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IBM open sources new approach to crypto

A group of IBM researchers has released a Github project that implements a homomorphic encryption system – a way to work on encrypted data in a file without first decrypting the whole file.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 May 2013
HP has three new FlexFabric modular switches: The 11908, 12910, and 12916

HP revamps FlexFabric fixed and modular switches

The Interop networking extravaganza kicks off next week in Las Vegas, and Hewlett-Packard's Networking division is trying to get a jump on all of the chatter by previewing its latest FlexFabric fixed and modular switches as well as rolling out a new carrier-grade physical router and a virtual one.

Tiny fly-inspired RoboBee takes flight at Harvard

A quartet of Harvard University reseachers have designed, manufactured, and flown a tiny, fly-inspired aerial robot that could be the forerunner of swarms of drosophilistic drones.
Rik Myslewski, 03 May 2013

Tech firm CEOs more restrained than most at limiting personal pay

If you want to see the greatest disparity between the average worker and the CEO's pay packet, America is the place to be. But while the heads of many blue-chip US firms cash in more than most, the country's technology bosses are more abstemious.
Iain Thomson, 03 May 2013
Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Retina display

37,000-machine study finds most reliable Windows PC is a Mac

A MacBook Pro is the most reliable PC on which to run Windows, according to research from PC-monitoring-as-a-service outfit Soluto.
Simon Sharwood, 03 May 2013

Tech giants reject tax dodge name and shame plan

Australia's plan to name and shame technology companies that use various machinations to reduce the amount of tax they pay down under has been carpeted by the very companies that use such schemes.
Simon Sharwood, 03 May 2013

Japan's XP migration solution: Remove network cable

A Japanese local government has come up with a rather unusual solution to the problem of Windows XP migration – keep the venerable OS but disconnect the remaining PCs running it from the internet.
Phil Muncaster, 03 May 2013

BlackBerry 10 passes US defence department tests

BlackBerry has secured access to a critical market – the US military – for its new operating system and handsets and version 10 of its Enterprise Service software.
Simon Sharwood, 03 May 2013

Peeping Tom suspects cuffed after 'falling through women's toilet ceiling'

Two suspected peeping Toms earned themselves a cuffing last weekend after apparently crashing through the ceiling of the women's toilet in a Georgia cinema, having failed to correctly assess the structure's load-bearing capacity.
Lester Haines, 03 May 2013

AWS speeds content delivery, Gangnam style

Developers and businesses keen to reach customers in the the most connected country on the planet received a boost this week after Amazon Web Services announced a South Korean edge location in Seoul for its CloudFront and Route 53 platforms.
Phil Muncaster, 03 May 2013
Game of Thrones Blu-ray Disc set

US Ambassador plays Game of Thrones with pirates

The United States of America's Ambassador to Australia has taken to Facebook to protect one of America's critical industries: the making of gory television serials.
Simon Sharwood, 03 May 2013

Brocade's fat pipes shrink: Fibre Channel revenue dip ahead

Brocade has cut its current quarter's estimated revenue by between $19m and $34m, implying there may be trouble afoot in the Fibre Channel world.
Chris Mellor, 03 May 2013

Dunkin' Donuts temps S Korea with ultrasonic tags

Korean commuters are being enticed into eating baked goods for breakfast with ultrasonic tags, making them race to Dunkin' Donuts for discounts and social sharing.
Bill Ray, 03 May 2013
Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/eddiedangerous/ licensed under creative commons http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ please attribute

The UK's copyright landgrab: The FAQ

AnalysisThe UK has passed legislation to permit the mass use of copyright-protected material without the owner's permission. This applies to any copyrighted work - not just images - where identifying information is missing.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 May 2013
Matt Damon

EMC to reveal identity of Bourne-based storage platform

EMC is set to announce a software-defined storage product known as a Sea of Storage (SOS) as a new product category, alongside its Centera and Atmos object storage-based systems.
Chris Mellor, 03 May 2013

Impoverished net user slams 'disgusting' quid-a-day hack

FoTWSince Monday, this hack has been subsisting on just £1 a day for food, in support of the charity Malaria No More UK.
Lester Haines, 03 May 2013

'Not only is James Bond fictional, he's not a fair representation of intelligence'

QuoTWThis was the week when a technology consultant tried to give people the FEAR by hacking Google Glass and suggesting that nefarious villains could use the tech specs to see and hear everything users do.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 May 2013

Yet another Cabinet-level ID card farce

Book extractToday, we publish the next extract from SA Mathieson's book on ID cards in Britain, a hot potato of politics, technology and more politics.
SA Mathieson, 03 May 2013
USS Enterprise in Ascii

Star Trek: The original computer game

Antique Code ShowAh, the simple pleasures of the earliest computer games - and you don’t get much earlier than 1971.
Tony Smith, 03 May 2013
Barnes and Noble Nook HD+

Can't beat the Nexus 7? Join it: Nook tablet gets Google Play store

Tablet maker and bookseller Barnes & Noble is to add Google’s digital shop front, Play, to its Android-based Nook HD and Nook HD+ slates.
Tony Smith, 03 May 2013
Man wrinkles his eyes in an expression of pain, annoyance or dsicomfort

'Inconsistent' watchdogs throw cloud biz barons into a tizzy

A lack of consistency over the way Asian regulators approach data privacy issues has led to a slow take-up of cloud services by businesses in the region, an expert has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 03 May 2013

Twitter snaps up ex-banker IPO expert - CAN'T THINK WHY

Twitter has hired an ex-banker with experience in initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions to head up its corporate development team, sparking rumours of an upcoming market debut.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 May 2013
Intel Moore's Law

Mooreslaw: Chopping up chips for the future

Something for the Weekend, Sir?While computer enthusiasts enjoyed something of a golden age of magazines in the late 1980s, with comic-book inspired titles like Bong! and Fart!, those who were lucky enough to be actually working in the field of business or government computing at the time were served by what could fairly be described as an aluminium foil age of worthy business computer papers.
Alistair Dabbs, 03 May 2013
Google Glass

Google Glass eye-cam to turn us all into right little winkers

Google Glass users are set to look even more ridiculous following the release of code which allows the headset's wearer to take photographs by winking.
Jasper Hamill, 03 May 2013

3D printer spits out CYBORG EAR... but where will you PUT it?

