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Anon tweet

'Anonymous' to Reg hack: We know SEA leaders' names

Following the Syrian Electronic Army's (SEA's) attack on a Melbourne IT reseller which resulted in the temporary compromise of domain name records for targets as diverse as The New York Times and Twitter, a group claiming association with Anonymous now says it has compromised SEA databases and servers.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Sep 2013
Photo of HTC First with Facebook Home

HTC trio suspected of pilfering design IP

Senior members of HTC’s design team have been detained by Taiwanese investigators on suspicion of defrauding the under-fire smartphone maker and stealing valuable IP.
Phil Muncaster, 02 Sep 2013
Parliament House Canberra by Flickr user OzMark17 used under CC Share and Share alike licence

Australian coalition promises digital pigeonhole for all

Australian coalition promises digital pigeonhole for all Policy document outlines procurement, industry assistance plans Australia's government-in-waiting opposition parties have released their “Policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy”.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Sep 2013

Taiwan bids to bolster security with free malware database

Taiwan’s National Centre for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) has launched what it claims to be the world’s first free malware database designed to help businesses, academics and researchers better identify and defend against criminally-coded attacks.
Phil Muncaster, 02 Sep 2013
Ski the Santa Clara police dog

Finally it happens: MAN BITES DOG - after stabbing himself

A man who squared up to cops after a domestic disturbance stabbed himself in the chest three times before biting the officers' dog, according to reports from the US.
Gareth Corfield, 02 Sep 2013
Sinclair Research ZX80

Google chap reverse engineers Sinclair Scientific Calculator

A Google employee named Ken Shirriff has delved into computing history by reverse-engineering the code running Sinclair Radionics' 1974 scientific calculator.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Sep 2013
Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain

Redmond's certification chief explains death of MCM and MCA

Microsoft's late Friday afternoon decision to ”retire” some of its highest-end certifications has been explained by the chap who made the decision to do so.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Sep 2013

Boffins confirm quantum crypto can keep a secret

Over recent years, the gap between theoretical security of quantum crytography and practical implementation has provided plenty of fun for super-geniuses the world over.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Sep 2013
The European flag

New EU rules: Telco only SOMETIMES has to tell you it spaffed your data

New rules setting out the circumstances in which telecoms companies need to report personal data breaches, as well as the kind of information they need to share in those reports, have come into force.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 Sep 2013

'World's worst director' plans Snowden-inspired movie comedy

Uwe Boll, the recipient of a lifetime Razzie award who has been called “the world's worst director” has taken to Kickstarter to fund a political comedy movie inspired by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Sep 2013

Cognitive Networks to bring creepy awareness to LG's smart TVs

A few weeks back, Cognitive Networks claimed it was about to cut deals with companies that shipped what amounted to 45 per cent of the smart TVs in the US.
Faultline, 02 Sep 2013
Foursquare screencap

Foursquare gets pushy with fandroids, touchy Windows 8 bods

Foursquare has started pushing itself into the Android notification bar and supporting Windows 8, as the company tries to turn its location-announcing app into a real business.
Bill Ray, 02 Sep 2013
Cassette tape exposed

Compact Cassette supremo Lou Ottens talks to El Reg

Anniversary Q&AAs a principal member of the R&D personnel at Philips, Lou Ottens has been behind some of the most enduring audio products in both the analogue and digital domains, from the Compact Cassette to the Compact Disc.
Bob Dormon, 02 Sep 2013

Vodafone and Verizon update relationship status: $130bn worth of complicated

Vodafone has confirmed it is in "advanced talks" with Verizon, which has agreed to pay $130bn to buy out its UK partner - and has apparently found a way to avoid paying tax on the windfall too.
Bill Ray, 02 Sep 2013

Top Twitter lawyer quits micro-blogging site ahead of IPO

Twitter's general counsel Alex MacGillivray has quit his job as top lawyer at the micro-blogging site.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Sep 2013

