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Tor servers vanish as FBI swoops on kiddie-smut suspect

Network anonymisation outfit TOR has posted a fascinating piece of commentary on reports that some of the anonymous servers it routes to have disappeared from its network.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Aug 2013
Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100

Hot on the heels of last week's revelation that Surface sales are utterly terrible, Microsoft has again cut the price of its Surface tablets.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Aug 2013
Keep Calm and Save Google Reader

The Old Reader drops Google refugee eviction plan

The Old Reader, the RSS reader that drowned in new users after Google switched off its own RSS reader and then decided to boot out those refugees, has reversed its position and will continue to operate as a public service.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Aug 2013

Davros liable to criticism for huge STRAW DALEK he never built

It seems certain that evil alien mastermind Davros - who as any fule kno, created the Daleks - will soon find people criticising him harshly on the grounds that he has erected a huge Dalek made of straw in a Cheshire field as a cheesy marketing gimmick.
Lewis Page, 05 Aug 2013
Parts for the Liberator 3D printed pistol1

Upgraded 3D printed rifle shoots 14 times before breaking

Get ready for another wave of debate on weaponised 3D printers, because the Canadian behind a one-shot-and-it's-dead 3D printed rifle has come back with a weapon that doesn't break when used.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Aug 2013

Gov: Smart TV bods must protect users from smut-riddled badness

Labelling within electronic programme guides on connected TVs could help viewers to distinguish between regulated and unregulated content, the Government has said in setting out a new communications strategy.
OUT-LAW.COM, 05 Aug 2013

Lumpy milk and exploding yoghurt? Your fridge could be riddled with MALWARE

Antivirus guru AVG is preparing for a future where even fridges and freezers are targeted by malware, the firm's chief operating officer has said.
Jasper Hamill, 05 Aug 2013

Psst. Want to stop the data drip of leaky clouds but don't know how? Look here

StoragebodEdward Snowden’s revelations about the activities of the various Western security organisations have not come as a real surprise. Yet they were a wake-up call to how the landscape of our own personal data security has changed.
StorageBod, 05 Aug 2013

There's a tide of unstructured data coming - start swimming

Whether you prefer to define the known size of our planet’s total digital universe in petabytes or even zettabytes, we can all agree the collective weight of data production is spiralling ever upwards.
Adrian Bridgwater, 05 Aug 2013

Transdimensional rift appears above Australian bolt supplier

Shaken Oz reader Christopher Scott has been in touch to say he's just stumbled upon a transdimensional rift, spotted by Street View's all-seeing eye menacing Ringwood, Victoria:
Lester Haines, 05 Aug 2013

You CAN'T be a Silicon Roundabout hipster... you don't have Bluetooth socks

Hipsters concerned that their footwear is lagging in the cool stakes will soon be ordering Bluetooth-enabled socks, even if they do make them look like a young offender with an electronic tag.
Bill Ray, 05 Aug 2013
Quantum LTO-6 Ultrium tapes

Multimillion-dollar sack of Microsoft cash soaks up Quantum's bloodbath

Two charts show the essence of storage biz Quantum's problems: declining revenues are converting profits into deepening losses. But could 2014 be a breakout year?
Chris Mellor, 05 Aug 2013
Apple iPhone 4

South Korea: We're 'concerned' that Obama saved Apple from ban

The South Korean government has said that it's concerned about the decision by President Barack Obama not to go through with a ban on Apple iDevices that were found by the ITC to infringe on a Samsung patent.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 05 Aug 2013
Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales

Jimbo Wales: ISP smut blocking systems simply 'ridiculous'

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has attacked "absolutely ridiculous" network-level porn-blocking systems that are being introduced by the UK's biggest telcos over the course of the next few months.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Aug 2013
Joe Tucci EMC

Trouble closing the wallet, Joe? EMC boss Tucci's cloudy shares rain $10m

EMC CEO and chairman Joe Tucci has earned himself a cool $10.5m after selling hundreds of thousands of shares in the storage biz.
Chris Mellor, 05 Aug 2013

Earn £8,000 a MONTH with bogus apps from Russian malware factories

Just 10 professionally run malware-making workshops in Russia are responsible for 30 per cent of the Trojans, spyware and other nasties infecting smartphones globally. That's according to a study by mobile security outfit Lookout.
John Leyden, 05 Aug 2013

Microsoft loosens strings on Office 365, drops kimono on upgrade options

Microsoft has unveiled the first in a series of planned updates to its Office 365 licensing plans for potentially easier upgrades.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Aug 2013

Mobe networks hacked phones to fix SIM hijack flaw, says bug-finder

A terrifying weakness at the heart of global mobile phone security has turned into a damp squib: networks scrambled so fast to patch the flaw that the researcher behind the discovery isn't making the details public.
Bill Ray, 05 Aug 2013


Kirobo, Earth's first talking robot to go off world, is en route to the International Space Station - and its prime directive is to tackle loneliness.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 05 Aug 2013

Oi, trolls, BEHAVE! Twitter tweaks rules to tackle abusive twits

Twitter's UK operation has been forced to apologise to a number of high-profile women who were targeted with abuse by users of the micro-blogging site.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Aug 2013

Pernixdata: Psst, sysadmins – wanna virtualise that server-side flash?

