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Cisco CEO John Chambers

Cisco wins tax battles with Uncle Sam, posts big bump in profits

Networking giant and server upstart Cisco Systems is feeling pretty good about the financial results for its most recent quarter, and not just because business is stabilizing in some of its key markets but also because some battles with the US Internal Revenue Service have ended in its favor to the tune of nearly $1bn.
Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Retina display

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro range

Apple has stopped working on watches, televisions and all the weird stuff it has patented for just long enough to refresh its MacBook Pro range.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Feb 2013
Tesla Model S

Journo says Elon Musk apologized for Tesla battery fiasco

A New York Times journalist has hit back at Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk's charges that he botched a review of the company's Model S electric car, claiming that Musk had even acknowledged his troubles with the vehicle before the review went to press.
Neil McAllister, 14 Feb 2013

Adobe investigating attacks on PDFs using zero-day flaw

Vulnerability researchers at FireEye are reporting that Adobe's Reader software has a zero-day flaw that hackers are already exploiting in the wild.
Iain Thomson, 14 Feb 2013

Which volcanoes impacted ancient climate? Sulphur tells the story

A staple complaint of the climate sceptic, that it’s impossible to determine the impact of historical volcanic eruptions on the climate, is a step closer to being spiked, courtesy of work at the University of Copenhagen.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Feb 2013
View of the LHC tunnel sector 3 to 4

Higgs hunt halts as CERN prepares LHC upgrades

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may have identified the Higgs Boson, but CERN knows the instrument can do better and today started the process of shutting down the massive machine, and the organisation's other particle accelerators, for a spot of maintenance.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Feb 2013

British, Belgian boffins battle buffering bandwidth bogeyman

International boffins have been enlisted to stop that most annoying of internet snafus, the buffering circle of doom right in the middle of your kitten video.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Feb 2013
secondary age school kids outside NBN truck

NBN Co coffee budget brews caffeinated controversy

NBN Co, the entity charged with spending over $AUD30bn or so building a national broadband network for Australia, has defended the price it pays for coffee.
Simon Sharwood, 14 Feb 2013

Ask Google this impossible question, get web filth as a reward

An odd bug in Google's search algorithms appears to be benefiting XXX-rated websites.
John Leyden, 14 Feb 2013
Samsung Town, Seoul

Forget wireless power for phones - Korea's doing it for buses

VideoFrom July, two electric buses will travel back and forth along the 24km road from Gumi station, but they won't need to recharge as induction loops along the route will top up the battery as they roll.
Bill Ray, 14 Feb 2013

Imation takes $310.2m hit in hellish, wallet-draining 4th quarter

$310.2m: That's Imation's fourth 2012 calendar quarter loss. $299.1m: That's Imation's fourth quarter revenue. It takes some brass to record results like these and talk of the company's strategic transformation but that's what happens when you rightsize over-valued assets.
Chris Mellor, 14 Feb 2013

Scottish uni slams on the Accelerator to boost UK boffinry

The boffins who run two big supercomputers on behalf of the UK government and academic research institutions - as well as one smaller machine aimed at industrial users - have converted those machines into an HPC utility called Accelerator.

Could you build a data-nomming HPC beast in a day? These kids can

AnalysisStudent cluster-building competitions are chock full of technical challenges, both “book learning” and practical learning, and quite a bit of fun too. I mean, who wouldn't want to construct a HPC rig against the clock and kick an opponent in the benchmarks? Here's what involved in the contests.
Dan Olds, 14 Feb 2013

Nokia's Elopocalypse two years on: Has Microsoft kept its side of the bargain?

AnalysisIt's two years since the "Elopocalypse". This week in 2011 Nokia's new CEO Stephen Elop set Europe's biggest technology company off in a radical new direction.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Feb 2013

Capita gobbles Northgate Managed Services for £65m

Outsourcing monolith Capita has coughed up £65m to buy Northgate Managed Services (NMS) in a deal announced to the London Stock Exchange this morning.
Paul Kunert, 14 Feb 2013

Spanish cops cuff 11 for €1m-a-year ransomware scam

Spanish police have arrested 11 individuals suspected of running a €1m a year ransomware scam using malware that posed as a message from law enforcement.
John Leyden, 14 Feb 2013

Apple: iOS 6.1 network overload caused by our Exchange SYNC OF DOOM

The source of the battery-draining bug that sucked the life out of iPhones, and strained mobile phone and corporate networks, has been identified by Apple as a cock-up between its iOS calendar app and Microsoft Exchange servers.
Anna Leach, 14 Feb 2013

Google whips out pocket cannon, fires VoIP patent sueball at BT

Google is suing BT in the US and the UK over allegations Blighty's national telco infringed four patents.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Feb 2013
LG Smart menu

