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Fake scratched iPhone 5

Report: Apple returned 8M shoddy iPhones to Foxconn

Foxconn has apparently botched a batch of iPhones, which Apple returned to the contract manufacturer because they were not fit for sale.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Apr 2013

787 battery fix approved

Boeing's beleaguered 787 is a little closer to flying again after the USA's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). approved the plane-makers new battery system plans.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Apr 2013

Japanese Feds urge ISPs to support Tor ban plan

UpdatedJapan’s technology-illiterate police have put themselves in the firing line once again after recommending what amounts to a blanket ban on the use of the Tor anonymiser network in the country.
Phil Muncaster, 22 Apr 2013

DDOS strikes BitCoin exchange Mt.Gox

Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has been attacked and its servers briefly taken offline.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Apr 2013

Harassed Oracle employee wins case, cops huge legal bill

Rebecca Richardson, the former Oracle employee who recently won a case against the company over sexual harassment committed by a former colleague, found out late last week that it was a pyrrhic victory after being hit with a monster legal bill.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Apr 2013

More and more likely that double CO2 means <2°C: New study

The results of a new approach to calculating the effect of CO2 - using empirical observations - suggest it has a lower impact on the climate than previously thought, and its effects are being over-estimated by the IPCC.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Apr 2013
Prometheus is all out of batteries

Are you being robbed of sleep by badly designed servers?

Sysadmin BlogHow should we design the servers and end-user computers of the future?
Trevor Pott, 22 Apr 2013

Web minister Maria Miller: UK WILL hit 2015 broadband target

Culture Secretary Maria Miller insisted during parliamentary questioning that the government's £680m Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) project will hit its target of bringing download speeds of at least 2Mbit/s to almost every Brit by 2015.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Apr 2013

Amazon: We're expanding into TWO HUNDRED countries

Amazon's Android software store will soon be available across 200 countries - many of which don't have official access to Amazon's Android hardware - as the bookstore continues its quest for world domination.
Bill Ray, 22 Apr 2013
Toshiba p-BiCS  flash

SanDisk '2-3 years' away from mass-producing 3D flash chips

Enterprise flash storage is proceeding inexorably down the process-shrinking road. But what happens when the shrinkage stops and flash devices evolve from using 2D to 3D chips? SanDisk thinks it might have the answer.
Chris Mellor, 22 Apr 2013

Fed up with database speed? Meet Big Blue's BLU-eyed boy

AnalysisLike other system vendors with their own software stacks, IBM is trying to boost the processing speed of its database software so it can take on larger and larger data munching jobs.
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

Ten Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Product RoundupStop anyone on the street and ask them for a definition of the term ‘Ultrabook’ and I suspect they will look at you with utter incomprehension. Hardly surprising, since Intel’s effort to create a popular brand for thin’n’light notebooks hasn’t really been a roaring success.
Alun Taylor, 22 Apr 2013

Ready for the car 2.0? Nvidia preps UPGRADABLE car system

What’s your next car dashboard going to look like? The answer may well be: however you want it to look. If Nvidia has its way, car manufacturers and owners will have a much wider range of choices when it comes to dashboard displays, navigation sophistication, and personalising the car to the owner.
Dan Olds, 22 Apr 2013

Facebook to plonk $1.5bn data centre in Iowa - report

Facebook is reportedly building a $1.5bn data centre in the US state of Iowa - but for now the company is remaining quiet about its plans.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Apr 2013

Eric Schmidt defends Google's teeny UK tax payouts - again

Eric Schmidt has once again said that it was totally fine for Google to pay just £6m in UK corporation tax - even though it's a multi-billion dollar company.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 22 Apr 2013

First the PCs, now System X: Is IBM ready to flog server biz to Lenovo?

HPC blogIs IBM selling all or part of its x86 server biz to PC giant Lenovo? Nothing has been confirmed by either party, but it sure looks like there’s something in the works. So what might this deal look like?
Dan Olds, 22 Apr 2013

Blogger, activist pals answer Anons' CISPA website blackout call

Almost 400 websites around the world have shut down services as part of a protest against new US cybersecurity laws.
Jasper Hamill, 22 Apr 2013

ICO probes Home Office refusal to reveal Snooper's Charter details

The Home Office could face legal action over its failure to explain the "Request Filter" system buried in its Communications Data Bill.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Apr 2013
management cloud7

Platform clouds can make enterprises all teeth and no tail

The cloud is at the same point in its history that proprietary minicomputers were at four decades ago.