Flash upstart PernixData is hoping to become the best friend of VMware sysadmins everywhere tomorrow when it launches its Flash Virtualisation Platform (FVP).
Chris Mellor, 05 Aug 2013

Paid-for stuff likely to triumph over free – shock report

Over-the-top (OTT) video services such as Netflix, LoveFilm and Sky's Now TV are likely to win out over free and ad-supported services, according to a recent report on streaming media.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Aug 2013

Bad timing: New HTML5 trickery lets hackers silently spy on browsers

New time-measuring features in HTML5 can be exploited by malicious websites to illicitly peek at pages open on a victim's browser, it is claimed.
John Leyden, 05 Aug 2013

Sad shop-shelf-clinging BlackBerry Z10 AXED ... in price, contracts

Having failed to set the world on fire, BlackBerry's flagship Z10 smartphone is now being touted at knockdown prices.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Aug 2013
IBM logo

IBM CEO doesn't forget Parris in Power and Mainframe top job lob

Back in April, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty switched the roles of her chief strategist and the head of Systems and Technology Group, and the changes are now rippling through the various IBM server divisions.

Child porn hidden in legit hacked websites: 100s redirected to sick images

Innocent companies' websites are being hacked to serve images of child sex abuse, the Internet Watch Foundation has warned.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 05 Aug 2013
spiders crawl through tunnel of binary numbers

ProfitBricks budget cloud in SECURITY FAIL

Startup cloud company ProfitBricks has been lashed by a security researcher for some security screw-ups discovered after it revamped its prices to undercut Amazon Web Services.
Jack Clark, 05 Aug 2013
Panoramic view of a slice of a SoftLayer data center

IDC: Sluggish China to pinch global IT spending this year

The IT market is tightening its belt again, say the prognosticators at IDC. A slowdown in spending in China has made them go back and re-examine their forecasts for spending on hardware, software, telecom, and services for the coming year and out to 2017.

Posh potty owners flushed by dodgy Bluetooth password

A high-tech toilet that takes care of everything except wiping its owner has been left wide open to attackers thanks to a basic security flaw.
Iain Thomson, 05 Aug 2013

Chinese Apple suppliers face toxic heavy metal water pollution charges

Chinese environmental regulators have launched an investigation into two Apple suppliers – one being the giant iDevice assembler Foxconn – in response to allegations that the companies' factories are using nearby rivers as dumping grounds for huge amounts of toxic heavy metals.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Aug 2013

Sergey Brin's 'test-tube burger' cooked, eaten, declared meat-like

The first burger made from cultured beef grown in a laboratory was publicly cooked and eaten in London on Monday, and test subjects have pronounced the result "close to meat."
Neil McAllister, 05 Aug 2013

GenieDB uncorks database-as-a-service

Startup database company GenieDB has announced a cloud-hosted database named – we apologize in advance for what you're about to read – GenieDB Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service (DBaaS).
Jack Clark, 05 Aug 2013
Suitcase bulging with cash

Lawyers seek $16m payday in Apple 'moist iDevice' settlement

The proposed settlement of the lawsuit against Apple by iPhone and iPad touch owners whose iDevices were unfairly denied warranty service when they incorrectly indicated water damage has not yet been approved by the court, but if you're one of those eligible for a payout, you can now get in line – well behind the lawyers.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Aug 2013

Leaked docs: SOD squad feeds NSA intelligence to drug enforcement plods

Leaked documents have revealed the existence of a Special Operations Division (SOD) within the Drug Enforcement Agency that receives and distributes tips gleaned by the NSA to arrange arrests, and then hides where that information came from.
Iain Thomson, 05 Aug 2013
Kill Captchas

They don't recognise us as HUMAN: Disability groups want CAPTCHAs killed

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), Blind Citizens Australia, Media Access Australia, Able Australia and the Australian Deafblind Council have banded together to campaign for the demise of the CAPTCHA.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Aug 2013
Google sign outside Mountain View headquarters

Ex-Cray supercomputer interconnect guru Scott leaves Nvidia for Google

Steve Scott, the system interconnect expert who was the lead designer for the three most current generations of node-lashing routers and server interconnect interfaces for Cray supercomputers, has a new gig at hyperscale data center operator Google. For the past two years, Scott has been the chief technology officer for Nvidia's Tesla GPU coprocessor business.

Amazon founder Bezos snaps up Washington Post

Along with funding the creation of a clock that will run for 10,000 years, recovering the rockets from the first moon mission, and trying to shake up the commercial space industry, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos today put his dosh into another tricky, long-term enterprise: a print newspaper.
Jack Clark, 05 Aug 2013

iiNet to buy Adam Internet

iiNet has announced it will acquire Adam Internet for $AUD60m.
Simon Sharwood, 05 Aug 2013

Barbie paints Red Planet pink with NASA-approved Mars Explorer doll

NASA's real-world space program may be mired in funding disputes, but that won't stop American toy company Mattel's iconic fashion doll Barbie from taking to the stars once more, with a new "Barbie I Can Be ... Mars Explorer" edition.
Neil McAllister, 05 Aug 2013

Upstart's 'FLASH KILLER' chips pack a terabyte per tiny layer

Memory-making start-up Crossbar came out of stealth mode on Monday, announcing that it has developed what it characterizes as "very high capacity and high-performance non-volatile memory" based on a new approach to resistive RAM (RRAM) technology, and capable of storing one terabyte of data on a single-layer 200mm2 chip.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Aug 2013

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