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City heat leak can disrupt high-altitude winds

Urban heat islands are a contentious phenomenon in the study of global climate change, but a new University of California-led study suggests that city heat can reach far enough into the upper atmosphere to alter high-altitude winds, impacting climate thousands of kilometres away from where energy is consumed.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Jan 2013

Unisys watches ClearPath mainframe sales climb

The latest line of ClearPath mainframes from Unisys, launched in October and based on Intel's latest Xeon E5 processors, sold a bit better than expected in the final quarter of last year.
Intel Atom - Logo

Intel releases source code for NAS test app

Intel has discontinued development of, and support for, its NAS Performance Toolkit, an application that measures the performance of small network-attached storage systems. But the software will live on, as Chipzilla has released the source code for the tool.
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jan 2013

Mozilla blocks auto-loading of plug-ins by Firefox

Firefox users should experience faster, safer browsing thanks to Mozilla's decision to block browser plug-ins from automatically loading – albeit with one exception.
Iain Thomson, 30 Jan 2013

Apple, Google tumble off top 20 trusted companies list

Once ranked as high as number eight among companies most trusted for protecting their customers' privacy and personal information, Apple has fallen out of the top 20 entirely. Google didn't make this year's list, either, but it fell only from its previous high of 13th place.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Jan 2013

Always wanted a robot: why not DIY?

If you have access to a basic 3D printer, around $US800 in spare cash and like fooling around with Arduino, why not make a robot?
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Jan 2013
Samsung PS42Q97HDX - Pirates of the Carribean photo courtesy Disney Home Entertainment

WTO ruling emboldens pirates of the Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda, the small Caribbean nation perhaps best-known as the birthplace of cricketer Sir Vivian Richards, has won concessions from the World Trade Organisation that will allow it to suspend some of its intellectual property obligations.
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jan 2013

Indonesian hackers protest hacker's arrest ... by hacking

Hackers have been hard at work in Indonesia, defacing web sites left right and center in protest at the treatment of a local hacker who defaced the president’s web site earlier this month and could now face a 12 year jail term.
Phil Muncaster, 30 Jan 2013

Fujitsu reveals data transfer protocol 30 times faster than TCP

Fujitsu has taken the wraps of a new data transfer protocol which it claims is 30 times faster than TCP and will help speed up mobile web browsing and file downloads and reduce virtual desktop latency.
Phil Muncaster, 30 Jan 2013

The Death of Voice: Mobile phone calls now 50 per cent shorter

Vodafone reckons the average duration of phone calls on its network has halved in five years. People now talk for around one minute and forty seconds, rather than over three minutes.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Jan 2013

Google donates 15,000 Raspberry Pis to UK schools

Google has donated of 15,000 Raspberry Pi Model Bs to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jan 2013

Hard Glass Spinner Technology: HGST's new 2.5-incher

Hitachi GST has announced the Charles Atlas of small format disk drives, a 1.2TB drive spinning at 10,000rpm. Aren't such drives supposed to be getting driven off the beach by SSD bullies?
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2013

Startup decloaks, rolls out cloudy security 'conductor'

Security startup NetCitadel is tackling the problem of automatically applying security policies across physical and virtual environments with a cloud-based approach.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2013
BT Openreach van

So: 6,500 Win 8 laptops later, how are BT's field engineers coping?

FeatureAn unheard-of decline in PC sales figures since launch, a grumbling press and a user base that struggles without a touchscreen: Windows 8 is easy to take a swipe at. Yet BT announced in November last year it was deploying 5,900 Win 8 Panasonic Toughbooks for its "last mile" Openreach division – the engineers who walk the line from telephone exchange up to customer’s premises.
Bob Dormon, 30 Jan 2013
Glory Days

Truly these are the GOLDEN YEARS of Storage

Blocks and FilesListen and prepare to behold this vision. Storage arrays will become nearline vaults because storage memory will steal their primary data storage role.
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2013
Asus VivoBook S200 11.6in touchscreen Windows 8 notebook

Microsoft's Dell billions have Windows 8 strings attached

If you can't beat them, join them, or - if you're Microsoft - infiltrate them. Just be careful not to go in too deep.
Gavin Clarke, 30 Jan 2013

YouTube's hilarious cat videos could soon cost you $5 a month

YouTube is reportedly "experimenting" with the idea of charging people to watch some of the videos on its website.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Jan 2013
Java logo

Oracle 'fesses up: Java security flaws more than storm in teacup

Oracle has broken its silence to admit there are security issues with Java in web browsers - but it insists the tech is solid on servers and within mobile and desktop apps.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2013

Revealing new pics of galactic princess Andromeda

New, nifty pictures have been released by astro-boffins which reveal further glories of "the elegant spiral galaxy Andromeda, named after the mythical Greek princess known for her beauty".
Team Register, 30 Jan 2013
Super Mario Bros. Wii U

Wii-U boat torpedoes Nintendo's '¥20bn profit' into ¥20bn loss

Facing a looming $219m loss, Nintendo today restated its mission “to pursue its basic strategy of compelling products that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, gender or gaming experience”.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2013

Vultures circle crash-landed UK giant 2e2 after top brass axed

The vultures are circling fallen channel giant 2e2 with an asset sale expected for the UK biz in light of the hefty redundancies made yesterday.
Paul Kunert, 30 Jan 2013

Amazon: We have great cash flow - it flows straight out of our hands

Amazon's shares hit a record yesterday, despite well-disguised but nonetheless concerning full year financial results and fourth quarter profits.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 30 Jan 2013

