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CSIRO seeks seagoing sysadmin

Fleeing flocks of furious testers who think your last beta was more like a pre-alpha compiled after a Friday night bender? Or perhaps you're more the independent operator who wants an environment in which the PHB* is far, far away and your users are a captive audience.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Jun 2013
Pink Floyd: The Wall

Pink Floyd blasts Pandora for 'tricking' artists with petition

Three members of iconic British psychedelic rockers Pink Floyd have penned an editorial condemning the practices of streaming music service Pandora, which they say has been trying to trick recording artists into cutting their own pay.
Neil McAllister, 25 Jun 2013

Huawei's new 7-inch MediaPad Vogue feeds Wi-Fi+3G phablet frenzy

Chinese electronics giant Huawei has jumped feet-first into the emerging tablet-that's-also-a-phone market with the release of the MediaPad 7 Vogue, a seven-inch tablet that can be had in either a Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi plus 3G phone call–capable version.
Rik Myslewski, 25 Jun 2013
MS Xbox 360 250GB

PlayStation 4 is FreeBSD inside

As Sony's PlayStation 4 pre-orders take off (perhaps at the expense of the already-unloved Xbox One), speculation has emerged that the console's underlying operating system is based on the FreeBSD operating system.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Jun 2013

Qld opens government data for app prize

Australian app developers short of funds but long on the business of extracting useful information out of government data have the chance to top-up their finances to the tune of $AU5,000 courtesy of a Queensland government competition.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Jun 2013

PRISM leaker strands hacks on booze-free flight

Declining to state just where NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden went after dodging the press, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has issued a statement saying that Snowden is “healthy and safe”.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Jun 2013

Trend Micro turns RAT catcher as Taiwan cops cuff hacker

Security vendor Trend Micro has embiggened its industry collaboration credentials this week after helping Taiwanese police arrest one man in connection with a widespread targeted attack, and teaming up with Interpol on a new cyber crime prevention centre.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Jun 2013

India's eager IT grads fall for fake interview scams

Technology companies in India are warning prospective employees of a fresh round of scam mail designed to trick job-seekers into paying a security deposit in return for an interview.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Jun 2013

Bitcoin now accepted in London pub. In Hack-ney, of course

A pub in East London has become the first in Britain to accept Bitcoin in lieu of real money.
Jasper Hamill, 25 Jun 2013

Moses tablets ease Noah's flood headaches

Philippines authorities are hoping technology will help save lives this rainy season, after announcing a plan to equip local disaster officials with tablets to access and upload key info to prevent flood-related deaths.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Jun 2013

Galaxy S4 way faster than iPhone 5: Which?

UK consumer magazine Which? has dropped a benchmark bucket on the iPhone, rating it the slowest of seven smartphones under test.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Jun 2013

Apple reveals payouts for parents of in-app purchase nippers

Apple has released details of the compensation it will hand out to parents whose credit card took a pounding when their kids made ludicrously expensive in-app purchases.
Jasper Hamill, 25 Jun 2013

WD HAMRs down shingles on disk drive road map

AnalysisTwenty years ago a myriad of hard drive vendors pushing essentially the same technology fought themselves into oblivion.
Joe Fay, 25 Jun 2013

German Kim Jong-un lookalike spaffed official Nork pics over Instagram

A German teen with an uncanny resemblance to Kim Jong-un has been outed as the manager of an "official" North Korean Instagram account.
Jasper Hamill, 25 Jun 2013

Premier League seeks court order to ban footie-streaming Swedish site

The Premier League is set to ask for a UK court order to force ISPs like BT and Sky to block popular football streaming site FirstRow1.eu.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 25 Jun 2013

Charlie Miller to tell Vegas punters how to hack your car

An eagerly anticipated talk by Charlie Miller on car hacking, rejected by organisers of the Black Hat security conference, will get an airing in Las Vegas this summer after all.
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2013

Edinburgh students' heaving racks: UK's only hope for cluster-wrestling glory

HPC blogEight universities have travelled to the 2013 International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany, to participate in the 2013 ISC Student Cluster Challenge. They’ve deployed their clusters and are busily working to turn in the best results on a series of HPC benchmarks and scientific apps.
Dan Olds, 25 Jun 2013

