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Juniper betas Contrail control freak for software-defined nets

Interop 2013Juniper Networks is fast-tracking its Contrail software-defined network control freak to try to blunt the advances of myriad other players that have crashed onto the SDN bandwagon from all angles of attack. The JunosV Contrail Controller, which was not expected to be commercially available until sometime in the first half of 2014, but today at the Interop networking shindig in Las Vegas, Juniper will announce the Contrail code is in beta starting today and that it can deliver it with commercial-grade features and support before the end of 2013.
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Platform clouds: The hot battle for developers' hearts and minds

AnalysisIt has been a decade since Microsoft announced its .NET framework and the Common Language Runtime - where C# and other languages do their frolicking on Windows systems. And thanks to the proliferation of open source programming languages and frameworks, which are the foundations of emerging platform clouds, this could very well be the last proprietary, closed source application framework that the world will see.
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