Fashionably slate

CommentIt’s not easy being a television manufacturer these days. Most homes, especially in the West and the wealthier parts of Asia, now have a large flat panel TV, thank you, and don’t need another one. Sales, then, are not as strong as they once were, pushing down prices and, in turn, whittling production margins from razor thin to non-existent.
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2013

Spanish boffins increase GPS accuracy by 90%

Boffins at Madrid's Carlos III University have used cheap accelerometers and gyroscopes - and expensive mathematics - to improve the accuracy of GPS* by as much as 90 per cent.
Bill Ray, 14 Feb 2013

BBC Vision and Audio tossed on bonfire, replaced by 'TV', 'Radio'

Strategy UnboutiqueIn a radical rebranding move, the BBC will rename the department responsible for television programmes to "TV", and the department responsible for radio to "Radio". The department that produces journalism - sport and news - will henceforth be known as the "Journalism" department.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Feb 2013

Facebook is off the IPOcalypse hook... for NOW

A US judge has thrown out a set of four shareholder cases against Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and other senior staff over its IPOcalypse, and although it still faces many more, things are looking up for Zuck.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Feb 2013

Red Hat revs OpenShift Enterprise to 1.1

Red Hat has whipped out version 1.1 of OpenShift Enterprise, its locally deployable platform-as-a-service.
Jack Clark, 14 Feb 2013
Ingram Micro

World's biggest distie cans Euro growth hopes for 2013

Ingram Micro's European operation is likely to continue to be the group's metaphorical fly in the ointment for 2013 with "no significant growth" forecasted by senior execs.
Paul Kunert, 14 Feb 2013

The official iPhone actually runs Android - in Brazil

Apple has lost the rights to the trademark "iPhone" in Brazil to a local manufacturer which makes an Android phone called the iPhone NEO. Yesterday the Brazilian Trademark and Patents Office rejected Apple's claims to the trademark "iPhone" in the category of telecoms and the category of electronic devices.
Anna Leach, 14 Feb 2013
Caution tape

Disk biz Overland bleeds more cash - bah, only a flesh wound!

Another quarter for Overland Storage, and another big loss as revenue slides year-on-year.
Chris Mellor, 14 Feb 2013

Asian political activists whacked in Mac backdoor hack attack

A security hole in Microsoft Office for Mac OS X is being exploited to hack and spy on Asian activists at odds with the Chinese government.
John Leyden, 14 Feb 2013

Spammers unleash DIY phone number slurping web tool

Mobile spammers have released a DIY phone number harvesting tool, but instead of advertising it solely on criminals-only online hangouts, they're trying to flog it out in the open.
John Leyden, 14 Feb 2013

Are you lonesome tonight, tech firms? Let our dating service fix you up

Vulture ValentinesWith Dell happily married to itself thanks to some money from the private equity gods, and EE having signed up a whole bunch of sugar daddies to foot its bills, what other lonely hearts of the tech biz could use a date this Valentine's Day?
Brid-Aine Parnell, 14 Feb 2013
Nvidia Tegra 4 mobile chip

Nvidia revenues fight the PC tide, but annual profits pinched

Graphics chip and processor wannabe Nvidia turned in its numbers for its final quarter of fiscal 2013 after markets closed on Wednesday, and the top and bottom lines were more or less in line with expectations, given the cutthroat nature of the PC, smartphone, and tablet markets these days.

Irony alert: Pirate Bay accuses anti-piracy group of illegal copying

The Pirate Bay has claimed it will sue Finland's main anti-piracy pressure group, theCopyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre(CIAPC), after the group illegally copied code from their Swedish neighbors.
Iain Thomson, 14 Feb 2013
Microsoft Surface tablets

Surface RT now on sale in 13 more European markets

Continental Europeans who can't think of anything to get that special someone for Valentine's Day might condsider a Surface RT fondleslab, which Microsoft made available in 13 additional markets on Thursday.
Neil McAllister, 14 Feb 2013

Inside Microsoft's Surface Pro: A fiendishly difficult journey

PhotosMicrosoft's new Intel-powered, Windows 8–running Surface Pro continues manufacturers' increasing drive to create kit that's all but impossible to repair, according to the part-and-repair folks at iFixit.
Rik Myslewski, 14 Feb 2013
Batteries at various charges. Illustration by Shutterstsock

Doped nanotubes boost lithium battery power three-fold

A team from the University of Southern California (USC) has built a lithium battery that provides three times the power capacity of conventional designs, with a recharge time of just ten minutes and a predicted long life-span.
Iain Thomson, 14 Feb 2013

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