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Cisco to acquire services management firm SolveDirect

Cisco has announced plans to acquire SolveDirect as the company looks at adding more management tools to make it easier for businesses to manage multiple IT systems.
Jack Clark, 26 Mar 2013
The first two holes Curiosity drilled on mars

Curiosity out of safe mode, doing science again

NASA boffins have diagnosed and corrected the glitch that forced nuclear-powered, laser-packing space tank Curiosity to rely on its spare computer. The rover is now using the spare, but the “A” computer is once again ready for duty if required.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Mar 2013

Transfield scores Sydney NBN build contract

Northern Territory partner Syntheo might be having trouble matching the pace demanded of it by NBN Co, but the builder of Australia's National Broadband Network is apparently satisfied with Transfield Services, announcing a new contract with the latter covering Sydney.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Mar 2013
Sony wearable glasses patent pic

Sony joins iWear face-off

The battle to secure consumers' eyeballs with as-yet-unreleased products offering not-yet-defined capabilities is set to intensify with Sony filling patent applications for – go on, guess – wearable computers.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Mar 2013

Mobile location data identifies individuals

One of the arguments in favour of anonymous mobile location tracking, nanely that it doesn't provide enough information to identify individuals, has been slapped down by a US-Belgian study. An anonymous trace of one phone's movements, plus a small amount of external data, can pick out one person out of millions.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Mar 2013

Bill Gates offers big bucks for better condoms

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has rolled out a new project: a quest to find better condoms, with up to $1.1m for those who can come up with ideas that are a snug fit for some pressing problems.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Mar 2013
The true purpose of the CERN mouse shelter revealed

CERN re-opens 'Animal Shelter for Computer Mice'

CERN has re-opened its “Animal Shelter for Computer Mice”, a place where CERN staff can take mice experiencing ill health and offers a warm and stimulating environment in which they can return to health.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Mar 2013
Baidu Logo

US democracy activists lose case against Baidu and China

Chinese search giant Baidu has seen off a $US16m legal challenge from a group of pro-democracy supporters in New York
Phil Muncaster, 26 Mar 2013

Security damn well IS a dirty word, actually

Sysadmin blogAn interesting feature popped up on Ars Technica recently; website journo Nate Anderson discusses how he learned to crack passwords.
Trevor Pott, 26 Mar 2013

Wireless charging on the Galaxy S4: Samsung goes VHS not Betamax

Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone will use the Qi wireless charging standard, putting Sammy in bed with the Consortium for Wireless Power despite its avowed commitment to the Alliance for Wireless Power it founded with Qualcomm.
Bill Ray, 26 Mar 2013
LA Confidential

Join us now for all the storage whispers: Heard about the XtremIO buy?

Silicon Valley ConfidentialThe Vulture has been busy listening on the storage beat to rumour, (s)innuendo, gossip and insider info, taking it from the best of sources and bringing it to you for entertainment, wonder and schadenfreude. None of this is verified or conformed by vendors but it does come from the very best of sources, top table folks.
Chris Mellor, 26 Mar 2013

No Skype traffic released to cops or spooks, insists Microsoft

AnalysisMicrosoft's Skype subsidiary didn't hand over any user content to law enforcement, according to the software giant's first ever report on how it deals with official requests for data.
John Leyden, 26 Mar 2013

Brocade's fat pipes a-singin' the Fibre Channel song

Brocade is singing its Fibre Channel song with renewed vigour - aiming to double speed, get OpenStack support, push on with 16gig products and try to render Virtual Instruments diagnostic gear redundant.
Chris Mellor, 26 Mar 2013

Voda: Brit kids will drown in TIDAL WAVE of FILTH - it's all Ofcom's fault

Vodafone UK reckons it will be strong-armed into sending smutty text messages to kids, thanks to a new proposal by Ofcom.
Bill Ray, 26 Mar 2013

Whoops! Tiny bug in NetBSD 6.0 code ruins SSH crypto keys

The brains behind NetBSD have warned a bug in the open-source OS creates weak cryptographic keys that can be cracked by attackers. Users attempting to secure sensitive communications, such as SSH terminal connections, using the dodgy keys could be easily snooped on and their data decrypted.
John Leyden, 26 Mar 2013
Apple iPad 4

iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close

AnalysisEducation in the USA has long been a stronghold of Apple, the venerable Apple II being cheap and tough enough to survive in that hostile environment, skool.
Dominic Connor, 26 Mar 2013
 Adastral Park, in Martlesham, Ipswich - the epicentre of BT's research, technology and IT operations.

