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AWS says private clouds are vaporware

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Adam Selipsky has told an event in Sydney, Australia, that private clouds aren't really clouds.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Apr 2013

Boffins explain LED inefficiencies

One of the problems with using LED-based lamps to replace incandescent or fluorescent lamps is that they're expensive: not only do they need more electronics than the alternatives, LED efficiency is capped by a fall in light output at higher current.
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Apr 2013

Huawei preps new mobes to overhaul Apple

Huawei says it’s on track to almost double its smartphone sales this year with a target of 60 million units shifted, as it looks to peg back “superheroes” Samsung and Apple, but admitted its brand image is still holding it back from world domination.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Apr 2013

Bill Gates offends Koreans after sticking hand down trousers

Bill Gates has managed to offend the whole of South Korea after brazenly breaking the country's strict but unwritten handshake rules.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013
Bittorrent logo detail

BitTorrent offers file sync tool for PCs and NAS

BitTorrent has opened the Alpha testing program for its new BitTorrent Sync tool to all.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Apr 2013

Ofcom to UK: Really - you're using the same password for everything?

Brits are taking serious security risks by continuing to use the same password for multiple websites, communications watchdog Ofcom warned today.
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Apr 2013
Sydney Opera House covered in projected images captured with Samsung phones

Galaxy S4 radiant, but has black holes

First LookSamsung's Galaxy S4 is as wonderfully polished as you would expect from the Korean manufacturer's latest flagship, but the software the company says turns it into a “life companion” will be an acquired taste for many.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Apr 2013

Reddit: So very sorry for naming innocent man as Boston bomber

Condé Nast-owned community website Reddit has issued an apology for an "online witch hunt" launched by its users in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013

App reads The Indie's dead-tree pages - so you don't have to

Printed pages of lefty paper The Independent can be scanned by a phone app and decoded into links to recently updated words and pictures online.
Bill Ray, 24 Apr 2013

EE: Of course we're going to get 1m 4G users by the end of the year!

Everything Everywhere put a brave spin on its latest 4G numbers today and insisted it was on course for its goal of 1 MEEEELION users by the end of the year.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Apr 2013
WD UltraSlim drive

World's first 5mm-thin gyrating models paraded on disk catwalk

Western Digital has launched the world's first single-platter 5mm-thick disk drives - including one with a cache of flash memory.
Chris Mellor, 24 Apr 2013

Mad Leo exit finally clears way for Blighty to love HP again

HP has finally halted the downward sales trend in distribution that dogged its UK operation for much of 2012.
Paul Kunert, 24 Apr 2013
Corsair Voyager Air

Review: Corsair Voyager Air 1TB wireless hard drive

Corsair has made a name for itself offering solid-state drives, fast memory and other components to fit inside high-performance PCs.
Tony Smith, 24 Apr 2013

Your phone may not be spying on you now - but it soon will be

Infosec 2013Tibetan political campaigners targeted by mysterious smartphone-spying software. Eastern European governments' mobiles allegedly snooped on by state-sponsored hackers. Malware feared injected into gadgets during customs inspections.
John Leyden, 24 Apr 2013

Amazon: Hard luck Microsoft, AWS will always be cheaper

Amazon’s struck back at Microsoft camp over its "lowering" of its cloud computing prices by touting Amazon’s track record for saving money.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Apr 2013
BeagleBoard Black

Black-eyed Pies reel from BeagleBoard's $45 Linux micro blow

PicsOpen-source hardware outfit BeagleBoard has formally announced a major revision of its BeagleBone board computer that ups the spec and downs the price.
Tony Smith, 24 Apr 2013
Huawei campus Shenzhen

Hidden dragon Huawei: 'We’re making increased efforts at transparency'

Huawei sent out a clear signal to its competitors in the global enterprise IT market on Tuesday with predictions of stellar growth for the vendor’s smallest business group over the next five years to reach revenues of $10bn by 2017. But analysts are sceptical about its chances of becoming a genuinely disruptive alternative to the likes of industry veterans Cisco, HP and IBM.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Apr 2013

Brutally efficient galaxy SPITS OUT STARS at 'maximum rate'

Astroboffins have spotted a brutally efficient galaxy, busily converting almost all available fuel into birthing new stars.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Apr 2013