The software industry: So efficient, we invented shelfware

It has always amused me that we work in an industry that has built up such a bad reputation for overselling that we actually coined the phrase "Shelfware".
Alan Pelz-Sharpe, 22 Apr 2013

And they're off: Hubble, Herschel race for hot pics of space filly

PicsOrbiting space telescopes Herschel and Hubble have both snapped new infrared images of interstellar spectacle the Horsehead Nebula.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 22 Apr 2013

BadNews, fandroids: MILLIONS of Google Play downloads riddled with malware

At least two million Google Play downloads gave Android users an unwanted freebie in the form of BadNews, a piece of malware which masqueraded as a legitimate advertising network.
Bill Ray, 22 Apr 2013

iPhone too heavy? Volkswagen brings out motorised ride-on dock

Apple and Volkswagen have joined forces to produce a new version of the iconic Beetle enhanced with all sort of Cupertino-inspired bells and whistles.
Jasper Hamill, 22 Apr 2013

EC sends antitrust complaint to smart chip cartel suspects

With settlement talks stalled, the European Commission has launched a formal investigation into whether suppliers of cryptographic chips conspired to fix prices across Europe. The commission announced today that it had sent out a warning to several smart card chip suppliers that it was investigating allegations that they had participated in a cartel.
Bill Ray, 22 Apr 2013
Disgo 8400G Android tablet

Review: Disgo 8400G 7.9in Android tablet

A 7.9in Jelly Bean Android tablet with 3G connectivity for £150? There has to be a catch, right? Absolutely. The catch with the Disgo 8400G is that you’ve probably never heard of the company before...
Bob Dormon, 22 Apr 2013

Securing the Internet of Things - or how light bulbs can spy on you

AnalysisIt's going to be a tough task securing the Internet of Things, an upcoming massive global network of web-connected fridges, freezers and pacemakers. But according to experts gathered in Cambridge last week we can't even start locking it down until we know who's going to make money from it.
Bill Ray, 22 Apr 2013

German watchdog whacks Google with PIDDLING FINE over Street View slurp

Google has been fined just €145,000 for the unauthorised, "negligent" slurp of payload data its fleet of Street View cars captured from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks in Hamburg, Germany.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Apr 2013

How long will it take Facebook Home to hit 1bn downloads? 76 years

Facebook Home has been downloaded 500,000 times from Google's Play store since it was released by the free content ad network earlier this month.
Team Register, 22 Apr 2013

Microsoft: Worried about web privacy? Tell us everything...

Microsoft has launched a drive to stop people splurging their personal information all over the internet - by asking them to splurge their personal information all over the internet.
Jasper Hamill, 22 Apr 2013

Red Hat renames JBoss application server as WildFly

After tallying the votes in a naming contest that kicked off in October 2012, leading Linux vendor Red Hat has announced that the product formerly known as the JBoss Application Server (AS) will henceforth be known as WildFly.
Neil McAllister, 22 Apr 2013

US Senate vote to add internet sales tax this week

The US Senate is set to vote on the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) on Monday, legislation that would force internet retailers to collect state and local sales taxes while giving overseas online sellers a financial leg-up.
Iain Thomson, 22 Apr 2013

The enterprise software gravy train stalled in 2012

The world spends about twice as much dough on enterprise software as it does on data center hardware, and that software is also where a lot of the profit for the IT sector comes from. So when enterprise software revenues don't grow as fast as they have in prior years, it has ripple effects on the IT industry as a whole.

CA piles into API management with Layer 7 acquisition

CA Technologies has hopped into API management via the acquisition of Layer 7 technologies as the company continues to reinvent itself for the software-as-a-service era.
Jack Clark, 22 Apr 2013
Photo of the Keon Firefox OS phone from Geeksphone

First Firefox OS developer phones to launch on Tuesday

Developers who are interested in building apps for the Mozilla Foundation's web standards–based Firefox OS will be able to get their hands on the first handsets running the open source platform beginning on Tuesday.
Neil McAllister, 22 Apr 2013
Cloudmeter logo

Cloudmeter pulls big data from the network, not the servers

Last year, Atomic Labs, the creator of the Pion web analytics tool, changed its name to Cloudmeter, raised some money, and set above to make its analytics tool more broadly useful for enterprises. Pion has been transformed into a broader tool called Stream, which runs on premises, and Cloudmeter has cooked up an adjunct application performance management tool called Insight, which runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Hedge fund invests $2bn in Microsoft, thinks Redmond is undervalued

Microsoft's quarterly earnings report last week did little to reassure the markets that the company is on track to regain its former stock valuation, but a $2bn buying spree by a US hedge fund prompted an uptick in its share price on Monday.
Iain Thomson, 22 Apr 2013
Micro SIM Card

Brussels accuses chip makers of collusion

A five-year investigation in Europe into collusion into the smart card market is heating up, with the European Commission issuing a 90-page “statement of objections” to big-name vendors including Philips and Infineon.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 Apr 2013

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