Inside Adastral: BT's Belgium-sized broadband boffinry base

Geek's Guide to BritainAdastral Park is BT’s global research and development centre, one of the world’s most pioneering centres of technology and telecommunications.
Dave Wilby, 26 Mar 2013
iRobot Roomba 581

Roomba dust-bust bot bods one step closer to ROBOBUTLERS

GTC 2013We know that all of the objects in the picture below are chairs, right? But show this picture to a computer and see what happens. Getting computers to recognise generic objects is a hugely difficult task that’s complicated by variations of the same object (club chairs vs. office chairs vs. folding chairs) and by other objects in the computer’s field of view that can confuse the machine.
Dan Olds, 26 Mar 2013
Killer whale

The battle for control at the firm that brought SSD to the enterprise

AnalysisIt's a narrow line to have to tread and STEC chairman Kevin Daly has not kept to it in his response to the nasty letter from hedge fund Balch Hill calling for STEC CEO Mark Moshayedi's head and a new set of directors for mismanagement of STEC since the EMC OEM deal glory years.
Chris Mellor, 26 Mar 2013

Fortinet nabs wily Coyote and its slice of security appliance cake

Network security firm Fortinet has agreed to to acquire application delivery, load balancing and acceleration firm Coyote Point Systems. Financial terms of the deal, structured as a merged and announced on Friday, were not disclosed.
John Leyden, 26 Mar 2013

Google turns South African schools into White Spaces

Google has connected up ten Cape Town schools using unlicensed White Space radio spectrum, hoping to drive legislation permitting broader use of the technology in South Africa and the world.
Bill Ray, 26 Mar 2013

Experts doubt Anonymous Mossad spy outing claims are kosher

Hacktivists claim to have published leaked data on more than 30,000 Israeli officials, including members of Israel's Mossad secret service agency.
John Leyden, 26 Mar 2013

BT scores £146 meellion more UK.gov cash to fibre up Balamory

BT is the only company still bidding for Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) government funds after Fujitsu officially walked away from the process last week: unsurprisingly the national telco has won another fibre contract.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Mar 2013

Are you in charge of a lot of biz computers? Got Java on them?

Java security vulnerabilities - exploited to hack Apple and Facebook this month - are rife across business computers worldwide, according to new research.
John Leyden, 26 Mar 2013
Houses of Parliament in night-time

'End the commercial-in-confidence CROOKS' CHARTER', gov told

Secrecy in public sector contracts must be removed if government is to ever put an end to freeloading by suppliers at the taxpayers' expense, parliamentarians have been told.
Paul Kunert, 26 Mar 2013

Angry commentard mobs to feel Facebook jackboot in site tweak

Facebook has tweaked how comments are displayed on the free-content advertising network by allowing it to effectively filter out irrelevant or possibly abusive replies on a Page.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Mar 2013
Dell logo in crosshairs

Rivals may form alliance against Michael D in struggle for Dell

Hefty Dell investors Icahn Enterprises and Blackstone Group LP may join forces to clothesline the eponymous Michael and his consortium bidding to take the PC maker private again.
Paul Kunert, 26 Mar 2013

Dragon capsule makes fiery entrance, safe splashdown

The second Dragon capsule to visit the International Space Station has landed safely in the Pacific around 250 miles off the California coast and has been picked up by the SpaceX rescue ship.
Iain Thomson, 26 Mar 2013
The Sparc T5-4 has four of the new T5 chips under the skin

Oracle's new T5 Sparcs boost scalability in chip and chassis

Oracle is launching its much-awaited Sparc T5 processors for entry and midrange servers, along with Sparc M5 processors to effectively replace the iron it currently resells from server and chip partner Fujitsu.

Business intelligence startup tarts up Hadoop for managers

For the world's most lauded open source data platform, Hadoop is remarkably difficult to use, so Tuesday brings another company slinging a tool that entices managers and analysts into fiddling with the elephant.
Jack Clark, 26 Mar 2013

Foundry Networks CIO charged in $29m insider trading scam

The chief information officer of Foundry Networks, along with two other alleged perps, has been charged with both civil and criminal charges stemming from insider trading during the $3bn buyout of the company by Brocade in 2008.
Iain Thomson, 26 Mar 2013

T-Mobile US announces 'no BS' rate plans, iPhones, LTE

Third-ranked US wireless carrier T-Mobile has announced a radical restructuring of its rate plans that includes the elimination of annual contracts, in a move that CEO John Legere says is designed to address consumer frustration.
Neil McAllister, 26 Mar 2013

Slime mould mashup models fiendish computing problem

A pair of English researchers have offered up a “virtual slime mould” as a technique for one of mathematics' – and computer science's – classic problems, the travelling salesman problem.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Mar 2013

Ellison aims his first Oracle 'mainframe' at Big Blue

Larry Ellison has launched the first mainframe-class machine that he can correctly say he made sure came to market, and now he is going to take a run at IBM's mainframe and Unix server businesses.

Swedish linguists nix new word after row with Google

The Swedish Language Council, a semi-official body aimed at regulating and advancing the Swedish language, has withdrawn a word from its annual list of neologisms for the first time in its history. Why? Pressure from Google.
Neil McAllister, 26 Mar 2013

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