Steelie Neelie eyeballs ENCRYPTION PLAN for telco data breaches

Telcos in Europe are being asked to consider encrypting their subscribers' personal information as Brussels confirmed new rules on Monday about the industry's obligation to notify customers about data breaches.
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Jun 2013
Monty Python foot UHDTV

The future of cinema and TV: It’s game over for the hi-res hype

FeatureDigital video guru and author of The MPEG Handbook, John Watkinson, examines the next generation of TV and film and reveals it shouldn't be anything like what we're being sold today.
John Watkinson, 25 Jun 2013

Business is slow. Here's a good idea, let's compete with customers

StoragebodShould enterprise vendors consider becoming service providers? When Rich Rogers of HDS tweeted this my initial response was:
StorageBod, 25 Jun 2013

Saucy selfie app Snapchat hits $800m valuation as VCs chuck cash around

Risqué photo-sharing app Snapchat has convinced VCs its saucy-selfie-sending service can provide serious returns for their $60m investment in its latest funding round, led by venture capital company IVP.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 25 Jun 2013

BlackBerry introduces iOS and Android to Work Space

BlackBerry Work Space is now available for iOS and Android, creating a secure container (under your own BOFH's control, natch) on devices owned by employees.
Bill Ray, 25 Jun 2013

Freed LulzSec hacker banned from contacting Anons, wiping data

Erstwhile LulzSec spokesman Jake Davis has been freed from detention, with strict conditions on the 20-year-old's use of the internet and computers.
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2013

Fusion-io spins up ioTurbine, enhances server flash caching

Fusion-io has tweaked its acquired ioTurbine software to offload up to 96 per cent of mixed read/write requests from a SAN, by caching data in server flash caches.
Chris Mellor, 25 Jun 2013

Hugs all round as Google relaunches Groups service

Google has ditched the old version of its Groups service after revamping the tool to allow users to share an inbox with others.
Team Register, 25 Jun 2013

Finance CIOs sweat as regulators prepare to probe aging mainframes

Could the watchful eyes of regulators soon come to rest on the old and often creaking IT systems that run the back offices of the UK’s leading banks?
Jessica Twentyman, 25 Jun 2013

US cluster kids bring noisy gear, 'fun' toys to World War HPC

HPC blogEight universities have travelled to the 2013 International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany, to participate in the 2013 ISC Student Cluster Challenge. They’ve hastily pulled together their data-nomming HPC beasts and are now busily working to to hit the jackpot on a series of HPC benchmarks and scientific applications.
Dan Olds, 25 Jun 2013

Google NOT REQUIRED to wipe 'sensitive' search results after all

The European Union's Court of Justice has agreed with Google by saying that search engine providers should not be held responsible for the type of personal data that appears on web pages it processes.
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Jun 2013

Joyent spins up ZFS object store

Joyent has spun-up an object store in its cloud that spans multiple data centers as it tries to specialize in one area where its technology may draw developers away from the black hole that is Amazon Web Services.
Jack Clark, 25 Jun 2013

Rainforest Eagles 2.0 and African cluster boffins head to Europe for app WAR

HPC blogThe cluster kids on eight international university teams have now deployed their clusters at the 2013 International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany. The 2013 ISC Student Cluster Challenge entrants are now fighting each other to win a series of HPC benchmarks and scientific apps.
Dan Olds, 25 Jun 2013

Windows 8 hype has hurt PC makers and distributors - Gartner

Gartner slashed its PC sales forecast yesterday evening amid warnings that a glut of unwanted Windows 8 kit is sitting in warehouses gathering dust.
Paul Kunert, 25 Jun 2013

IBM axes nearly THREE THOUSAND staffers in North America - union

IBM has axed nearly three thousand workers in Canada and the US, according to employee union Alliance@IBM, as its cost-cutting drive begins to bite.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 25 Jun 2013
Bungie's Destiny

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo: The big three slug it out at E3

Game TheoryNow that the dust has settled on the maelstrom of gaming news that is the E3 show, it’s down to us gamers to sift through the detritus and choose sides. Why can’t we all just get along, huh?
Mike Plant, 25 Jun 2013
South Korean soldiers commemorating the Korean War

North and South Korea hit by cyber-blitz on Korean War anniversary

Both North and South Korea are under cyber attack from a group of unidentified hackers who blitzed senior government officials' websites and a group of media companies.
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2013
William Shatner in plane sees Gremlin outside window