Microsoft hoists ZTE onto the Android patent bandwagon

China's ZTE has become the latest firm to sign a licensing deal with Microsoft for its Android and Chrome patent portfolio.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Apr 2013

Virgin Media revs up for Liberty Global merger

Virgin Media - which is imminently set to be scooped up by US cable giant Liberty Global - reported a good start to its financial year this morning.
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Apr 2013

Apple slips Antennagate victims $15 each. The lawyers get $16m

Apple has sent out $15 cheques to fanbois whose iPhones suffered from dicky phone reception.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013
Fritz Pfleumer with his magnetic tape recorder

Appliances are the new data centre onesie

It has been a fun and very profitable couple of decades for upstart IT server and systems software makers.

Cook: iPad is a gateway drug which leads to harder Mac addiction

Apple CEO Tim Cook has claimed that surging iPad sales could result in people buying more Mac computers.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013

France and Germany are holding us back, moans Computacenter

Tech resell monster Computacenter (CC) today warned investors that troubled services contracts and economic woes in its mainland Euro ops will dampen group growth for 2013.
Paul Kunert, 24 Apr 2013

UK gov's troll-finder general says he's hanging up his axe

The UK's director of public prosecutions, web troll-tackling Keir Starmer, will step down from his job in October this year.
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Apr 2013
KALQ layout

Boffins KALQ-u-late the ultimate 'board for two-thumb tablet tappers

Boffins in Scotland, Germany and the US of A have calculated what they claim is the most efficient two-thumb keyboard it’s possible to put on a tablet, at least for folk writing in English on a 7-inch slate.
Tony Smith, 24 Apr 2013

Ofcom: When shall we squeeze Freeview's girth?

Ofcom wants to know when Freeview broadcasts should be kicked down the dial in favour of iPad-friendly 4G signals - and, controversially, whether the BBC should be recompensed when it happens.
Bill Ray, 24 Apr 2013

Indian IT consultant becomes idol to legions of football fans

Jubilant Manchester United fans have celebrated Robin van Persie's astonishing hat trick by bombarding an Indian IT consultant with congratulatory tweets.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013

Cameron: Get those saucy websites off Blighty's public Wi-Fi

Prime Minister David Cameron is once again crusading against online pornography after he admitted late last year that network-level smut filtering was a "crude system".
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Apr 2013

Google snaps up Wavii for $30m - report

Google is getting ready to announce the acquisition of natural language processing firm Wavii for around $30m, familiar people have been muttering.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 24 Apr 2013

Microsoft: Brits, grab our Surface Pro ten-incher for satisfaction in May

Microsoft's Intel-powered Windows 8 Surface Pro laptop-tablet-thing will arrive in the UK within the next six weeks.
Paul Kunert, 24 Apr 2013

General Electric pours $105 MEEELION into Pivotal Initiative

General Electric is pouring $105m into Pivotal, a skunkworks cloud and big data company spun-out of VMware and EMC.
Jack Clark, 24 Apr 2013

Free French app app booted by Apple, triggers 1m-strong petition

Almost a million people have signed a petition demanding Apple rethink its decision to pull a popular free-app-finding app from the App Store.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013

Spectre of Steve Jobs in one last outing at WWDC

WWDCTickets for the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will go on sale tomorrow, offering fanbois the chance to ogle some of Steve Job's final creations.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013

COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO: NASA rovers scrawl giant willy on Mars

PicSpace cadets tittering at the mention of Uranus have a new celestial object to giggle at: A giant penis drawn on the surface of Mars by NASA robots.
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013
Canonical logo

Behold Ubuntu Server 13.04: Focus on hypervisors and OpenStack

It is getting hard to see where Ubuntu Server ends and where the OpenStack cloud controller begins - and this is absolutely intentional on the part of Canonical, the corporate entity behind the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system.