Level 3 starts round 2 of layoffs: 60 UK workers to lose jobs

Major internet network operator Level 3 Communications will be axing 60 people in the UK – amounting to five per cent of its British workforce. Altogether, 700 L3 workers are being axed worldwide.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Sep 2013

Thought biz would NEVER go for pricey flash storage? Think again

The benefits of flash memory-based solid state drives (SSDs) have long been trumpeted. Better performance, lighter, quieter, lower power consumption and altogether greener than their hard disk drive (HDD) cousins, the only real barrier up until recently was price.
Alexandre Mesguich, 02 Sep 2013

Nokia drives cars into the clouds: Hear HERE, you're here, hear?

Nokia will assault car manufacturers next week, using the International Motor Show to launch HERE Auto, an updated platform intended to carve Nokia a home in the dashboard.
Bill Ray, 02 Sep 2013

Scots council cops £100K fine for spaffing vulnerable kids' data ONLINE

UK data privacy watchdogs have fined Aberdeen City Council £100,000 after a council employee published vulnerable children's details online.
John Leyden, 02 Sep 2013

US gov preps sale of TOP SECRET disease research island

Rich Americans in search of a new home could soon be able to snap up a lovely private island within striking distance of New York City. The catch? It's the home of a federal disease research centre rumoured to have created gruesome human-animal hybrids.
Jasper Hamill, 02 Sep 2013
The IceCube laboratory

Baffled boffins 'closer' to finding origins of extragalactic COSMIC RAYS

Scientists at the South Pole have moved a step closer to figuring out the origin point of the cosmic rays which can damage electronics on Earth and zap astronauts in space.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Sep 2013

Brit music body BPI lobbies hard for 'UK file-sharers database'

Britain's biggest ISPs are in talks with copyright-holders to find ways to nag broadband subscribers about illegal file-sharing or downloading that may have happened on their connections.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Sep 2013

Lenovo chief Yang wangs hefty bonus wodge to workers

Yang Yuanqing, CEO of the world's largest PC maker, Lenovo, plans to share a portion of his whacking great bonus with staffers for the second year in a row following bumper sales figures.
Jasper Hamill, 02 Sep 2013
Top and bottom views of the RockBLOCK

WIN a RockBLOCK Iridium satellite comms module

CompetitionAs followers of our epic Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) project will know, we recently laid our grubby mitts on a RockBLOCK Iridium satellite comms unit, courtesy of Rock Seven, and we're now giving one linguistically deft reader the chance to do the same.
Lester Haines, 02 Sep 2013

Storage vendors: You're next over the cliff after the server salesmen

Blocks and FilesYou have storage so your servers can work on the data in them. If servers go to the cloud then storage will go there as well, as sure as eggs is eggs. And what is happening to the server market will happen to the storage market. So if enterprise server sales go down, enterprise storage sales will go down as well.
Chris Mellor, 02 Sep 2013

Sage 50 activation blackout: Shops sent back to paper age

New and existing retail customers of the Sage 50 online accounting service were left in the lurch following a “massive” server outage last week.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Sep 2013

World+dog left counting costs: Still can't bury corpse of titsup Brit IT giant 2e2

The administrator of deceased 2e2 appears to have made slow progress in collecting book debts, with tens of millions still outstanding months after the integrator-cum-reseller failed.
Paul Kunert, 02 Sep 2013

Logicalis CEO serves notice. Ring, ring: Hi, Mr Ballmer? A minute of your...CLICK

Headhunters are scouring the industry for a successor to Logicalis CEO Ian Cook, who it emerged today is standing down at the end of February.
Paul Kunert, 02 Sep 2013
New telstra logo

Telstra, Moto in lead for $AU450m-plus wireless contract

Telstra and Motorola have been named as the preferred tenderers for a major refresh of the Queensland Government's public safety networks.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Sep 2013
Frederik Pohl

Science fiction titan Frederik Pohl dies, aged 93

Science fiction Grand Master Frederik Pohl has died, aged 93.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Sep 2013

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