Sci-fi and horror scribe Richard Matheson: He is Legend

ObituaryAcclaimed science fiction and horror writer Richard Matheson, who will perhaps be best remembered for his novel I Am Legend, has died at the age of 87.
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Jun 2013
Screenshot of Windows 8.1's revamped Start screen

Windows 8.1 start button appears as Microsoft's Blue wave breaks

Microsoft's Blue wave of Windows, tools and services updates has started breaking complete with an early glimpse of the Windows 8.1 start button.
Gavin Clarke, 25 Jun 2013

2 Chinese teams. 1 unbeaten. Cluster wrestlers, be warned

HPC blogChina has sent two teams to the eight-university 2013 International Supercomputing Conference Student Cluster battle, but they had to earn their trip. As student cluster competition aficionados know, the Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge held their first regional cluster competition last April.
Dan Olds, 25 Jun 2013
Source: Simply Smile Photography by Georgia Stephenson

Salesforce and Oracle bury hatchet in historic cloud partnership

Salesforce.com and Oracle are to integrate their clouds at application, platform and infrastructure levels, the companies announced today.
Drew Cullen, 25 Jun 2013

Microsoft: Someone gave us shot in the ARM by swallowing Surface tabs

Microsoft has produced the name of a corporate customer in a fresh attempt to convince us Windows 8 is being adopted by businesses.
Gavin Clarke, 25 Jun 2013

Puppet gooses admin tool performance with Enterprise 3.0

Back in January, system administration tool maker Puppet Labs got a $30m equity injection from VMware, and the company has put some of that money to good use with a major revamp of its commercial-grade Puppet Enterprise tool.
Barnes and Noble Nook HD+

Barnes & Noble sheds Nook tablet albatross, will focus on ebooks

Barnes & Noble has announced that it is abandoning the color tablet business in an effort to stabilize its lossmaking Nook digital division.
Neil McAllister, 25 Jun 2013

Sweaty European youngsters get to grips with ‘coffee table of doom’

HPC blogIt was a hot week in Leipzig - "sweating through your shirt five minutes after you walk out of your hotel" hot. However, extreme heat and even the resulting prickly heat won’t keep us from checking in with all of the teams during the last day of the ISC’13 Student Cluster Challenge.
Dan Olds, 25 Jun 2013
Massive Media

Massive Media dumps Amplidata, makes eyes at Caringo

Object storage supplier Amplidata has been replaced by fellow supplier Caringo at Massive Media, which bills itself as the world's largest social discovery site.
Chris Mellor, 25 Jun 2013

Sony unveils latest attempt at an Android SmartWatch

After some heavy-handed hints, Sony has used the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 to show off the latest version of its Android SmartWatch, intended to be the fashion item of choice for the mobile cognoscenti.
Iain Thomson, 25 Jun 2013

Microsoft: Half of all organizations will use 'Facebook-like' tools

Exactly one year to the day since Microsoft's $1.2bn acquisition of Yammer, Redmond says its plan to bring social collaboration to the enterprise has only just begun.
Neil McAllister, 25 Jun 2013
Vulture South NBN Logo

The Register's NBN study: a good start, let's ramp it up

It was nice to start today with more than $5,000 pledged on Pozible for The Register's NBN study – but we're still $94k-plus shy of the target, and our intent is serious.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Jun 2013

AT&T sells out of HTC First Facebook phones

Are you one of the silent minority that's still planning to buy a Facebook phone but just hasn't got around to it yet? You may be out of luck, as AT&T has reportedly sold out of its initial stock (and it won't be ordering any more).
Neil McAllister, 25 Jun 2013

Intel demos real-time code compression for die shrinkage, power saving

Research@IntelIntel researchers have developed a way to make the increasingly tiny processors needed to power the impending "Internet of Things" even tinier: compress the code running on them.
Rik Myslewski, 25 Jun 2013

Salesforce and Oracle forge partnership to smash rivals

AnalysisThe notoriously shy and unassuming CEOs of Oracle and Salesforce have announced a major partnership after spending years throwing clods of muck at one another – leading many to ask what is going on in the IT industry to cause this change.
Jack Clark, 25 Jun 2013

Oz data breach notification law close

With a terse statement – “The committee recommends that the Senate pass the Bill” – Australia has moved a small step closer to having mandatory data breach notification.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Jun 2013

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