Greedy Apple told it can't triple Samsung's $1bn patent payout

Apple will not get triple damages in its epic US mobile phone patent infringement trial against Samsung, sparing the South Koreans from writing a $3bn cheque.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 30 Jan 2013

Is your Surface Pro a bit full? Slot in an SD card, it's not from Apple

CommentThere's massive internet coverage today of a major "issue" with the forthcoming Microsoft Surface Pro slab, the latest attempt by Redmond to unseat Apple's iPad line from its global tablet throne. It's being widely reported that the Surface Pro arrives with a lot of its onboard storage already full up: but this is a foolish criticism to focus on.
Lewis Page, 30 Jan 2013
Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon table PC

PC sales in the toilet? Excuse Lenovo while it gut laughs at you

Chinese PC sales juggernaut Lenovo rolled into town with another set of double-digit growth numbers for its fiscal Q3 as rivals continue to scratch around for what they can get.
Paul Kunert, 30 Jan 2013

Help us out here: What's the POINT of Microsoft Office 2013?

AnalysisIt was Verity Stob who identified the key challenge for Microsoft Office upgrades: "Name just ONE feature introduced into Word in the 21st century that the weak-willed upgrader regularly uses," asked the antiquarian.
Tim Anderson, 30 Jan 2013
World of Uncertainty

RIM blows on the dice, gets ready for its FINAL THROW

In a matter of hours RIM will reveal the pricing, specification and launch date for the new BlackBerry OS 10 device on which the future of the whole company depends.
Bill Ray, 30 Jan 2013

Harry Potter's Filch conjures Doctor Who's dead first time-lord

The BBC drama detailing how Doctor Who came to be made by the broadcaster, which will be screened on BBC Two as part of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, has bagged David Bradley to play the man who played the first Doctor.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 30 Jan 2013

You thought watching cat videos was harmless fun? Think AGAIN

It's well known that if all the cat videos and porn disappeared from the internet there would be only one site left and it would be called whereareallthecatvideosandporn.com. All the huge data centres, all the fat pipes, all the amazing new digital technologies of the global information infrastructure are only there, really, so that mankind can indulge its obsession with its cute furry feline chums.
Anna Leach, 30 Jan 2013

Bags are packed: A Symantec boss is coming to town near you

The shake-up at Symantec will see EMEA boss John Brigden move back to the US to be replaced by veep for Northern Europe Matt Ellard, The Channel can reveal.
Paul Kunert, 30 Jan 2013

PayPal plugs SQL injection hole, tosses $3k to bug-hunter

PayPal has fixed a security bug that could have allowed hackers to compromise the payment website's databases using an SQL injection attack.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2013

Muslim vid protest hackers turn web-flood hosepipe away from US banks

Islamist hackers busy blasting bank websites with network traffic have suspended their assault after a controversial anti-Muslim video ceased to be available through YouTube.
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2013

Speaking in Tech: 'ARM makes enterprise chips? Over my dead body!'

Team Register, 30 Jan 2013

Hungry investors sink $30m into cohabiting silo crew DataGravity

DataGravity, the data-furtling virtual-storage-tier startup led by EqualLogic execs co-founder Paula Long and John Joseph, has trousered another $30m in B-round venture funding. This comes just seven months after we learned of its existence and a $12m seed funding round. Not bad, not bad at all.
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2013

US retail kingpins swoon: Nobody bonks like Google does

US retailers reckon Google will end up dominating the pay-by-bonk/eWallet business, sidelining PayPal and bypassing operator-backed ISIS simply because the Google Wallet juggernaut is unstoppable.
Bill Ray, 30 Jan 2013

Web smut sites are SAFER than search engines, declares Cisco

Cisco proclaimed that it is more dangerous to click on a web ad than a porn site these days as it unveiled the latest version of its security threat report.
Joe Fay, 30 Jan 2013

RIM ends Reg headline pun filth (and launches two new phones)

PicAs expected, RIM today unveiled its much-delayed QNX-powered smartphone operating system, BlackBerry OS 10, along with two new handsets. The Canadian company also changed its name from Research In Motion to BlackBerry along the way.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Jan 2013
EMC Atmos

Old-man EMC stirs from slumber, finds a pile 'o gold under its feet

As last summer drew to a close, EMC was fast asleep in terms of sales growth. But not any more. The tech giant awoke with a jolt during the Christmas quarter to teach a lesson in how storage companies should be run.
Chris Mellor, 30 Jan 2013
Man in an orange jumpsuit clutches prison bars. Image by Shutterstock

Hacker faces 105 years inside after FBI 'sexploitation' arrest

The FBI has announced the arrest of a 27-year-old man over charges that he hacked computers and online accounts belonging to 350 female victims and blackmailed them into providing him with nude photographs and video calls.
Iain Thomson, 30 Jan 2013
An Atipa tech builds a supercomputer cluster in Kansas

Company you never heard of builds 3.4 petaflops super for DOE

Nature abhors a vacuum as well as an oligopoly, which is why upstart supercomputer maker Atipa Technologies may find itself having an easier time getting its foot into the data center door now that Cray has eaten supercomputer-maker Appro International.

Microsoft Office 2013 vs. Office 365: Is either right for you?

ReviewNow that Microsoft has kicked off its gradual, rolling launch of Office 2013 and the accompanying refresh of the subscription-based Office 365, the time has come to ask the hard questions: Do I upgrade? And if so, which version is right for me?
Neil McAllister, 30 Jan 2013

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