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Eyjafjallajökull eruption 2010 by Árni Friðriksson

CANNIBAL CLOUD found devouring enterprise bit barns – report

Data center providers are expanding as enterprise facilities experience budget cutbacks, according to the bit-barn experts at the Uptime Institute.
Jack Clark, 09 Aug 2013
Sony's new PlayStation 4

Xbox One users will have to pay extra for Skype and gamer-gratifying DVR

VideoMicrosoft has released the first unboxing video of its forthcoming Xbox One console, along with details on its pricing policy. The bad news is that gamers will have to pay extra for some features, but on the plus side they get a free mono headset.
Iain Thomson, 09 Aug 2013

Mozilla links Gmail with Persona for email-based single sign-on

The Mozilla Foundation has unveiled a new Identity Bridge that links its Persona single sign-on technology with Gmail, allowing all Gmail users to log in to Persona-enabled sites without entering a username or password.
Neil McAllister, 09 Aug 2013

US Department of Defense throws lifeline to beleaguered BlackBerry

BlackBerry has received certification to be used on US Department of Defense networks, the first Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider to be so certified.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Aug 2013

Facebook to get IN YOUR FACE with video ads

Facebook has signalled it will become more annoying, by letting The Wall Street Journal know video ads are coming to the social network quite soon now.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Aug 2013
silent circle

Silent Circle shutters email service

Silent Circle, the company founded by former PGP wonks and Navy Seals and which offers very, very, secure communications, has decided to shutter its Silent Mail email service.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Aug 2013
Oracle Termites

Oracle automates master data management workflow

Oracle has released a new product aimed at automating some master data management (MDM) chores.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Aug 2013

ULTIMATE cuppa contenders prepare to go mug-to-mug

We're one step closer today to deciding the ultimate cuppa with the announcement of the 12 contenders which will go mug-to-mug in the pursuit of tea perfection.
Lester Haines, 09 Aug 2013
Pigeon crapping on statue

Apple returns to courtroom once again to contest ebook shafting

AnalysisApple is back in court this Friday to contest the punishment it received in the US ebooks pricing trial.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Aug 2013

Open source 'Cubesat' set to soar

Open source software and hardware are about to take a giant, if futile, leap into space, thanks to two “CubeSats” that ascended into the heavens in the HTV-4 “transfer vehicle” that also carried a humaniform robot to the International Space Station (ISS).
Simon Sharwood, 09 Aug 2013
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Tu Me to go: Tu Go to be Telefonica's 'NEXT BIG AMAZEBALLS' for voice

Telefonica's freebie VoIP platform Tu Me will be shuttered next month as the mobile network pushes customers towards, er, Tu Go.
Bill Ray, 09 Aug 2013
Killer whale

Enterprise whales leave R&D to the startup minnows

StoragebodWhy are the small flash vendors innovating while the big boys don't bother? Why are they leaving them for dust? More to the point, do the big firms care?
StorageBod, 09 Aug 2013

PayPal lets Brit 'burb-dwellers buy stuff using their ugly mug

PayPal has launched a trial of a new payment system which will allow British shoppers to buy stuff using just their face and their pocket fondleslab.
Jasper Hamill, 09 Aug 2013
Google Maps after Footprints added, credit Google

Moneybags pour shower of gold on new mega-precise GPS system

A GPS-based satellite navigation system promises accuracy to within an inch by December this year – to those willing to stick a thousand dollars into the pot.
Bill Ray, 09 Aug 2013
Rolex in Live and Let Die

Cool cars, cat-crushing chronometers, cashmere ... is this your IT boss?

The story goes that one day a printer vendor rep turned up at a distributor of IT gear. The rep had a message to deliver: “Your sales of our printers are not good enough".
Steve Bell, 09 Aug 2013
credit: Alexandre Duret-Lutz licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-share alike http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Serious Farce Office: 32K secret BAE probe files spaffed to WRONG bod

The UK's top anti-fraud agency has admitted it sent tens of thousands of sensitive documents from an investigation into arms giant BAE Systems to the wrong person.
Jasper Hamill, 09 Aug 2013

Jimbo: Software used for network-level smut-blocking DOESN'T WORK

QuotwThis was the week when IBM was banned by the Australian state of Queensland, which may well fire folks for hiring Big Blue if they're doing so for government projects.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 09 Aug 2013
BlackBerry logo

Sources spill CEO Heins' beans: BlackBerry 'open' to going private

The board of BlackBerry is considering a private buyout of the company, saying that delisting would get shareholders off its back and give it freedom to move.
Bill Ray, 09 Aug 2013

It's now or never for old sysadmins to learn new tricks

Sysadmin blogIn most fields of human endeavour the complete invalidation of a person's formal training and skillset generally takes decades, if not generations.
Trevor Pott, 09 Aug 2013
Shane Robison

Flash angel Fusion-io flies too close to Facebook, Apple, plummets to Earth

AnalysisFlash memory biz Fusion-io's latest results show ever-deepening losses, with management talking of OEM channel conflict to be sorted out. Can this once high-flying server flash supplier take off and fly again?
Chris Mellor, 09 Aug 2013

