all.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Oct 2013
Larry Ellison

Oracle defends Larry Ellison's whopping package

Oracle has hit back at shareholder claims that founder and chief Larry Ellison’s pay package is too generous, saying his compensation is “appropriate under the circumstances”.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Oct 2013
U.S.S. Macon over New York City - 1933

Exciting MIT droplet discovery could turbocharge power plants, airships and more

Top engineers at MIT say they have come across a handy effect which could seriously boost the efficiency of a critical piece of kit used in many important technologies.
Lewis Page, 03 Oct 2013
Intel Galileo

The life of Pi: Intel to give away Arduino-friendly 'Galileo' tiny-puter

Intel is now actively attempting to recruit the maker community to aid it in its battle against ARM.
Tony Smith, 03 Oct 2013
Iranian flag flying

Iranian cyberwar chief shot dead. Revolutionary Guard: Assassination? Don't 'speculate'

The chief of Iranian cyber-security has been shot dead, sparking rumours that he was murdered in a targeted assassination.
Jasper Hamill, 03 Oct 2013
by http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:%E0%A4%B0%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%AE%E0%A4%BE licensed under creative commons attribution share alike  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en

Ofcom sets out next DECADE of spectrum policy: Use it or lose it

Ofcom plans to spend the next 10 years looking for unused spectrum, flogging off what it can but focusing on utilisation like it should, and wants to know if there's anything missing.
Bill Ray, 03 Oct 2013

Obamacare goes LIVE, and so do the survey-spewing spambots

Obamacare-related spam scams surfaced well before sign-ups to the controversial Affordable Care Act began on Tuesday, 1 October.
John Leyden, 03 Oct 2013
via http://www.flickr.com/photos/nez/469824940/sizes/z/in/photostream/ licensed under creative commons attribution by andrew http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Verizon reboots cloud by dropping traditional IT vendors

UpdatedBig clouds need a tightly integrated stack, and a small number of hardware components that can be upgraded and swapped out en masse. This is precisely what Verizon lacked in its first cloud, and what it is gaining with a new service.
Jack Clark, 03 Oct 2013
Bezos headshot

Amazon's EYE-OF-SAURON KindlePhone will watch you with FOUR cameras - report

Amazon's long slog to developing its own smartphone will bear fruit with the launch of two new models in 2014, the details of which appear to have been revealed in an unverified post by an "insider" on HN heard all over the tech world.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Oct 2013

'Safest car ever made' Tesla Model S EV crashes and burns. Car 'performed as designed'

UpdatedPugnacious electric car maker Tesla Motors is embroiled in another media firestorm today, after one of its new Model S EVs - touted by the firm as being the safest car ever tested by US highway authorities - suffered a serious battery fire following an accident.
Lewis Page, 03 Oct 2013

Study accuses media companies of cooking the books on piracy losses

A study by the London School of Economics and Political Science has found that media companies are overstating their losses to piracy, that policies to cut off internet users for copyright infringement don't work, and finds that those industry sectors that have embraced digital sharing are growing as a result.
Iain Thomson, 03 Oct 2013

Feds: Silk Road pirate king tried to SNUFF customer AND employee

Alleged online drug kingpin Ross William Ulbricht tried to have not one, but two people involved in the Silk Road killed, according to as US federal court indictment.
Jack Clark, 03 Oct 2013

Samsung denies benchmark cheating, despite evidence

Samsung says that despite well-documented reports to the contrary, it is not cheating in benchmark testing of its smartphone processors.
Rik Myslewski, 03 Oct 2013

Adobe hit by 'sophisticated' mega hack ransack

Adobe's systems have been hit by numerous "sophisticated attacks" that have compromised the information of 2.9 million customers, and accessed the source code of Adobe products.
Jack Clark, 03 Oct 2013

Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI – on paper printouts

The former operator of a secure email service once used by NSA leaker Edward Snowden has been fined $10,000 for failing to give federal agents access to his customers' accounts, newly released court documents show.
Neil McAllister, 03 Oct 2013

Judge orders probe over Samsung execs viewing secret Apple docs

Samsung's patent battles with Apple has taken an unexpected turn: the Korean conglomerate has been ordered to cough up email records and witnesses so that the court can determine if its lawyers have been playing fast and loose with confidentiality.
Iain Thomson, 03 Oct 2013

Twitter spills unprofitable guts in $1bn IPO filing

Curt babble network Twitter hopes to raise $1bn in its initial public offering, according to the company's S-1 filing.
Jack Clark, 03 Oct 2013

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