MetroPCS shareholders approve sweetened T-Mobile merger

Shareholders in US mobile minnow MetroPCS have approved an improved offer from Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA subsidiary after the Germans sweetened the terms of their offer.
Iain Thomson, 24 Apr 2013

Vulns, exploits, hacks: Trusteer touts tech to terminate troubles

Infosec 2013Trusteer is expanding from its speciality of providing transaction protection security to financial institutions with an enterprise-level product designed to guard against zero-day exploits and social engineering.
John Leyden, 24 Apr 2013
IBM Quarterly Storage HW Revenues

Reg man crunches IBM's storage hardware revenues

AnalysisIBM's under-performing storage hardware business can be understood better if we look at the quarterly revenue numbers.
Chris Mellor, 24 Apr 2013
Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft to unveil new Xbox console on May 21

Microsoft has confirmed that it will unveil the next iteration of its Xbox gaming platform next month.
Neil McAllister, 24 Apr 2013

EMC announces record revenues: But hey, Joe, where're the profits?

Hardware, virtualisation and services giant EMC has announced its first-quarter results for 2013 and while its finances are broadly positive, the devil's in the detail.
Chris Mellor, 24 Apr 2013
The three new Juniper EX9200 modular switches

Juniper pushes up sales and profits in Q1

The top brass at Juniper Networks are breathing a little bit easier as the company turned in numbers that show it is growing despite taking a big hit in sales of gear, software, and services to the US government in the first quarter.

Court orders Visa partner to allow donations to WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks may soon be able to accept donations again, now that the Icelandic Supreme Court has ruled that the blockade on donations imposed by local Visa partner Valitor is illegal and has ordered the company to pay huge fines if it doesn't change its ways.
Iain Thomson, 24 Apr 2013

Insight Enterprises EMEA president Fenton quits

Insight Enterprises EMEA president Stuart Fenton has resigned after more than a decade at the helm but is remaining on board until the end of the year to help recruit his successor.
Paul Kunert, 24 Apr 2013

Pivotal takes guts of Google, sells to enterprises

Pivotal wants to build and sell the systems that run Google, but though its ambition may be bold, its claims are as yet more visions than statements of fact.
Jack Clark, 24 Apr 2013
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

IBM CEO Rometty swaps heads of strategy and servers

Ginni Rometty, who has been CEO at IBM for a year and a half, is making two big changes in the upper echelons of her management teams; she is swapping the head of corporate strategy and the head of its Systems and Technology Group, and it is presumably to get better results than IBM showed in its first quarter of 2013 in its systems, storage, and chip businesses.

Another blow for Flash as Unity gaming engine kills support

Unity Technologies has announced that it has dropped support for Adobe Flash from its cross-platform Unity game development toolset, citing the declining popularity of the technology among developers and inconsistent support from Adobe.
Neil McAllister, 24 Apr 2013

Western Digital profits down despite revenue rise

Revenues for disk drive industry leader Western Digital's third fiscal 2013 quarter rose 24 per cent to $3.8 billion – compared to $3 billion a year ago – but profits fell 19 per cent. It's a hard life in the disk drive business.
Chris Mellor, 24 Apr 2013
Mellanox SwitchX-2 ASIC and its switches, not to scale

Mellanox boffins concoct chips for 100Gb/sec InfiniBand

Mellanox Technologies reported its first quarter financial results today, and Eyal Waldman, chairman and CEO at the networking chip and switch maker, said in a conference call that the company had taped out its first experimental chip that would run at 100Gb/sec and support the future Enhanced Data Rate (or EDR) version of InfiniBand.
Fusion-io ioFX cards

Fusion-io buys NexGen

PCIe flash industry leader Fusion-io has bought a startup: hybrid flash/disk array vendor NexGen, paying $114m in cash and $5m in stock.
Chris Mellor, 24 Apr 2013

Sprint promises to take 2G into the Internet of Things

Sprint has committed to keeping its 2G network operational beyond AT&T and Verizon, hoping to sign up some machines even if fleshy humans wander away.
Bill Ray, 24 Apr 2013

Heroku PaaS floats over to Europe

Heroku's platform-as-a-service cloud has come to Europe, giving local developers a chance to reduce the latency of applications they've stuck on top of the application automation technology.
Jack Clark, 24 Apr 2013

Want a coffee with Tim Cook? Better start saving now

Anyone with a suitably large checkbook will be able to sit down and have a coffee (or the beverage of their choice) with Tim Cook or meet Elon Musk for a personal tour of the SpaceX headquarters later this year.
Iain Thomson, 24 Apr 2013

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