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MapR smashes MinuteSort benchmark on Google Compute

While supercomputers and workstations have Linpack to rank their number-crunching performance, when it comes to sorting algorithms to rank Big Data systems, there is a collection of tests known as the Sort Benchmarks. And this year it looks like Hadoop is back on top after commercial distie MapR Technologies beat the MinuteSort benchmark on a virtual cluster on Google's Compute Engine service. The victory of the MapR guys marks the end to a one-year Hadoop hiatus - Microsoft researchers and techies from its Bing search division scored a shock win on 2012's MinuteSort test.
04 Mar 17:31 | 6
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IBM builds next-gen cloud control freak on OpenStack

The handwriting was on the wall that IBM would be choosing OpenStack as its cloud control freak of choice when Big Blue joined the OpenStack Foundation last April. The IT giant has been quiet about its intentions for OpenStack, but at the Pulse 2013 event for its Tivoli systems management brand in Las Vegas, the company's top cloud brass said that OpenStack will be the foundation of its SmartCloud tools for creating private and public clouds – including the public cloud by the same name that IBM runs on behalf of customers.
04 Mar 21:54 | 1

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