Big Mike shoots email to Dell staff: My backers and I are your best bet

Michael Dell has told employees at the struggling firm that he's "passionately committed" to getting his $24.9bn leveraged buyout deal through the shareholder vote and using R&D and acquisitions to become a more competitive firm.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 09 Aug 2013

Watchdog drags Home Office to naughty step for dragging feet on FOIs

The Home Office may face sanctions if it fails again to reply to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests on time, the Information Commissioner warned today.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Aug 2013
Picard Facepalm

NSA gets burned by a sysadmin, decides to burn 90% of its sysadmins

The NSA has announced its brainwave to end further leaks about its secret operations by disaffected employees: it will simply sack 90 per cent of all its sysadmins.
Jasper Hamill, 09 Aug 2013
Google Adwords Machine

Web ad giant (Google) pops Adwords into Maps for iOS and Android

Google has finally woken up and integrated Adwords into its mobile mapping app, pushing paid results onto the top of the heap along with directions guiding customers to your door.
Bill Ray, 09 Aug 2013
Google Nexus 7 2 AnTuTu score

Asus will bung 'Nexus 7 2' fondle-droids on Blighty's shelves this month

PicsAsus has confirmed the UK release date of the new Nexus 7 tablet, or 7 2 as it has become known, the latest Android 4.3 fondleslab it makes for Google.
Bob Dormon, 09 Aug 2013
SOURCE: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/959469

MS gets you hooked on Server 2012 Datacenter, jacks up the price for R2

Microsoft is cranking up the price of its Datacenter edition of Windows Server 2012 for the forthcoming R2 release – it's up a whopping 28 per cent on today's price tag.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Aug 2013

Second LulzSec Sony website hacker starts a year in the cooler

A LulzSec hacker has been sentenced to a year in a US jail for hacking Sony Pictures and dumping personal information of 138,000 movie fans online.
John Leyden, 09 Aug 2013

Tumblr! boss! bags! $81m! if! he! stomachs! FOUR! YEARS! at! Yahoo!

Tumblr founder and chief exec David Karp made a whopping $81m in his deal to sell the blogging site to Yahoo! for $1.1bn.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 09 Aug 2013

Enormo reseller Insight smacked by software licensing slide

International reseller giant Insight Enterprises has been hit hard by plunging PC and software licence purchases and was unable to cut costs quickly enough to offset declining sales and gross profits in a challenging calendar Q2.
Paul Kunert, 09 Aug 2013

2 in 5 top Brit biz bosses expect IT dept to drive 'technical innovation'

China and the US are investing more in technology in a bid to drive innovation than the UK, more than half of respondents to a new survey have said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Aug 2013

This weekend: Watch HOT STARS shower! Moon won't interfere

The most highly anticipated meteor shower of the year, the Perseids, are due to start their usually prolific streak through the sky tomorrow night and run until Monday.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 09 Aug 2013

Don't trust us? Try these Office 365 stats, says Microsoft

Microsoft will publish data on the reliability of Office 365 to boost confidence in the online service – and yet it also warned that more outages are possible.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Aug 2013

Asus boss flushes down tabs, says 'Windows RT has not been successful'

It takes a big company to admit it's wrong - and Taiwanese PC maker Asus has finally conceded that it can't keep making Windows RT tablets that folk simply don't want to buy.
Paul Kunert, 09 Aug 2013

Google Glass: Would you pay a mere $299 to plop one on your brow?

A researcher at Taiwan's largest private market research firm is of the considered opinion that when Google Glass goes on sale to the public, it will be sold for the low, low price of $299.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Aug 2013

DON'T PANIC: Amazon's Chromecast late-ship email was a blunder

An email from Amazon telling customers that they wouldn't be getting their Chromecast dongle until nearly November – at the earliest – was a mistake, the company has said. In fact, shipping will begin shortly.
Iain Thomson, 09 Aug 2013

Amazon to ship Android-based gaming console by year's end?

Online mega-retailer Amazon may be planning to release an Android-based gaming console by the end of the year, if rumors prove correct.
Neil McAllister, 09 Aug 2013
Suitcase bulging with cash

Juniper under bribery investigation by US regulators

Packet-pusher Juniper Networks is under investigation by the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, it has emerged.
Jack Clark, 09 Aug 2013

Despite Microsoft Surface RT debacle, second-gen model in the works

Nvidia's CEO says his company is working with Microsoft on a second-generation Surface RT, and that he believes it has a chance of success – even though the original Surface RT tablet was an utter flop – because it will include Microsoft Outlook.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Aug 2013

Obama proposes four-point plan to investigate US data spooks

In a Friday press conference, President Obama laid out a plan to review the USA PATRIOT Act, secret intelligence courts, and activities of the NSA.
Iain Thomson, 09 Aug 2013

Study finds online commentards easily duped, manipulated

Internet forums often use reader moderation to determine which comments are the best, but new research suggests that tallying up and down votes for online comments is a poor measure of those comments' actual quality.
Neil McAllister, 09 Aug 2013

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