Princeton's finest boffins have managed to print out an ear, and it's not just a simple prosthetic, it's actually an enhancement with a radio antenna built in.
Bill Ray, 03 May 2013
Detail of Apple 1 Board

You think Macs are expensive? Get a load of this $260,000+ Apple

A hoary old Apple I computer signed by Steve Wozniak is set to fetch at least $260,000 at auction.
Jasper Hamill, 03 May 2013

Anonymity ZUCKS: Facebook's Instagram to switch on face tagging

Oversharing narcissists will be able to reveal who is pictured in their cloud-stored Instagram photos - by tagging people in the colour-mangled snaps.
Jasper Hamill, 03 May 2013

Quid-a-day nosh challenge hack enters the final furlong

My "Live Below the Line" quid-a-day nosh challenge has entered its final stretch, and as I wait for the Tibetan blackbird* to spread its mighty brown wings over the great white telephone, I've got time - and just enough remaining energy - to ponder what purpose the last week has served.
Lester Haines, 03 May 2013
An X-51A scramjet attached to the wing of a B-52 bomber ready for launch. Credit: USAF

Scramjet X-51 finally goes to HYPER SPEED above Pacific

The US military may have finally achieved its goal of powering a sustained hypersonic flight on relatively ordinary jet fuel, according to a report.
Lewis Page, 03 May 2013

HTC profits PLUNGE 98%: Pins hopes on HTC One, 'Facebook mobe'

Beleaguered smartphone-maker HTC is hoping that a massive marketing drive and gathering sales momentum for its One device and the HTC First "Facebook phone" will help it recover from its disastrous Q1 outing.
Paul Kunert, 03 May 2013

Google Chrome slips web fix to addicts suffering net withdrawal

A Google engineer has bunged an "offline mode" into the advertising giant's cloud-backed Chrome web browser. It allows users to access previously visited pages if there's suddenly no working internet connection.
Gavin Clarke, 03 May 2013
BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry infrastructure hit by ANOTHER outage

BlackBerry says an outage hit network customers today, but claims that services are getting back to normal.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 May 2013

Look ma, no plugins! Streaming web video with just JavaScript

Mozilla and Los Angeles, California–based graphics software company Otoy have jointly announced ORBX.js, a new JavaScript library which the companies say can deliver full 1080p, 60fps digital video in a browser window using only web standards–based technologies.
Neil McAllister, 03 May 2013

App gap flap: New York's e-cabbies FOILED AGAIN

Hipsters hoping to hail a yellow cab with their smartphone app are going to be disappointed again as a last-minute injunction has limited the deployment of e-hailing taxicab apps Uber and Hailo in the Big Apple.
Bill Ray, 03 May 2013

Google formally recognises Palestine: Puts it on the virtual map

Google has waded into the Middle East's most intractable conflict by recognising Palestine as an independent state.
Jasper Hamill, 03 May 2013

Amazon releases cloud Support API

Amazon Web Services now lets customers file support requests via an API, and has deepened the links between its performance-management software and the rest of its cloud.
Jack Clark, 03 May 2013

Peak Apple: Yet ANOTHER supplier reports drop in demand

A key Apple supplier has hinted that its revenue from Cupertino has plummeted in recent months.
Jasper Hamill, 03 May 2013

Dept o' Labor says US created more jobs than it thought this spring

The US economy has been humming along a little more strongly than the Department of Labor originally thought over the past few months – US companies added a lot more workers than expected in February and March, and did better than expected in the shiny new report for April, too.

Suspected Chinese NASA spy smuggled smut not state secrets

After a dramatic airport arrest by the FBI, which had been tipped off by a Republican congressman, the data concealed by a former NASA scientist with a one-way ticket to China has been revealed as pirated porn, not the secrets to the next interstellar drive.
Iain Thomson, 03 May 2013
Green space alien with sombrero and drink on a sun lounger

Greenhouse gases may boost chances of exoplanetary life

Those pesky greenhouse gasses that are threatening to wreak havoc here on Earth may make other planets scattered throughout the universe more conducive to life, according to a paper published in the journal Science.
Rik Myslewski, 03 May 2013

Russian geologist claims finding chunks of Tunguska Event invader

For over 100 years, scientists have been puzzling over the Tunguska Event, a massive explosion in Siberia that leveled the taiga for hundreds of miles around. Now a paper from the Russian Academy of Sciences suggests that the first physical remains of the blast have been found.
Iain Thomson, 03 May 2013

10-day stubble: Men's 'socio-sexual attributes' at their best

Science can plumb the mysteries of the universe, cure disease, and reveal the origins of man – but can it provide insight into the age-old mystery that troubles every man, namely: What Do Women Want?
Rik Myslewski, 03 May 2013

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